The Best Weapons For Sung Jinwoo Besides A Knife

The Winter 2024 anime season is underway and among the many new anime releases there’s already a clear favorite within the fandom: Solo Leveling. Solo Leveling is a brand-new fantasy-action series that’s based on the popular Korean novel series of the same name. Solo Leveling follows its courageous protagonist, Sung Jinwoo, through his expeditions into deadly dungeons that are filled with terrifying monsters. Unfortunately, Sung Jinwoo’s problem is that he’s a weak E-rank hunter, which means that he’s practically helpless on his own and without outside help.

Sung Jinwoo, to his credit, has allies like Joohee, a healer, to support him. Veteran Solo Leveling fans already know that Jinwoo soon starts grinding levels and that he gains immense power and new abilities along the way. Alternatively, anime-only fans can only speculate about what kinds of new weapons, abilities, and armor Jinwoo will get when the inevitable solo leveling sequence begins. There are many possibilities here and anime fans can turn to other fantasy-action series, like Sword Art Online and Goblin Slayer, to make educated guesses over what kinds of powerful weapons Jinwoo may one day use to replace his basic knife.


Why Solo Leveling Is 2024’s Anime To Watch

The anime adaptation of Chugong’ South Korean web novel, Solo Leveling, is finally out and it’s already making waves as 2024’s must-watch series!

10 Spears Can Be Powerful Medium-Range Weapons

Fantasy-action anime tend to glamorize swords and bows and arrows as the most essential medieval-style weapons. There are certainly valid reasons why these weapons are essential, but it’s also important not to neglect other types of weapons. Swords have a limited reach, for instance, but a quality spear or halberd can be a game-changer when it comes to length. In real life, spears and halberds were also a warrior’s primary weapon, while short-swords would serve as backup.

The Rising of the Shield Hero, a fantasy isekai title, highlights the truly effective and intimidating nature of spears. However, Motoyasu Kitamura, the series’ Spear Hero, does make some tactical blunders. Spears reach further than swords, which helps Solo Leveling‘s vulnerable Sung Jinwoo impale monsters like goblins, orcs, and more from a safer distance. Knives only work at close range, but spears open up more possibilties.

9 Bows & Arrows Are Ideal For Picking Off Enemies From Afar

A High Elf Archer takes aim with their bow and arrow in Goblin Slayer.


Genshin Impact: The 10 Best Bow Users, Ranked

Genshin Impact’s many bow users vary wildly in power level and popularity, with some being incredibly useful and versatile in what role they play.

Many of anime’s most exciting fantasy heroes fight up close with swords, or even their bare fists, but ranged combat also has its place. Bows and arrows often appear in such works, usually in the hands of supporting characters, like Goblin Slayer‘s high elf archer, Bleach‘s Uryu Ishida, and Itsuki in The Rising of the Shield Hero. More often than not these archers require their tough protagonist to protect them at close-range.

Archers can also fight by themselves if they make clever use of cover, ambushes, and smart tactical thinking. It’s not hard to imagine Solo Leveling‘s Sung Jinwoo adopting such an approach. Sung Jinwoo is a brilliant underdog who can outsmart any dungeon monster or hunter. Jinwoo would effectively use a short-bow to pick off monsters from afar during a solo dungeon expedition. He’s smart enough to always have an escape route in mind, too.

8 Brass Knuckles Are Rewarding For Martial Artists

Adam aces Zeus with his brass knuckles in Record of Ragnarok.

Plenty of anime heroes fight with their bare fists, either for sport or survival, such as Yu Yu Hakusho‘s Yusuke Urameshi and Hajime no Ippo‘s Hajime Ippo. Many martial arts anime have revered reputations within the medium. No one expects Solo Leveling to suddenly become a martial arts anime, but there’s still an intriguing possibility that Jinwoo may lose his weapons and be forced to resort to punches.

Jinwoo could level up his strength and dexterity stats, only to then proceed to get a pair of brass knuckles. This helpful tool would allow Jinwoo to beat up monsters without the need of a clumsier close-range weapon. Such weapons aren’t too common in anime, which would make their appearance in Solo Leveling a welcome surprise. If Record of Ragnarok ‘s Adam can use brass knuckles, then so can Sung Jinwoo.

7 Whips Are Long-Range, Flexible Weapons

Yun Xi plays with her whip in Psychic Princess.

Whips are not inherently weapons by default, but some action anime depict characters who use whips as vicious tools. Some whip users utilize these items to grab onto an object or enemy, only to then drag them closer for the purpose of capture or so that an ally can take them out through close-range combat.

In other cases, a whip might actually deal damage when it strikes someone. This can be physical damage or even elemental damage. Sung Jinwoo might consider using whips in dungeons as a reliable tactic to grab enemies and finish them off. Whips could also be helpful for Jinwoo when it comes to the acquisition of treasure, which he’d grab from afar and then flee. Whips are also flexible, soft, and not easily broken, which is a plus for a novice fighter like Jinwoo.

6 Sniper Rifles Can Dispatch High-Priority Targets From Extreme Range


10 Times Usopp Proved He Was Luffy’s Best Crewmate In One Piece

Despite Usopp’s cowardly nature, he’s grown into a strong pirate and has become a valuable asset as the Straw Hat Pirate’s sniper.

Sniper rifles might seem like an odd choice for a fantasy hero’s weapon. However, there are a surprising number of anime that elegantly blend modern weapons — like firearms — with fantasy elements. There’s no reason why Solo Leveling can’t do the same thing. Sniper weapons are popular because they are so extreme through their use of incredible precision to dispatch a single target from a great distance.

