The Matchmakers Episode 6: ‘Jung Sook Deok and her Matchmaking’ Release Date & Recap

The Matchmakers is an ongoing South Korean drama series that has already captivated the hearts of its numerous viewers worldwide. Set in the Joseon period, the drama is witty and revolves around the lives of its two main characters. The Matchmakers Episode 6 will soon be released to take the story forward.

The drama revolves around the lives of its two main characters, Shim Jung Woo and Jun Soon Deok. Shim Jung Woo is an intelligent and credible young man with high dreams and hopes. He proves his worth by scoring high on the state examination of the region. But fate had other things in store for him, as he was chosen to suddenly become the princess’s husband.

After his huge turn of events, his life gets twisted more and more when the princess dies suddenly, leaving everyone in shock and, hence, completely changing Shim Jung Woo’s life as well. This makes him the most unfortunate man of all time overnight. 

This is not the end for Shim Jung Woo, as he had more restrictions on him than he thought. The customs of the Joseon period prohibited him from getting a government post and also didn’t allow him to get remarried. While having no rays of hope, we could see one ray with the arrival of Jung Soon Deok.

How Jung Soon Deok and Shim Jung Woo’s lives get involved together has been shown clearly in the drama. Jung Soon Deok lost her husband very young and also runs a secret matchmaking profession. While they both work together in the process, they will also find out that their path of love is something to watch out for.

The Matchmakers Episode 6: Release Date, Preview and Streaming Guide
The main lead actress of the drama, The Matchmakers (Credits: KBS2)

Episode Recap

The Matchmakers Episode 6 will soon be released to take the story forward. While this interesting drama has already made our heads turn with its storyline, cast, and performance, let us also take a quick look at the prior occurrences of the show. The episode starts with a brief introduction of us, as viewers, to the personalities of the two main leads.

Later, we get to see Maeng Ha Na’s mother get arrested by the office and is ordered punishment on the basis of her still not getting married. The officers held her accountable for her unmarried daughter. When Jung Soon Deok gets to know about this and starts getting worried for her, She tries her best to bring her out of the situation and ultimately also brings her back safely.

We also get to see Jung Soon Deok and Shim Jung Woo working together on matchmaking. While the political stance and the comedy seem just right for the drama, it is becoming more interesting with each passing day. The concept of the show Never Giving Up on Love is going great so far.

The episode ends with a note where Jung Sook Deok is confident in her makeup skills and thinks Shim Jung Woo will not be able to recognize her since her own brother is unable to recognize her after the transition. While they both cross paths and Jung Woo identifies her, this shocks her more, and the episode ends on that note.

The Matchmakers Episode 6: Release Date, Preview and Streaming Guide
Main lead actors of the drama, The Matchmakers (Credits: KBS2)

Release Date & Where to Watch

The Matchmakers Episode 6 will release on 14th November 2023. The drama airs two episodes every week on Mondays and Tuesdays at its scheduled time of 9:45 PM KST on its original network. While the release timings may vary from region to region, a few of them are mentioned below.

  • South Korea – 9:45 PM Korean Standard Time (14 November 2023)
  • Japan – 9:45 PM Japan Standard Time (14 November 2023)
  • UK – 12:45 PM Greenwich Mean Time (14 November 2023)
  • India – 6:15 PM Indian Standard Time (14 November 2023)
  • China – 8:45 PM Chinese Standard Time (14 November 2023)
  • Australia – 11:45 PM Australian Standard Time (14 November 2023)

The Matchmakers Episode 6 can be watched on its original network, KBS2. Apart from the original network, the drama also airs on Wavve and Viki, along with subtitles in its selected regions. With each of its episodes having an estimated runtime of 1 hour and 10 minutes. Set to have a total of sixteen episodes, the drama will slowly unveil more segments in the future.

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