The Problematic Prince Chapter 57: Release Date, Recap & Spoilers

In the previous chapter, we see Prince Björn in a dire situation trapped behind a locked gate inside the cathedral. His panicked cries for help echo through the vast space but rescue seems unlikely.

As he bangs on the gate he realizes the gravity of his predicament regretting his delay in leaving and feeling the irony of his birthday wish turning into a nightmare.

As Björn struggles with his confinement dread takes him despite his best efforts to remain calm. A search party searches the cathedral in the meantime due to Erna’s missing.

Forced by a sense of urgency Björn refuses to leave the search and goes through the maze-like hallways looking for her. Finally, Björn discovers Erna atop the cathedral’s dome, sparking a tense reunion fraught with confusion and conflicting emotions.

The Problematic Prince Chapter 57 Release Date
The Problematic Prince (Credits: Naver)

Björn, who is relieved to have found her, finds it difficult to understand Erna’s impetuous behavior and is conflicted about whether to take in her beauty and vulnerability or be annoyed by her decisions. Let’s see when chapter 57 of The Problematic Prince is going to be released, the timings, and where to read it.


Chapter 56 of “The Problematic Prince” starts with the prince hiding behind a locked gate. Panic sets in as he bangs on the door, realizing he’s trapped. He reflects on his mistake of staying too long and feeling foolish.

Despite his fear, he tries to stay calm and assesses his situation, finding comfort in the snow outside. But being stuck in a foreign cathedral worries him.

The Problematic Prince Chapter 57 Release Date
The Problematic Prince (Credits: Naver)

The prince thinks about how he’s avoiding someone he doesn’t want to see, and being stuck means he won’t have to face them until tomorrow. He decides to go up the steep stairs alone, ignoring the advice of his headmaid to wait.

As he climbs, he doubts whether anyone can climb these stairs alone, especially in a fancy dress. When he reaches the top, he’s shocked to find his wife Erna. He can’t believe she’s climbed up.

Their meeting is tense, with the prince feeling a mix of annoyance, confusion, and admiration for his wife’s determination. He wishes her a happy birthday adding another layer of complexity to their encounter.

In chapter 56, the prince finds himself trapped behind a locked gate. The sudden realization of being confined sends waves of panic through him, accentuated by the desperate banging on the door as he calls out for help, hoping someone will hear him.

Amidst the chaos, his mind races with regret as he acknowledges his foolishness for lingering too long, leading to his current predicament.

The Problematic Prince Chapter 57 Release Date
The Problematic Prince (Credits: Naver)

Despite the overwhelming fear gripping him, the prince makes a conscious effort to maintain composure and assess his surroundings. His thoughts turn to the snowy landscape outside, offering a fleeting sense of solace amidst the uncertainty of being trapped in an unfamiliar cathedral.

However, the gravity of the situation weighs heavily on him as he grapples with the implications of his confinement in a foreign setting. 

The story explores the prince’s inner conflict as he thinks about the possibility of running into someone he wants to stay away from. His feelings become obvious when he swings from relief at the thought of a confrontation to fear at the prospect of one.

The Problematic Prince Chapter 57 Release Date
The Problematic Prince (Credits: Naver)

As he makes his way up the steep narrow stairs the stress becomes apparent and his worries about it becoming more realistic that someone could ever make it through such dangerous terrain on their own are mounting.

Upon reaching the summit the prince’s disbelief transforms into astonishment as he comes face to face with Erna his wife. The unexpected encounter is fraught with tension, as the prince grapples with a myriad of conflicting emotions ranging from frustration to intrigue.

Despite his initial annoyance and confusion, there’s a begrudging admiration for Erna’s determination and resilience in defying expectations. The chapter ends with a mix of relief as the prince wrestles with the implications of Erna’s presence in such an unexpected location.

Release Date & Where to Read

The Problematic Prince Chapter 57 is set to release on 13 February 2024. Let’s see the timings of The Problematic Prince Chapter 57 for various regions:

  • Central European Time (CEST): at 05:00 PM on Monday, February 12, 2024
  • Japanese Standard Time (JST): At 12:00 AM on Tuesday, February 13, 2024
  • Australian Capital Territory (ACST): at 01:00 AM on Tuesday, February 13, 2024
  • Korean Standard Time (KST): At 12:00 AM on Tuesday, February 13, 2024

Fans can read The Problematic Prince Chapter 57 on Naver Webtoon.

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