The Best Eren Yeager Quotes, Ranked

As Attack on Titan concludes, contemplation arises over the impactful quotes that have defined the series. Eren’s transformation from a typical hero to a complex protagonist, and possibly antagonist, marks him as one of the anime’s finely crafted characters. Fans resonate with Eren’s unwavering determination and the series’ exploration of profound themes such as freedom and sacrifice. These quotes linger in the hearts of fans, contributing to the enduring impact of the series.

Attack On Titan

Attack On Titan

Release Date
September 28, 2013

Marina Inoue, Hiro Shimono, Takehito Koyasu

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10 “Fight. Fight. Fight. Fight!!!” (S4, EP 9)

Eren's determination in Attack on Titan

Eren’s recurrent and renowned line is echoed persistently in the series, as it encapsulates his unwavering resolve to fight. While being locked in the prison, he stares into his reflection and repeats these words like a mantra. Undeterred by potential mockery from Hange, who might scorn the overt manifestation of his mindset.

Nevertheless, it is this particular line of Eren’s that immediately links with Attack on Titan’s central character in the minds of most. The repetition of this mantra underlines Eren’s relenting spirit, emphasizing his readiness to face any challenge. It becomes symbolic of his enduring role as the series’ protagonist.

9 “If someone is willing to take my freedom, I won’t hesitate to take theirs.” (S4, EP 20)

Eren's speech for freedom in Attack on Titan

Eren’s character has always been defined by defiance, fearlessly confronting injustice. Over time, he developed a stark, black-and-white perspective towards his adversaries. Zeke guides Eren through the memories, which take a dark turn. While exploring one of Grisha’s memories, Eren makes it clear to Zeke that he won’t let anyone take his freedom away.

Having weathered numerous trials, Eren’s commitment to defending his freedom transcends alliances; whether friend or foe, anyone threatening his liberty becomes a target. His paramount objective now centers on self-preservation, leading him to perceive those who infringe upon his freedom as adversaries to be confronted.

8 “We’re born free. All of us. Free.” (S1, EP 1)

Eren says we are born free in Attack on Titan

In a scene, a frustrated Eren metaphorically compares townfolk to cattle, asserting that life within the confinement of walls lacks true essence. He cries out to his friends that no one can take away their freedom. His unyielding belief in freedom endures amidst unrelenting threats, whether Titans or later-discovered foes.

Despite facing formidable challenges, Eren remains resolute in his conviction that inherent freedom is everyone’s birthright, something he craves more than anything. While this quote originates from the first season, its enduring truth persists, even until Eren’s dramatic transformation and the start of Rumbling.

7 “I don’t have time to worry if it’s right or wrong, you can’t have hope for a horror story with a happy ending!” (S1, EP 24)

Eren Wanting a Happy Ending in Attack on Titan

Throughout the entire series, Eren has to suffer from numerous moral quandaries yet he sets out to achieve results. When Annie’s true identity as a Female Titan is revealed, the Survey Corps engages in a massive battle against this newfound threat. Eren has to take down Annie to save everyone else, but he is torn.

Regardless of the shock of discovering a friend among the Titans, Eren grapples with sacrificing their own to survive. Every decision holds the weight of potential casualties. Still, Eren maintains his belief that giving in to fear is pointless, deeming a life consumed by such fear unworthy.

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6 “I’ll wrap it around you again. As many times as you want. Now and forever. That’s a promise.” (S2, EP 12)

Eren Fights in Attack on Titan

Having witnessed numerous tragedies, Eren reaches a breaking point, succumbing to hysteria as he mourns those he couldn’t save. In this vulnerable moment, Mikasa provides solace, expressing gratitude to Eren for imparting the wisdom of finding happiness in life. She acknowledges the significance of the scarf he gave her, a constant reminder of their shared history.

In response, Eren makes an enduring promise to Mikasa, assuring her that he’ll always be there to wrap his scarf around her. These heart-touching exchanges between Mikasa and Eren within Attack on Titan are rare glimpses into their softer sides, underscoring the depth of their shared life.

5 “You have the freedom to defend the world’s freedom and I have the freedom to continue moving forward.” (S4, EP 29)

Eren Fights Against Enemies in Attack on Titan

Determined to eliminate other nations to safeguard Paradis from future attacks, Eren emerges as the most formidable killer in the series. The Survey Corps is summoned by Eren, and he lets them know of his plans to not stop until all the enemies are dead. They try to persuade Eren to cease his rampage, but their efforts prove futile, as he insists on not stopping until defeated.

Fans were left astonished by the poignant and heart-wrenching battle between characters who were once inseparable, highlighting Eren’s undying resolve, which refuses to allow any deviation from the grim course of events.

4 “You were ignorant children. And all of that was beaten into you by ignorant adults. What could you have done to fight back against that?” (S4, EP 5)

Eren Reminiscing his childhood in Attack on Titan

Marley adeptly uses propaganda to manipulate its citizens into viewing Eldians as the embodiment of evil. Residing secretly underground Marley, Eren confronts a shocked Reiner, who is guilty of all the destruction he caused. In contrast, Eren acknowledges the insidious impact of such manipulation and communicates this realization to Reiner, seemingly offering absolution of his sins.

Yet, it swiftly becomes evident that the situation is far more complex than it initially appears. Eren’s revelation underscores the pervasive nature of propaganda influence, revealing the deception of those with even noble hearts.

3 “Keep moving forward. Even if you die. Even after you die. After all, this whole ugly story started with you.” (S4, EP 20)

Eren Talks About Moving Forward in Attack on Titan

As Eren and Zeke take a walk down memory lane to figure out the fate of the future, it is disclosed that Eren manipulated Grisha, his father, into eliminating the royal family by forcing him to not stop. This illustrates the extreme lengths Eren went to achieve his objectives. What proved especially unsettling was how he condescended to Grisha.

Eren hauntingly recalled the brutal fate of Grisha’s sister, fed to the dogs, while underscoring the numerous sacrifices made by friends and family on their journey. His relentless psychological pressure wore Grisha down, triggering a state of furious rage that led to the indiscriminate killing of innocents, devoid of any remorse or concern for the consequences.

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2 “I want to see and understand the outside world. I don’t want to die inside these walls without knowing what’s out there.” (S4, EP 20)

Eren wants to go to the outside world in Attack on Titan

Thinking about his younger self, Eren tells Zeke about his curiosity about how he wanted to know what lies beyond the walls. He and Armin share a profound fascination with the world lying beyond these barriers, fueling their unwavering commitment to fight until their last breath.

Eren’s resolute determination propels humanity to resist and ultimately overcome the looming Titan menace. This highlights the enduring spirit that moves them forward, a testament to the human resolve to explore the mysteries beyond the confines of walls that constrained them for years.

1 “So if we kill the enemy, on waiting for us on the other side, we will finally be free?” (S3, EP 22)

Eren asks a question in Attack on Titan

Over an extended period, Armin grapples with comprehending Eren’s motivation and the darker trajectory he has taken. Clarity dawns when Armin recollects a specific statement from Eren. Recalling the time they enjoyed the ocean for the first time, Eren uttered these words while pointing at the opposite side of the sea.

It unveils the profound complexity of Eren’s motivations, prompting Armin to question whether, beneath the apparent darkness, Eren’s struggle is intricately tied to the well-being of his friends. The revelation introduces a nuanced dimension to Eren’s actions that extend beyond a straightforward narrative of conflict and power.

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