The Real Reason Why Black Frieza Is The Strongest Character In The Series

The Dragon Ball franchise often focuses heavily on continuously raising the power levels of characters and antagonists, which has drawn some criticism in the recent Dragon Ball Super installments.

However, the introduction of Black Frieza in the manga made an immediate strong impression with his formidable new form.

Dragon Ball (Credits: Akira Toriyama)

Though the Dragon Ball Super manga has not yet depicted the full extent of Black Frieza’s abilities and limits, he swiftly and decisively defeated both Ultra Instinct Goku and Ultra Ego Vegeta.

This clearly demonstrates his immense strength. However, it remains unclear precisely how he measures up in power compared to other top-tier characters across the broader Dragon Ball multiverse.

Dragon Ball (Credits: Akira Toriyama)

More exploits from Black Frieza will likely be required to determine where he ranks among the strongest warriors.

Black Frieza’s Unmatched Might

Black Frieza has demonstrated himself to be the most powerful mortal fighter currently shown in the Dragon Ball story. His decisive victory over Goku utilizing Ultra Instinct and Vegeta employing Ultra Ego – two highly amplified forms – solidly displays Black Frieza’s capabilities.

Dragon Ball (Credits: Akira Toriyama)

This is exceptionally impressive given how substantially Goku and Vegeta have grown in strength across the series.

Additionally, Frieza stated he was not present in Universe 7 when Granolah made his wish to become the mightiest mortal. This strongly implies Black Frieza has now surpassed Granolah’s power.

Dragon Ball (Credits: Akira Toriyama)

Of course, fans will debate whether Gohan after unlocking his raging Beast transformation could oppose Black Frieza. Gohan has reemerged as one of Dragon Ball’s premier combatants.

Though creator Akira Toriyama has suggested Gohan’s latent ability exceeds anyone’s, it remains unproven if he can match Black Frieza currently.

Dragon Ball (Credits: Akira Toriyama)

More feats will likely be required to determine if other characters can approach Black Frieza’s elevated level of might. For now, he appears to sit firmly at the pinnacle of mortal warriors in the story.

There are also greater beings to consider beyond the mortal fighters – the Angels and Gods of Destruction have been depicted as exceedingly mighty. At least within Universe 7, Beerus retains his standing as the utmost fighter according to hints within the story.

Dragon Ball (Credits: Akira Toriyama)

Whis likewise appears to outstrip all other combatants from the 7th Universe. However, it has been established that restrictions prevent Whis from intervening in events occurring within his assigned jurisdiction.

So while Black Frieza sits at the top of mortal warriors thus far shown, scope exists for angels and gods to still overpower him. How he would fare against the full capabilities of Beerus or Whis remains unknown.

Dragon Ball (Credits: Akira Toriyama)

The story may unveil the limits of beings like the Angels and Destroyers in due course. For now, Black Frieza reigns as the supreme mortal fighter based on his performances.

But gaps likely still separate him from attaining the strengths of Beerus, Whis and perhaps even Gohan’s latent potential.

Controversies and Triumphs Surrounding Frieza

Frieza’s resurrection and continuing role in Dragon Ball has provoked divided opinions among fans for years. While his Tournament of Power performance entertained many, debates persist over his ongoing usage in the story.

Likewise, the concept of Frieza rapidly gaining extreme power through training struck some as questionable when introduced in the Granolah arc. However, his intense decade-long regimen proved more palatable.

Regardless, Frieza has regained supreme mortal fighting strength in the series, uniquely persisting as a villain despite his recurring character status.

Dragon Ball (Credits: Akira Toriyama)

Having effortlessly overwhelmed Goku and Vegeta, the heroes likely need more than brute force improvements to topple Frieza. The manga’s next arc may focus on an intricate strategy to defeat him.

Frieza occupies an uneven position – hugely formidable yet provoking skepticism over his narrative purpose. His crushing victory may force the protagonists to outmaneuver rather than simply outmuscle him next time.

Dragon Ball (Credits: Akira Toriyama)

The wider fanbase remains divided on whether Frieza’s continued presence enhances or detracts from the Dragon Ball tapestry.

Black Frieza’s Origin

Frieza attained an incredibly powerful new form called Black Frieza after training for 10 years inside a Hyperbolic Time Chamber on a planet he had taken over.

The chamber allowed time to pass much faster, enabling extensive training. Through great effort, Frieza unlocked this new pinnacle transformation of his race.

Dragon Ball (Credits: Akira Toriyama)

Black Frieza demonstrates Frieza has fully mastered the ability to utilize enormous power in this upgraded state without stamina issues, unlike his previous Golden Frieza form.

The V-Jump guide suggests Black Frieza potentially rivals the Gods of Destruction in strength, with abilities far beyond what Goku and Vegeta can currently achieve, even having reached divine levels of power themselves.

Dragon Ball (Credits: Akira Toriyama)

Frieza debuts the Black Frieza form by instantly defeating the powerful Awakened Gas.

He then swiftly defeats both Ultra Instinct Goku and Ultra Ego Vegeta simultaneously with a single blow to each, exhibiting this form’s immense might.

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