The Best Shows To Watch On Apple TV+ Right Now


Apple TV has pumped out some of the best-written and most entertaining series of recent years, boasting great titles like Ted Lasso and The Morning Show. Thanks to the company’s large budget, creators have been able to tell some out-of-this-world and important stories. Some of Apple TV+’s best shows entertain the audience enough to keep them coming back for several seasons.

These Apple TV+ series bring incredible performances to the table with solid direction and interesting premises. Between big-budget science fiction series like For All Mankind, witty comedies, and impactful dramas, Apple TV+ has a stellar TV show for everyone.

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25 The Morning Show

Inspired by Brian Stelter’s book, The Morning Show is a dramedy that explores the world of a morning news program, and the impact a sexual misconduct allegation has on the people who work there. The Morning Show boasts an A-list cast that includes Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon, Billy Crudup, and Steve Carell, who all give incredible performances.

At times, The Morning Show struggles to juggle its many hard-hitting issues, but Aniston and Witherspoon’s performances continue drawing audiences back in. Hopefully, The Morning Show’s upcoming third season will fully explore its important and relevant story.

24 Loot

With only one season so far, Loot has already left a major impact on viewers. Loot stars Maya Rudolph as Molly, the wife of a billionaire who discovers he’s having an affair and files for divorce. After receiving an $87 billion settlement, the out-of-touch Molly decides to rediscover herself as a hard-working and devoted businesswoman.

Loot puts a comedic twist on America’s current issue surrounding extreme wealth and poverty and offers a refreshing satire piece that audiences didn’t realize they needed. Rudolph and her co-stars have fantastic chemistry, and the show’s solid writing and interesting premise has helped it receive critical acclaim.

23 Slow Horses

A comedy spy-drama, Slow Horses centers around a dysfunctional team of MI5 agents, their obnoxious boss, and the tangled web of crime they get wrapped up in. Slow Horses sets itself apart from other spy TV shows by presenting a group of foolish, miserable agents, which lends well to some comedic moments.

Slow Horses offers audiences an amusing and compelling group of agents, led by Gary Oldman’s cantankerous Jackson Lamb. The show’s refreshing take on the spy genre, witty comedy, action-packed episodes, and complex characters help Slow Horses stand out.

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22 Black Bird

Black Bird is a drama miniseries based on James Keene’s autobiographical novel. The show stars Taron Egerton as Keene, a drug dealer who accepts a plea deal from the police to elicit a confession from a convicted serial killer in exchange for his freedom. Keene’s true story makes for a remarkable and compelling tale.

Black Bird is a dark and morally complicated story, but that’s what makes it such a great watch. Critics and fans alike have praised the series for its faithfulness to the source material and Egerton and Walter Hauser’s performances, cementing it as one of the best miniseries of all time.

21 Ted Lasso

Ted Lasso quickly became one of Apple TV+’s most popular shows thanks to its complex and well-written characters. Ted Lasso follows Jason Sudeikis’ titular character, an American coach who begins managing a British soccer team, even though he knows nothing about the sport.

Leaning on its roots as a fish-out-of-water workplace comedy, Ted Lasso balances its characters’ quirky personalities with more serious and hard-hitting storylines. Unlike many comedies, the series explores important topics like mental health, grief, and self-esteem. With three seasons to its name, Ted Lasso is the perfect watch for comedy, sports, or drama fans.

20 Mythic Quest

Created by writers Charlie Day, Rob McElhenney, and Megan Ganz, Mythic Quest is a comedy series that follows the employees of the fictional game studio who made Mythic Quest, and the behind-the-scenes drama in the office. While shows and movies about the making of video games exist, Mythic Quest stands out because it provides an even deeper exploration of the gaming industry.

Mythic Quest is a hilarious workplace comedy that boasts solid performances from the cast, which includes Rob McElhenney, David Hornsby, and Ashly Burch. Mythic Quest is a heartwarming watch and an interesting, and authentic, look into video game development.

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19 Bad Sisters

An Irish black-comedy series, Bad Sisters puts a fun twist on the thriller genre by blending comedy and mystery. Bad Sisters follows the Garvey sisters as they try to clear their names as murder suspects in an investigation following the death of their brother-in-law.

With all the sisters having motivation to kill him, each Bad Sisters episode brings new clues to the mystery, leaving audiences on the edge of their seats up until the final episode. Bad Sisters received a 100% Rotten Tomatoes score, finding strength not only in its story, but also in each sister and their relationships with one another.

18 For All Mankind

One of Apple TV’s science-fiction series, For All Mankind puts a fresh spin on alternative history, exploring what would happen if the international space race never ended. For All Mankind pushes the envelope of traditional storytelling and kicks off with the Soviet Union landing on the moon, long before America.

For All Mankind gained immediate critical acclaim thanks to its stunning visuals, its push for female representation, and its multi-faceted characters. The Apple TV+ series never fails to break audiences’ hearts and is responsible for some of the most tragic character deaths in television.

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17 Dickinson

Starring Hailee Steinfeld, Dickinson is a biopic series about Emily Dickinson’s life that’s told from her own perspective. Set during the mid-to-late 1800s, Dickinson shines thanks to its anachronistic writing, captivating protagonist, and use of Dickinson’s poetry to help tell her story.

Period pieces have enjoyed great popularity in recent years, but Dickinson’s modern twist allows the Apple TV+ show to find a wider audience. Although Apple TV canceled the series after its third season, Dickinson remains an iconic feminist series that highlights a hidden LGBTQIA+ relationship, allowing Dickinson to live as her authentic self on screen.

