The Community Speaks: Issues with “Deceit 2”

Deceit, a popular social deduction horror game, has recently unveiled its successor: “Deceit 2“. However, while the immersive 6-9 player horror experience promises to keep you on the edge of your seat, some players have voiced concerns about the new installment. Here’s a breakdown of what they had to say.

deceit 2 thumbnail
The cover for Deceit 2, a-la their Steam page

About Deceit 2:

Set against the backdrop of Millhaven Asylum in 1979, players are trapped in the chilling Ritual of Deceit, orchestrated by the malevolent Game Master. Players need to escape the Ritual and identify the two amongst them who have been corrupted by evil. But the catch? Trust is fragile, and every choice could be your last.

What Players Are Saying:

Performance and Playability Issues:

One common thread running through most negative reviews is the game’s performance. Many have highlighted that “Deceit 2” is plagued with bugs, making it feel like it was not ready for release. Even those with high-end PC setups report severe performance issues like framerate drops, input lags, connectivity problems, and crashes. A common sentiment echoed by users is that the game requires further optimization.

Gameplay Shift:

Players are contrasting the new gameplay experience with the original Deceit, suggesting that Deceit 2 feels more like a different game rather than a continuation or improvement. The original Deceit was lauded for its gameplay loop and tension-filled matches. However, many feel that the new game has strayed too far from the formula that made the original a hit.

deceit 2 01
The iconic Deceit Rabbit

Comparisons with other popular games like “Among Us” and “Dead by Daylight” have been made, suggesting that Deceit 2 might be trying to capitalize on the popularity of other titles rather than carve its niche.

Voice Chat and Communication:

For a game that revolves around social interaction and deduction, players have raised concerns about the voice chat. Many highlight the inability to communicate effectively during games, leading to silent matches or lackluster (see: racist) interactions. Some believe this undermines the core of what made the original Deceit so enjoyable.

In-Game Features and Mechanics:

Players have pointed out flaws in the in-game features, including the availability and utility of items and the new task system. Some believe that the tasks in Deceit 2 are monotonous and repetitive, making them less enjoyable than the gameplay loop in the original game.

deceit 2 02

Additionally, the lack of features that existed in the original game, such as the FOV slider and certain gameplay mechanics, has left fans of the first installment feeling shortchanged.

Community and Server Issues:

Beyond gameplay, there have been concerns about server issues, especially for those looking to play with friends. The new game also reportedly has problems with trolls and uncooperative players, negatively impacting the overall gaming experience.

In the Developer’s Defense

One Dev responded with the following, which may clear up many issues about Deceit 2:

deceit 2 developer note
Thanks, Matt!

Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Deceit 2 is not intended to be like-for-like recreation of the first game. It’s aimed at people who enjoy a more involved and more social game than the original.

We are naturally going to continue tweaking, balancing, and optimising the game a long time to come. It would be great if you came back and tried the game in future. If not, we have kept Deceit 1 online for those who prefer the original version.

So… it seems as though the main issue for Deceit 2 was in its marketing. Buyers were expecting a recreation or improved version of Deceit, when apparently according to Matt, that’s not what they were going for.

It’s also worth noting that Deceit was a Free-to-play game, meanwhile Deceit 2 currently stands at 13.49. That switch has gotta be hard for the Devs!

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