Anime has established its share of formidable snipers, from One Piece‘s Sniper King Usopp, to the lethally accurate Riza Hawkeye from Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, to Sword Art Online‘s Sinon. Sung Jinwoo might one day find himself equipped with a snipe rifle, if he’s in a spacious dungeon room where he’s able to get into position and systematically take out dangerous monsters through meticulous head-shots. A sniper rifle allows Jinwoo to dominate, despite his lack of strength, durability, and fighting experience.

5 A Staff Could Turn Jinwoo Into A Warrior Monk

Rak fights with a staff in Tower of God.

A staff isn’t just a sword with no cutting edge. Staves are often easier to make, or acquire, than a proper anime sword. They also require less upkeep. Staves are often associated with characters like monks, wizards, and clerics, but in theory, anyone with the right training can whack their enemies into submission with a staff. A staff can also serve its purpose as a blunt spear, as the user strikes from a greater distance than what’s possible with a simple sword.

There aren’t many prominent anime characters who use a staff, so Sung Jinwoo could rejuvenate this dormant anime trope through his dedicated use of the weapon. Jinwoo, even with just a plain wooden staff, would be able to easily fight off weaker dungeon monsters. Alternatively, some variety of a fancy, enchanted staff could become a terrifying weapon in Jinwoo’s hands.

4 Katanas Are Staples In The Anime Industry

Katanas, unsurprisingly, feature heavily in anime. These bladed weapons are often glamorized as the sharpest, deadliest, and most elegant swords that a character can possess. Some of anime’s most famous sword wielders fight with katanas, such as Demon Slayer‘s Tanjiro Kamado, Gintama‘s Gintoki Sakata, and certainly One Piece‘s Roronoa Zoro the pirate, who uses three katanas at once in combat.

Iconic weapons like katanas are likely to appear sooner or later in Solo Leveling. Sung Jinwoo just needs to find the opportunity to use them, too. Solo Leveling would immeditely have an inconic scene on its hands if Jinwoo were to seize a katana and use it to win a fight. One of Jinwoo’s hunter allies could also brandish a katana and pass it over to Jinwoo for his own use, in time.

3 Transforming Swords Are Always Fun in Anime

Inuyasha wields the Tetsusaiga in InuYasha.


Bleach: A Guide to All the Best Zanpakuto in the Series

Bleach’s combat system is all about zanpakuto, and it can be tricky to keep track. Thankfully, there is a way to learn how all the best swords work.

Some anime swords never truly change, such as Zoro’s katanas or the paring blades used in Attack on Titan. However, anime often feature swords with magical backgrounds that can change shape, color, and strength. A classic example is Inuyasha’s size-changing sword, Tetsusaiga, which gains more abilities and modes over time. Bleach is also famous for its shape-shifting zanpakuto, or soul-cutting swords, that include shikai and bankai modes.

Sung Jinwoo will perhaps come across a transforming sword, only to initially assume that it’s just some ordinary short-sword or katana. Then, in a moment of desperation, Jinwoo can unlock this sword’s true form or power and begin training with it. Jinwoo deserves a miraculous blade that can transform on command.

2 Excalibur Keeps Finding Its Way Into Anime

Kirito holds Excalibur in Sword Art Online.

Plenty of anime swords are unique, legendary blades of the author’s own creation, such as Guts’ Dragonslayer sword in Berserk, Bleach‘s Zangetsu, or InuYasha‘s Tetsusaiga. Alternatively, authors also draw from real-world folklore for inspiration. The famed sword Excalibur, for example, often finds its way into anime either as a gag weapon or as the series’ greatest combat tool.

Excalibur pops up in ALFheim Online‘s world and as a conscious weapon in Soul Eater, which means that there’s a solid chance that it could also appear in Solo Leveling. Sung Jinwoo may not find a good katana or transforming sword, but he might stumble upon the iconic Excalibur and go on to slay dungeon monsters as the new hunter equivalent of King Arthur.

1 Explosives Can Blow Open A Wall Or Destroy The Toughest Enemies

Explosives go off in the Btooom! anime.

Anime characters sometimes have explosion-based powers, such as My Hero Academia‘s Katsuki Bakugo, Megumin in Konosuba, and Naruto‘s Deidara. These powers tend to be innate gifts that other characters cannot easily learn or duplicate. However, in weapon-based anime, explosion powers are easier to share. Grenades, bombs, and other explosives allow anyone to start blowing things up with ease.

These incendiary and volatile weapons don’t seem too likely to appear in Solo Leveling. That being said, a crafty, resourceful hunter like Sung Jinwoo would make excellent use of them. Jinwoo could lure a monster into a trap and proceed to destroy it with deadly explosions. Alternatively, Jin woo could toss grenades at clusters of enemies to wipe them out all at once. Jinwoo could even blow holes in walls to create new escape routes for himself and fellow hunters.

Jin-Woo Sung and Other Warriors Pose on the Solo Leveling Promo

Solo Leveling

In a world of gifted hunters and monsters, a weak hunter Sung Jin-Woo gains extraordinary powers through a mysterious program, leading him to become one of the strongest hunters and conquering even the strongest dungeons.

Release Date
January 7, 2024

Aleks Le , Taito Ban

Main Genre

Anime , Action , Adventure


A-1 Pictures

Main Cast
Taito Ban, Aleks Le

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