The Real Deal Has Come! Episode 45: Release Date, Recap, Preview & Streaming Guide

The Real Deal Has Come Episode 45 will be out soon. The drama has just a few episodes left to conclude, and the twists keep getting better now. With the revelation of Jun Ha being Tae Kyung’s cousin and the real grandson of Eun, Yeon Doo and Tae Kyung are in a tough spot to protect their baby.

The Real Deal Has Come is a story about a young and passionate teacher Yeon Doo who is deeply in love with her boyfriend, Kim Jun Ha. However, she finds out he has been cheating on her, and to add up to the problems, she is pregnant with his child and needs to hide the identity of the father.

On the other hand, Tae Kyung is an OBGYN trying to dodge marriage. Both of them come to an alliance of faking their marriage for their personal motives. Soon, their ways, life, and love begin to merge.

The Real Deal Has Come Episode 44 Recap

The episode begins with Grandma Eun dreaming of all that Tae Kyung told her about Strawberry and having flashbacks of carrying her on the back. She wakes up disturbed when Eka (Strawberry’s daughter) calls her to know if she is fine. Grandma asks her about the flowers Strawberry liked.

Jun Ha also gets a call from his sister Eka asking him to apologize to Grandma and her family for all his wrongdoings. Grandma crosses paths with Jun Ha while she visits Strawberry to pay her respect as she was not there during her lifetime and last rites. Tae Kyung is tensed after finding out Jun Ha is his cousin.

Grandma and Jun Ha have some tea together while having a conversation about his past and Strawberry. She is moved by his loneliness and cannot stop thinking about him. In Ok tries to comfort Yeon Do while Chu Myung and Ji Myung uplift Tae Kyung’s mood.

Chairman Gong offers Jun Ha to give up on Ha Neul to be accepted as a family member. The next day, Jun Ha starts his plan to win over Grandma to get registered as a family member and win the custody case of Ha Neul. He insists on taking her on a ride, and on their way, he manipulates her.

The Real Deal Has Come
The Real Deal Has Come (Credits: KBS2)

As she hugs him and leaves, he has mixed emotions but cannot figure out why. Later, Tae Kyung visits Jun Ha to challenge him. Jun Ha does not expect such confident and rude behavior from his side, but he threatens Tae Kyung of taking Ha Neul by winning over Grandma’s love as he is from her bloodline.

Tae Kyung visits Grandma to know her opinion about this, and she wants to keep both her grandsons. The next day, Grandma Eun calls Jun Ha over for a meal, and when Tae Kyung arrives, he urges her to get his name cut from the family register.

The Real Deal Has Come Episode 45 Preview

In the next episode, Yeon Doo will ask Jun Ha to leave. When Yeon Doo learns of the decision Tae Kyung has made to get his name cut from the family register, she feels deeply hurt and responsible for the situation. Grandma started inclining more toward Jun Ha, so Yeon Doo visited to talk to her and other family members.

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The Real Deal Has Come Episode 45 Release Date

The episodes of The Real Deal Has Come are aired on Saturdays and Sundays. Episode 45 will be released on Saturday, 26 August 2023, at 8:00 PM Korean Standard Time. For other regions, the episode release date and time are:

  • Central Standard Time (US): 6:00 AM(26 August 2023)
  • Eastern Standard Time (Mexico): 7:00 AM (26 August 2023)
  • Greenwich Mean Time (UK): 11:00 AM (26 August 2023)
  • Indian Standard Time (India): 4:30 PM (26 August 2023)
  • Thailand Time (Thailand): 6:00 PM (26 August 2023)
  • China Standard Time (China): 7:00 PM (26 August 2023)
  • Japan Standard Time (Japan): 8:00 PM (26 August 2023)
  • Australian Central Daylight Time (Australia): 8:30 PM (26 August 2023)

Watch The Real Deal Has Come Episode 45: Streaming Guide

The Real Deal Has Come episodes are aired on KBS2 local TV channel for South Korean viewers. Natives can also opt for Wavve to enjoy K-drama. For international viewers, The Real Deal Has Come with subtitles on Rakuten Viki, the KBS World TV YouTube channel, and Kocowa+.

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