The Best Indiana Jones Villains Who Aren’t Nazis, Ranked

Indiana Jones’ grand adventures have brought him up against some of the world’s toughest adversaries. His upcoming venture, Indiana Jones And The Great Circle could be one of his most challenging yet. It will see the archaeologist take on the criminal Emmerich Ross. Xbox’s Developer Direct recently dropped some exciting gameplay footage for the new Indiana Jones video game, resulting in eager fans sharing their favorite Indiana Jones baddies who are not Nazis.

While Emmerich Ross is said to ally himself with the Nazis in Indiana Jones And The Great Circle, many Indiana Jones antagonists are not in allegiance with Germany’s fascist regime. These characters push the archaeologist to the very limits of his quests to obtain various fascinating artifacts and ensure that he needs his wits to emerge unscathed. Indiana Jones’ globetrotting journeys are perilous and are undoubtedly made harder by the numerous enemies he makes along the way.

12 Mattias Targo Is One Of Indiana Jones’ Creepiest Adversaries

Indiana Jones and Mattias Targo in The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles

First Appearance

The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles, Season 2, Episode 22 “Transylvania, January 1918”

Portrayed By

Bob Peck

One of Indiana Jones’ creepiest adversaries comes in The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles when Indiana is sent on a secret mission in Transylvania during the First World War. Believed to be a reincarnated Vlad The Impaler, Mattias holds considerable power during the war, leading an attack on an Austrian prison camp.

The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles establishes that Mattias is not a man to be messed with. He brutally impales his enemies on stakes and performs live surgery on his victims. Indiana Jones eventually beats Mattias in a fight above the castle grounds, which results in Mattias plummeting to his death.

11 Garth Is An Intimidating Threat


10 Best Episodes of The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones, Ranked

The Adventures of Indiana Jones offered adventurous and tragic episodes from beginning to end. But which of these episodes stood tallest?

First Appearance

Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade

Portrayed By

Richard Young

Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade’s opening scene demonstrates Indiana’s bold and daring nature as a kid, attempting to obtain the Cross of Coronado. During his ambitious feat, he comes to blows with the rogue archaeologist Garth, and their encounter leads many to believe The Last Crusade to be the best Indiana Jones ending before The Crystal Skull.

Garth is an intimidating early threat for Indiana Jones. He conveys the same strong presence as Indiana Jones in his adult years, towering over the young Indiana. Nevertheless, Indiana boldly manages to steal the Cross of Coronado from Garth on horseback, before begrudgingly being forced to hand it over to Moab’s sheriff.

10 Marshal Kai Ti Chang Is Slimy And Deceitful

Marshal Kai Ti Chang introduces himself in Indiana Jones And The Emperor's Tomb

First Appearance

Indiana Jones And The Emperor’s Tomb

Portrayed By

Keone Young

Even though Marshal Kai Ti Chang initially worked with the Nazis, he later betrayed them by hiring Indiana Jones to locate the Heart of the Dragon pearl. His intentions are unfortunately revealed to be just as power-crazy as the Nazis, wishing to use the Heart of the Dragon to rule over China.

This slimy and deceitful Indiana Jones villain will stop at nothing to achieve his aims in Indiana Jones And The Emperor’s Tomb. He summons a formidable dragon to attack Indiana, to ensure that the archaeologist is unable to prevent his plans to dominate China. Kai’s fate sees him dragged to the underworld by the spirits of ancient China, who mistake Kai for their cruel emperor Qin Shi Huang.

9 Irina Spalko Is A Strong Indiana Jones Enemy

Indiana Jones And The Crystal Skull has a somewhat unfavorable reputation among Indiana Jones fans, but one of the best things about Crystal Skull is its villain. Irina Spalko is an intimidating presence, working as a KGB agent during the Cold War. She provides a considerable challenge for Indiana Jones during his search for the mythical crystal skull.

Her fencing training makes her an incredibly strong enemy for Indiana. Irina captures the archaeologist in the hope that he will help her find the crystal skull. She believed it would give her the “power and knowledge of the universe.” Despite succeeding in obtaining the crystal skull, she ends up brutally disintegrated by the skull’s hidden extraterrestrial powers.

8 ​Marduk Is One Of Indiana’s Strangest Adversaries

Marduk emerges in front of Indiana Jones in Indiana Jones And The Infernal Machine.


10 Indiana Jones Novels That Would Have Made Great Films

Indiana Jones is not only a classic film franchise, but it has a huge catalog of novels. Here are some of the Indy novels that would make great movies

First Appearance

Indiana Jones And The Infernal Machine

Portrayed By


Indiana Jones has always had an interesting relationship with the supernatural, and Indiana Jones And The Infernal Machine introduces him to one of his strangest encounters. He meets Marduk, an ethereal being from the Aetherium Dimension. His otherworldly nature sees Marduk worshipped as a God by the Babylonians.

Marduk planned to conquer the Earth and manipulated King Nebuchadnezzar to help create a gateway between the planet and the Aetherium Dimension. The Indiana Jones baddie is immensely overpowered, capable of throwing deadly blasts of purple energy. His plans were foiled by Indiana Jones through the archaeologist charging his whip with the aether energy and destroying Marduk’s aethereal form.

