The Program Filming Locations: A Football Movie With A Lower Box Office Collection

It has been thirty years, but the charisma of The Program is incomparable. The movie contains expectations, disappointment, the Timberwolves, and a happy ending. It is a controversial topic. However, the Mayor of Columbia (1990-2010), Bob Coble, looked at its economic side.

Directed and written by David S. Ward, The Program was filmed within $20 million and collected only $23 million internationally. Thus, it was not a successful piece. David S. Ward was associated with Aaron Latham in writing for the movie.

‘The Program’ was produced by Samuel Goldwyn Jr. It has a lower rating and seems unimaginable to some viewers. Some even find it only a cliché. The lineman was high on steroids in the film. Still, he passed the drug test and was portrayed as likable.

Let us get to the infamous removed scene. Kane lies on the divider in the middle of the road, and the cars somehow miss him. His team members consider it a token of bravery and trustworthiness before joining him. Some real-life teenagers copied it, which led to two injuries and one death. Thus, the scene was aired earlier and removed later.

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The Program Plot

Coach Sam Winters (played by James Caan) must prove himself in the latest season or leave his job. Coming to the ESU Timberwolves, Alvin Mack dreams of buying a new house, Joe Kane is busy with his alcoholic family, and Darnell Jefferson gets closer to Autumn Berry after getting recruited to ESU.

Jefferson has a hard time while practicing. Thus, Coach Winters orders him to always carry the football or get punished. Lattimer appears for the exams the fourth time and passes. However, Mack gets the test copies. He is only concerned with signing the NFL contract.

Finally, Mack fails, and Jefferson insists Autumn tutor him. Meanwhile, Mack is committed to football as he understands its strategy. Kane wants to play football to get distracted from his alcoholic father. Jefferson wants to escape the ghetto, and Lattimer is a football lover. Meanwhile, Mack enjoys the adrenaline rush triggered by the game.

James Caan As Sam Winters And Craig Sheffer As quarterback Joe Kane In The Program
James Caan As Sam Winters And Craig Sheffer As quarterback Joe Kane In The Program (Credit: Buena Vista Pictures Distribution)

Lattimer passes the drug test but assaults a girl. Later, Winters finds him consuming steroids. Lattimer confesses his mistake, but Winters does not suspend him because he does not want to lose the season.

Only a few days are left for the game. Mack gets a career-threatening knee injury, and Lattimer continues to juice but gets his urine samples replaced to go ahead. Kane returns from the twenty-eight-day rehabilitation after beating a man. Georgia Tech competes with the ESU to win the major bowl game.

Georgia Tech leads in the first half, and Kane starts in the second. Winters discovers Lattimer passed the drug test despite being high on steroids. Lattimer looks guilty, and Winters recognizes it. Kane makes his team win in the fourth quarter. It is how they win the major bowl game, and Winters’ job is saved.

Meanwhile, Lattimer cries instead of celebrating victory because he cannot play without steroids. The Coaches go to find their new team members, Autumn introduces her new boyfriend, Jefferson, to her father, and Kane goes on a ride with Camille with a Sprite instead of beer this time.

Director David Ward put the actors through a real football training camp. The side players are the real football players. Thus, the hits in the film are not fake. He wanted to make an effective and authentic football film. However, Duane Davis was relaxed because he played college football.

The director wanted to cast Johnny Depp as Craig. However, Depp might not be a sports fan and would not like to go for a football film. David hired Craig Sheffer to play Joe Kane by looking at how long he threw the ball.

The Program’s Filming Locations

Columbia, South Carolina, was selected for principal photography. Timberwolves is a fictional college football team in the film. The team’s home stadium was filmed at the Williams-Brice Stadium, which serves the South Carolina Gamecocks. This college football team plays for the University of South Carolina.

University of South Carolina Williams-Brice Stadium
University of South Carolina Williams-Brice Stadium (Credits: BRIAN DRESSLER)

The film’s Eastern State University was filmed at the real-life University of South Carolina.

University Of South Carolina
University Of South Carolina (Credit: University Of South Carolina)

Several scenes were filmed at Duke University.

Duke University
Duke University (Credits: Britannica)

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