16 Severance

Severance is a psychological thriller that revolves around a group of Lumon workers. The employees undergo the “severance” procedure, which allows them to separate their work-related memories and personal memories. Each worker discovers more about their lives and what they actually do at work. Starring Adam Scott, Zach Cherry, Britt Lower, John Turturro, Tramell Tillman, and Patricia Arquette,

Severance grew a large following thanks to its compelling mysteries and the cast’s great chemistry. The series is a bit of a slow-burner, but its solid writing keeps audiences engaged through every twist and turn. Fans consider Severance to be the perfect example of well-executed setups and payoffs, leaving fans desperate for Season 2.

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15 Shrinking

Shrinking, created by Ted Lasso co-creator Brett Goldstein, stars Jason Segal as a grieving therapist who begins to tell his clients exactly what he thinks they should do, going against his usual ethics as a therapist. He learns to deal with the fallout from this with the help of his family and colleagues.

The series also stars Harrison Ford, Jessica Williams, Luke Tennie and Lukita Maxwell. It has received rave reviews, among them being one of Ford’s career-best performances, on the way to 2 Primetime Emmy Award nominations which has established it as one of Apple TV+’s best comedies.

14 Platonic

Platonic is a romantic comedy series starring Rose Byrne and Seth Rogen. They play estranged best friends who reconnect after a rift had ended their friendship. The pair finds that it is harder than anticipated to get past the rift that left them estranged.

The series was created by Nicholas Stoller, who also directed Neighbors and Neighbors 2 which featured Byrne and Rogen in lead roles. It currently holds a 92% on Rotten Tomatoes and was a hit with viewers as well, but there has been no word yet regarding a second season of the series.

13 The Afterparty

The After Party stars Tiffany Haddish as Detective Danner, who investigates an after-party of a high school reunion after a prominent pop music icon is killed. The second season takes place the day after a wedding when the groom is found dead.

The show has a unique storytelling angle: each episode is told from the point of view of a different character, culminating in the identity of the killer. It features one of the most star-studded casts of any Apple TV+ show including Dave Franco, Channing Tatum, Will Forte and John Cho.

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12 Hijack

Hijack stars Idris Elba as Sam, a corporate business negotiator who must put his skills to the test when his flight from Dubai to London gets hijacked. Sam hopes to bring a peaceful end to the flight and negotiates with the hijackers, while government forces from the ground try to get the flight to safety.

Hijack ran for seven episodes, concluding in August 2023. The miniseries received high marks for its pacing, told in real-time over the flight’s seven-hour flight time. It cemented itself as one of the best Apple TV+ originals for its fast-paced storytelling.

11 Silo

Silo is set in a post-apocalyptic world that follows a civilization of people who live in an underground silo. The people think that the rules and regulations are meant to protect them, but not everything is what it seems to be. It is based on the book series of the same name by Hugh Howey.

Silo stars Rebecca Ferguson, Rashida Jones, David Oyelowo and Tim Robbins. The series was a smash hit for the streaming service and many lauded Ferguson’s performance as well as the world-building for the show. It was swiftly renewed for a second season.

10 The Problem With Jon Stewart

The Problem with Jon Stewart is hosted by longtime Daily Show host Jon Stewart as he tackles various problems affecting the world and brings people affected by them together in order to help find a solution. Some of the issues covered include climate change, gun control, veteran health issues, and racism.

Each episode of the series is accompanied by a podcast that further explores the issue that Stewart covers. Viewers can tell that Stewart has not lost his touch as an interviewer, as he is not afraid to ask hard-hitting questions to some of his guests and call them out when they are factually incorrect.

9 Shining Girls

Shining Girls stars Elizabeth Moss as Kirby Mazrachi, a woman who was brutally attacked and left for dead years prior. After she comes across a case that is very similar to hers, she enlists a reporter to help track down her attacker. It is based on the novel of the same name by Lauren Beukes.

The series received praise for Moss’ standout performance as well as its time-bending twists and turns. Several elements from the novel are changed, particularly that the series tells the story from Kirby’s point of view rather than the point of view of each of the attacker’s victims, in order to have the audience discover the mystery with the character.

8 The Essex Serpent

The Essex Serpent is a British gothic romance miniseries that stars Claire Danes and Tom Hiddleston. A London widow (Danes) moves to Essex to investigate the rumors of a mythical serpent. She forms a connection with a local pastor (Hiddleston) but after tragedy strikes, several locals blame her for the serpent’s terror.

The series is based on the novel of the same name by Sarah Perry. It received positive reviews from critics, with many citing that Danes and Hiddleston carry the series, as well as its gothic elements remaining true to the source material.

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7 WeCrashed

A limited series starring Jared Leto and Anne Hathaway, WeCrashed follows the rise and fall of WeWork, a startup company that goes into turmoil after trying to go public. The series is based on the podcast WeCrashed: The Rise and Fall of WeWork.

The leads of the series, particularly Anne Hathaway, received high praise for their performances. While based on true events, the series relies on both real and fictional characters to tell its story. It largely flew under the radar upon release for reasons unknown.

6 Fraggle Rock: Back To The Rock

Fraggle Rock: Back to the Rock is a reboot of Fraggle Rock, originally released in 1983. Originally created by Jim Henson, the series follows the adventures of a group of cave-dwelling puppets known as Fraggles. The series also has a holiday special “Night of the Lights” that was released in 2022.

Fraggle Rock: Back to the Rock is arguably Apple TV’s most successful children’s show, garnering an impressive 100% on Rotten Tomatoes. It has been renewed for a second season, expected sometime in late 2023 or early 2024. The second season will feature Ariana DeBose, Brett Goldstein and Catherine O’Hara.

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