The Dirtiest Traitor From The Traitors UK Season 2 May Surprise You


  • Harry has successfully created a loyal persona to deceive the Faithful and remain undercover as a Traitor.
  • Despite initially playing a more passive role, Harry has become the most cutthroat Traitor, making strategic moves to benefit his own game.
  • Harry has been thinking strategically about the endgame from the beginning, making difficult decisions that could lead him to victory.

The Traitors UK season 2’s Traitors have been some of the most interesting players, but the dirtiest Traitor of the several that have played throughout the season may surprise you. The original Traitors, Paul Gorton, Ash Bibi, and Harry Clark recruited Miles Asteri to round out their team, but the Traitors had trouble from the beginning of the game trying to keep their squad afloat. After Paul felt Ash was the weakest link on the team, he worked hard to get her banished and the trio chose not to recruit. After Miles was banished from the game shortly thereafter, the team recruited Andrew Jenkins to the squad.

While Paul had been playing the most cut-throat game for quite some time, Harry made the decision to make a big move when he heard that Paul was talking about him behind his back. With one of the biggest moves in The Traitors UK season 2, Harry chose to banish Paul from the game and move forward with Andrew alone. The pair wound up recruiting Ross Carson, but he was quickly banished and as Harry moves into the endgame, it’s clear he’s played one of the most ruthless games of The Traitors UK the series has ever seen.


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Harry Has Created A Faithful Persona To Trick His Peers

Montage Of Harry Clark The Traitors UK season 2

While Harry has made it clear throughout The Traitors UK season 2 that he’s happy to be a Traitor, he’s shown off how loyal he is to the Faithful whenever possible. Harry’s spent time cultivating his persona in the game, doing his best to make himself accessible to the Faithful, win as much as he can in challenges, and work to identify Traitors within the game. Though there have been some cracks in his façade, Harry’s won over the majority of the Faithful who have been clear in their thinking that there’s no way he’s a Traitor. Despite betraying them all, Harry’s been able to keep his identity discrete.

Harry Has Been Cutthroat With The Other Traitors When Needed

Although he’s been doing his best to present as a Faithful, Harry’s been the most cutthroat of all the Traitors in the game. Though he was working to fade into the background during the earlier stages of the game, Harry has been making moves that benefit his game even if they don’t benefit the other Traitors. From choosing to banish Ash and Miles to blindsiding Paul at the round table, Harry has worked his way from a quiet Traitor following the pack to a dirty player who will cut dead weight in just a matter of weeks. With Harry’s recent decision to banish Ross, he’s nearly reached the finish line.

Harry Has Been Thinking Of The Endgame The Whole Time

Harry Clark The Traitors UK Season 2 Thinking

While some of the Traitors were focusing on the game from day to day or round table to round table, Harry has been thinking of the long game since the very beginning. For many of the round tables, Harry has been doing what’s best for his own game. That could be as simple as following the crowd, or could be as complicated as banishing a fellow Traitor in order to appear more faithful. Despite some incredibly difficult decisions, Harry has been the dirtiest player on The Traitors UK season 2, and it may afford him the win.

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