7 Mola Ram Is The Thuggee’s Brutal Leader

Mola Ram holds a heart in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.

First Appearance

Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom

Portrayed By

Amrish Puri

Even though Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom may be a divisive movie, there is still plenty to enjoy in the feature. A case in point is the antagonist, Mola Ram. Mola Ram is the Thuggee cult’s brutal leader. He believed that collecting all five stones would allow him to assert dominance over his British persecutors, through the Goddess Kali Ma.

Even without the stones, Mola is one of Indiana Jones’ toughest enemies. He killed a buffalo with his bare hands and poisoned Pankot’s powerful ruler, Maharaja Premjit Singh. Mola’s downfall follows his battle with Indiana on a perilous rope bridge, which concludes with Mola losing his balance and being eaten alive by the crocodiles in the river below.

6 General Masashi Kyojo Is A Formidable Opponent

General Mashashi Kyojo threatens to make all of Asia bow down to him in Indiana Jones: Thunder In The Orient.

First Appearance

Indiana Jones: Thunder In The Orient

Portrayed By


World armies have often come into conflict with Indiana Jones, and one of his most fearsome adversaries can be found in the comic “Thunder In The Orient.” General Masashi Kyojo is the formidable commanding officer for the Japanese Imperial Army. Indiana Jones comes to blows with the General while searching for the Covenant of Buddha.

Determined to claim the priceless artifact before Indiana, Kyojo believed he could use the Covenant of Buddha to further his army’s aims to conquer Asia. His war-mongering nature results in him mercilessly airbombing a Chinese town. General Kyojo’s quest came to an end when he was knocked unconscious by Indiana Jones in the temple where the Covenant of Buddha was said to reside.

5 George McHale’s Betrayal Is Shocking

George McHale meets Indiana Jones again in Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull.

First Appearance

Indiana Jones And The Crystal Skull

Portrayed By

Ray Winstone

Once a friend of Indiana Jones, George McHale’s betrayal troubles the famous archaeologist. He is first introduced in one of the most controversial franchise sequels, Indiana Jones And The Crystal Skull. The pair initially worked together during the Second World War, before the Soviet Union blackmailed him with his gambling debts to work as a double agent during the Cold War.

George assists Irina Spalko in locating the crystal skull during Indiana Jones And The Crystal Skull. He informs Irina of Indiana and Mutt’s whereabouts after successfully finding the Crystal Skull, which results in their capture. George perishes after falling through the alien spaceship’s portal after the Crystal Skull is returned to its extra-terrestrial owners.


3 Kong Tien Is One Of Indiana Jones’ Deadliest Antagonists

Kong Tien emerges in her temple in Indiana Jones And The Emperor's Tomb.


10 Best Indiana Jones Comics, Ranked

Drawing inspiration from the iconic films, several comics detail Indiana Jones’ daring escapades through history and his many surprising crossovers.

First Appearance

Indiana Jones And The Emperor’s Tomb

Portrayed By


Introduced in Indiana Jones And The Emperor’s Tomb, Kong Tien is easily one of Indiana Jones’ deadliest antagonists. He is a rather foreboding Chinese demon, who is summoned by the ruthless Black Dragon Triad. Indiana Jones And The Emperor’s Tomb showcases exactly why Kong Tien is a being one would be wise to avoid.

Kong Tien is summoned by Kai Ti Chang while trying to give his assistant Mei Ying as a ritual sacrifice to the maleficent demon. Kai’s unwise decision leads to Kong opting to possess Mei and transform the tomb into the Netherworld. The Chinese demon was bravely vanquished by Indiana Jones, through the archaeologist demolishing the three dragon orbs and banishing Kong back to hell.


1 Chen Is A Cold And Calculating Individual

Chen looks apprehensive in Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom.

First Appearance

Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom

Portrayed By

Chua Kah Joo

Even though his appearance in Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom is brief, Chen still leaves a lasting impression. He features during Temple Of Doom’s thrilling opening scene, which sees Indiana and Wu Han visit the Club Obi-Wan. Operating as part of the Chinese crime gang that tries to take down Indiana Jones, Chen is an extremely cold and calculating individual.

Among Chen’s most evil deeds is his attempt to poison Indiana Jones, spiking his drink in the club. Later in Temple Of Doom, Chen makes the dastardly choice to shoot Wu Han, ending the life of Indiana’s faithful friend. However, the archaeologist has the last laugh, stabbing Chen in the chest with a tray of pigeon flambe.

Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark Poster-1

Indiana Jones

Indiana Jones is an American media franchise consisting of five films and a prequel television series, along with games, comics, and tie-in novels, that depicts the adventures of Dr. Henry Walton “Indiana” Jones, Jr. (portrayed in all films by Harrison Ford), a fictional professor of archeology.

Created by
George Lucas

First Episode Air Date
March 4, 1992

Harrison Ford , Karen Allen , Paul Freeman , John Rhys-Davies , Ke Huy Quan , Alfred Molina

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