The Santa Clause Filming Locations: This Is Where The Classic Christmas Movie Was Filmed

With the cold season creeping up on us and the year-end approaching soon, it would not be a lie if we say that all of us have been sucked into a festive hole. Getting cozied up in our warm blankets and binge-watching Christmas movies is a must, so here is all you need to know about one of the classic Christmas movies, The Santa Clause.

Directed by John Pasquin and written by Leo Benvenuti and Steve Rudnick, the movie is a Christmas comedy that follows the story of Santa requiring the help of his human friends to get him out of trouble. This is the first film of the franchise, and has, since its release in 1994, put out two hit installments along with a recently released series.

This first part has become such a Christmas staple for families and has actor Tim Allen in the leading role of Scott Calvin along side Eric Lloyd as Charlie Calvin, Wendy Crewson as Laura Miller, Judge Reinhold as Dr. Neil Miller, David Krumholtz as The head elf, Peter Boyle as Mr. Whittle, and many others who are in the film in recurring roles.

The movie takes us to the home of Tim Allen’s character, Scott Calvin, where he accidently ends up almost ruining Christmas by causing Santa Clause to fall to his potential death from his roof. With only a day left for Christmas, the responsibility is set upon Scott and his young son, Charlie to go around and complete St. Nick’s duty of making deliveries for the next day.

Scott's home located on 17 Chrisholm Street, Oakville (Credits: Walt Disney Pictures)
Scott’s home located on 17 Chrisholm Street, Oakville (Credits: Walt Disney Pictures)

But a twist forces Scott to become the next Santa Claus and convince his family that he is indeed the Santa that he had been waiting for. The movie is a fun watch and is loved by many mostly because of its plain old holiday spirit.

It is not a demanding script, nor is it an unpredictable story, yet despite its bland nature, it is so loved by fans mainly because it is a reminder of the feel-good holiday vibes.

The Santa Clause Filming Locations

That a Tim Allen starring film would be released soon was announced in 1992, and the final product was released on November 11th, 1994. The movie is a classic and has quite a few iconic locations featured in the movie. The entirety of the movie has been filmed in two important locations, California and Toronto.

In California, the producers made use of the Raleigh Studios located in Hollywood, Los Angeles for filming specific scenes on set. But this was not the main location, instead, a significant portion of the film was shot in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. 

Parts of the movie shot in Toronto Zoo (Credits: Walt Disney Pictures)
Parts of the movie shot in Toronto Zoo (Credits: Walt Disney Pictures)

The crew made use of the Greater Toronto Area, known as the GTA, with Oakville featuring in the movie as the city of Lakeside, Illinois, where Scott’s house was located according to the film. The specific location of his house, for those who wish to pay it a visit, is 17 Chrisholm Street, Oakville. 

Chris’ home is an important location considering this was the place that kickstarted the plot of the film with Santa Clause falling from the roof. The movie also features the Toronto Zoo located on Meadowvale Road in Toronto, along with other spots like The CN Tower, Casa Loma, and Eaton Centre Mall featuring in the backdrop.

The producers of the film revealed that the reindeer that were put to use in the film were actually from the Toronto Zoo itself. Another fact about the film, revealed after it had been released was related to the trains that featured in the North Pole and in the introductory scene, that were made all by the Lehmann Gross Bahn, or the LGB.

The streetview of Scott's home in Toronto in the movie, The Santa Clause (Credits: Walt Disney Pictures)
The streetview of Scott’s home in Toronto in the movie, The Santa Clause (Credits: Walt Disney Pictures)

There are more locations like Ellesmere Street, Blythwood Junior Public School, Carey Road, Hillcrest Park, Lakeshore Road, and Runnymede Healthcare that appear during the course of the film. Out of all these locations, the house at 17 Chrisholm Street in Oakville is the one that is most visited by fans to remember the film and relive their memories with it.

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