The Postcard Killings 2: Will The Movie Have A Sequel?

Danis Tanovic’s The Postcard Killings is a crime film that was released worldwide just before Covid-19 lockdowns were a thing. Starring Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Cush Jumbo in the lead roles, this 104-minute-long film is about a father trying to catch the serial killer who murdered his daughter. 

The Postcard Killings centers on Jacob Kanon, an NY detective who is left heartbroken after finding out that his daughter was murdered when she was on her honeymoon in Europe. Kanon decides to take matters into his own hands and locate the killer using the help of another American journalist named Dessie Lombard.

The killer seems to like turning their murders into morbid works of art and also travels all over Europe to choose their next victim. Jacob and Dessie use the postcards the killer sends to track them down before their next kill. 

Besides Jeffrey Dean Morgan in the role of Jacob and Cush Jumbo as Dessie, the cast of The Postcard Killings consists of Famke Janssen as Valerie, Joachim Krol plays Inspector Klaus, Steven Mackintosh plays Rupert and Naomi Battrick plays Sylvia. 

The Postcard Killings: About The Movie

Based on the acclaimed works of Liza Marklund and James Patterson, The Postcard Killings starts in a grim atmosphere, where two lovers seem to be lying dead and all of their blood is being collected into a container.

The couple turns out to be the daughter and son-in-law of Jacob Kanon, a NYC Inspector. 

The Postcard Killings 2 Release Date: Will The Movie Have A Sequel?
Jacob tries to find the killer (Credits: RLJE Films)

Wanting to catch the culprit with his own hands, Jacob decides to start an intense investigation. Kanon uses his connections to gather more information about this one-of-a-kind serial killer. This killer turns their victims into grotesque works of art and sends a postcard to a local journalist, informing them about his crimes. 

Jacob goes all the way to London, where his daughter was found dead, and sees that she wasn’t the only victim of this heartless killer. The murderer was targeting couples all over Europe and had a style of killing that made it easy to tie cases to each other. 

After Jessie Lombard, a journalist in Sweden, gets a mysterious postcard, she is given protection and is put under intense investigation. Jacob somehow manages to partner up with her and the duo tries to find the identity of the killers behind the chaotic mess. 

Throughout The Postcard Killings, we meet a lot of people who could be the murderers, but the real killers are not who we’d expect to be. Morgan and Jumbo play their roles well, often bringing us into their world and creating the sense of urgency that comes with working on such a difficult yet intriguing case. 

The Postcard Killings 2: Release Date

As of now, neither Danis Tanovic nor production company Good Films Collective have announced anything about The Postcard Killings having a sequel. The Jeffrey Dean Morgan film was first released in March 2020, a time when theatres and every public space were being shut down. 

The Postcard Killings 2 Release Date: Will The Movie Have A Sequel?
Lombard is sent a postcard by the killer (Credits: RLJE Films)

This could be one of the reasons why The Postcard Killings failed to get enough positive reviews and ended up with a Box office collection of just $181,415. If a sequel of The Postcard Killings were to happen, it would take at least a year or more to complete filming. 

The Postcard Killings 2: The Possibility Of A Sequel

Although the first part of The Postcard Killings starring Cush Jumbo has managed to cover most of the storyline of Liza and Patterson’s books, there’s always space for a much more intriguing sequel that can be based on the original story. 

There were many characters in the first film that weren’t explored as deeply, and many questions remained unanswered. While the possibility of The Postcard Killings having a sequel is low for now, it does have a chance of having another adaptation with new actors and a much more focused plot. 

The Postcard Killings failed to gather enough attention due to its lack of good suspense buildup and overused crime storylines, which the next producers can easily fix if they want to. 

With Netflix uploading the Tanovic movie on their platform recently, The Postcard Killings has been gaining enough attention. This might make the producers behind the crime movie consider it for another part or turn Patterson’s book into an interesting multiple-episode series. 

For now, The Postcard Killings is available to stream on Netflix. 

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