The Next Harry Potter Spinoff Already Has The Coolest Wizarding School To Use (If They Ditch Hogwarts)


  • A spinoff set at Uagadou, a magical school in Africa, would bring diversity and explore ancient magical history.
  • Magic in Uagadou differs from European wizarding schools as they don’t use wands, instead relying on hand movements and gestures.
  • A spinoff at Uagadou would correct Fantastic Beasts’ departure from the heart and soul of the original series, offering a fresh and exciting story.

The Harry Potter franchise has had bad luck with its spinoffs, but the next one could succeed if it utilizes the coolest school of Wizarding World lore. Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry was an essential aspect of what made Harry’s story so exciting, with its magical secrets around every corner. By Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Hogwarts felt like a second home to fans, and this made Fantastic Beasts‘ setting in the adult wizarding world a significant disappointment. Future spinoffs would be wise to return to that core concept of a magical school, but with Hogwarts so thoroughly explored, it may be time for a new institution to take center stage.

Of course, the next step in the Wizarding World franchise is HBO’s Harry Potter TV remake, which will designate an entire season for each of J.K. Rowling’s books. Still, this isn’t to say that another spinoff couldn’t be developed simultaneously. Over the years, fans have presented countless ideas regarding the subject matter for future movies and TV series, including stories surrounding the Marauders or a young Tom Riddle’s past at Hogwarts. Part of the appeal of these stories is that they would bring audiences back to Hogwarts, but since the Harry Potter remake is already doing this, this may not be the best choice (yet, anyway).


All 7 Wizarding Schools In Harry Potter (& Where They’re Located) 

The wizarding world of Harry Potter is full of skillfully concealed magical schools, but there are seven that have gained worldwide renown.

Uagadou Is the Wizarding World’s Oldest & Biggest School – Perfect For A Harry Potter Spinoff

A map showing the different wizarding schools in Harry Potter.

Rowling detailed several of the world’s main wizarding schools on the Wizarding World website, and the most interesting of these is easily Uagadou (pronounced Wag-a-doo). The institution is located among the “Mountains of the Moon,” AKA the Rwenzori Mountains in Uganda. Though not exactly a castle, the school’s edifice is gloriously carved right out of the mountainside. It’s the largest of all the magical Harry Potter schools, welcoming students from anywhere across the massive continent of Africa. This would mean plenty of opportunity for a thrilling Harry Potter spinoff of an entirely different caliber.

A spinoff centering Uagadou could be far more diverse than the Harry Potter series and dive into even more ancient magical history. Since human life originated on the African continent, it is believed in Wizarding World lore that it is the birthplace of all magic as well. Therefore, Uagadou is the oldest magical school, sure to hold far more secrets and ancient stories than even Hogwarts. The possibilities here are endless, and a movie or TV series set at Uagaou could explore a kind of magic that would be unfamiliar to the Golden Trio and other Harry Potter characters.

Magic Is Different In Uganda Than In The European Wizarding Schools

Natsai Onai from Hogwarts Legacy showing a stylized map of Uagadou's location near Uganda, represented as a building carved into a mountain shrouded in mist.

As explained by Natsai Onai, a Hogwarts student who had previously attended Uagadou in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Legacy, witches and wizards in Uganda and the rest of Africa don’t typically use wands. These instruments are European inventions, and, as seen in the young wizards of Harry Potter, magic can be used in its rawest form without one. The students of Uagadou learn hand movements and gestures to cast spells and curses, and this could be an exciting feature for a spinoff set at the school.

Though wands are iconic to the Wizarding World franchise (even the logo features wands), a kind of magic centered around movement and choreography could be visually breathtaking on screen. Unlike the Fantastic Beasts movies, this would create a justification for a Uagadou spinoff being a film or TV adaptation rather than a new book series. With modern special effects, the wizarding world of Uganda could be represented through flurries of movement, light, and color, providing audiences with something they have never seen before within the franchise.

A Harry Potter Spinoff Set At Uagadou Would Correct What Fantastic Beasts Got Wrong

Though Uagadou would be drastically different from Hogwarts, a spinoff set at the school would bring the Wizarding World franchise back to its roots. A significant part of the appeal was the young lead character, rejected by the world but welcomed by a school that was both dark and mysterious and warm and bright. Seeing Harry develop his power and slowly learn the secrets of Hogwarts Castle ignited the dream in Harry Potter fans of being warmly accepted by such a place as well. By focusing on adult characters out in the wizarding world, Fantastic Beasts steered away from the heart and soul of the original series.

A TV or movie series set in Uagadou could correct this wrong while expanding the story (rather than rehashing old characters and events). If done right, the spinoff could feel like experiencing the story of Harry Potter all over again since audiences would get to learn about this new magical world right alongside the characters. Rather than owls delivering Hogwarts letters, they would see how Uagadou students are informed through their dreams that they have been accepted. Quidditch, or other magical sports, could be witnessed in a whole new way, and the possibilities for a new force of Dark wizards would be endless. Ultimately, this mysterious magic school may be just what the fans of Harry Potter need.

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