The Best Devils In DnD And How To Use Them Properly

Dungeons & Dragons has hundreds of unique and powerful monsters for Dungeon Masters to challenge their players with throughout their adventures. Though D&D has plenty of monstrosities, undead, and beasts, its devils are some of its most exciting foes. These fiends are generally lawful evil, hellbent on conquering and dominating other creatures and even their own kind.

D&D’s devils come in many different and specialized forms thanks to their lawful and hierarchical nature. Each of these forms serves a different purpose in the armies of the Nine Hells, and players will likely encounter them in different stages of their journey. Devils can also be found in the service of powerful magicians, either because their masters have sent them or because powerful rituals summoned them No matter what role a devil serves in a D&D campaign, DMs should be sure they fully use the creatures’ wide range of abilities.

Updated on August 11th, 2023, by Louis Kemner: DnD devils come in all shapes and sizes, all of them deadly and wicked in any campaign. 5e devils range from low-CR pests to titanic boss battles from the Abyss’ flaming depths to challenge the party like no other monster can. Now, let’s check out five more 5e devils that will show any party what the true face of evil looks like.

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20 Narzugon

Challenge Rating: 13

Narzugon devil aback a fiery steed

Some DnD monsters represent good people twisted by corruption and evil, such as death knights. Narzugons are roughly similar, being paladins who struck deals with devils and became even stronger in the afterlife. Narzugons are devils sworn to serve even stronger masters across the Abyss, riding flaming nightmares as their steeds.

Gameplay-wise, narzugons combine typical traits of devils with attacks and abilities one might expect from paladins. It can use Terrifying Command to frighten enemies with sheer charisma, or heal itself or an ally for up to 100 hit points. Narzugons also hit hard with their flaming lances and can turn their victims into lemure monsters.

19 Bael

Challenge Rating: 19

a bael monster in dungeons and dragons

In DnD lore, Bael is one of the most successful and respected battlefield commanders in the entire Abyss. He serves a great demon lord named Mammon, who trusts Bael to lead his forces to victory time and again. Many other demon leaders end up losing their power to envious rivals or betrayals, but not a genius like Bael.

As expected, Bael is one of the strongest and scariest DnD 5e devils the party can face in a game. He can cast an astonishing variety of spells, teleport, hit hard with his morningstar, and much more. This 5e devil’s legendary actions include not just attacking and teleporting, but also casting Charm Person or rallying his allies to resist charm and frighten effects.

18 Hutijin

Challenge Rating: 21

a hutijin monster in dungeons and dragons

Hutijin is a legendary monster and one of the strongest DnD devils that players will ever encounter in the game, either in the Abyss or elsewhere. Hutijin ranks among the most elite demons of all, a duke of Cania who loyally serves Mephistopheles. Hutinijn commands two companies of pit fiends, too, allowing him to demolish any rival with ease. Hutijin might have the strength necessary to overthrow his master, but so far, he has chosen not to.

In the game, Hutijin is a true boss battle monster, one who might be the endgame boss of a campaign. Aside from his powerful innate spellcasting, Hutijin can deal heavy damage with melee attacks, teleport, regenerate hit points, and frighten his enemies just by speaking aloud with his Fearful Voice reaction.

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17 Moloch

Challenge Rating: 21

moloch the devil in dungeons and dragons

Moloch is one of several legendary 5e devils who could make an excellent end-of-campaign boss for a high-level party of heroes. Story-wise, Moloch is almost pitiable, having lost it all more than once because his scheming got the better of him. He was once an archfiend, but was convinced to turn on Asmodeus, which cost him dearly.

In a DnD campaign, Moloch’s selfish desperation for lost power can drive the entire story, and the party might fight him to deny him a chance to become Abyss royalty once again. It won’t be easy to topple this 5e fiend, however, since he has overwhelming stats and abilities, ranging from regeneration and teleporting to his whip attack and innate spellcasting.

16 Geryon

Challenge Rating: 22

geryon the devil lord in dnd

Geryon’s lore describes him as feuding endlessly with a rival archdevil names Levistus for control of an icy realm called Stygia, with Geryon commanding minotaurs and ice devils whom he somehow stole from the mighty Baphomet. Geryon endlessly schemes to control this frigid region forever, but Levistus won’t make it easy for him.

Geryon is a formidable challenge as a true boss battle monster in any campaign, being one of the very strongest DnD devils aside from the likes of Yeenoghu, Orcus, and Demogorgon. His claw attacks can grapple large or smaller creatures on a hit, not letting his enemies squirm away too easily to recover. Geryon’s scorpion-like stinger deals piercing and poison damage over time, reducing the target’s max HP. That effect might prove lethal unless the victim can escape and get some much-needed rest.

15 Pit Fiend

Challenge Rating: 20

A DnD pit fiend swinging a mighty mace in battle.

Pit fiends are among the most powerful devils in the D&D multiverse, coming in just below the archdevils in the fiendish hierarchy. Pit fiends rule over other devils with an iron fist and could easily serve as the final boss of a campaign. The pit fiend has several powerful abilities at its disposal, but a unique and powerful combination is its Fear Aura and its ability to cast Wall of Fire innately.

The Aura of Fear has the potential to inflict the frightened condition on anyone within 20 feet of the fiend, imposing disadvantage on their attacks. Wall of Fire can be used to create a 20-foot radius circle that deals fire damage to anyone inside. Trapping the adventurers inside a burning ring of fire and frightening them in submission is just one of the many powerful ploys a pit fiend can make in combat.

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14 Lemure

Challenge Rating: 0

A Lemure Devil from DnD looking threatening.

Lemures are the lowest rung on the fiendish ladder. Little more than blobs of devilish flesh, these creatures are formed when a mortal soul is banished to the Nine Hells. Their low challenge rating means they can be thrown en masse at even low-level D&D groups, but they have just enough going for them that they aren’t completely useless.

Lemures are immune to poison and fire damage, plus the charmed, frightened, and poisoned conditions, and are resistant to cold damage. These D&D devils are likely to be the first a party encounters to have any kind of damage resistance and almost certainly the first with an immunity, so using them is a great way for Dungeon Masters to get their players thinking on their feet when it comes to switching up damage types.

13 Ice Devil

Challenge Rating: 14

A buglike ice devil from DnD holding a spear.

While all devils possess some level of intelligence, ice devils are renowned tacticians and commanders. Also known as gelugons, these creatures are focused on collecting as many souls for their masters as they can in search of a promotion. Despite their reputation, ice devils don’t have any statistical features that suggest they are great leaders.

This can be used as a clue to the DM that ice devils are not actually concerned with effectively leading their troops, potentially opening up some weaknesses for a D&D party to exploit should they find themselves engaged in a long-term battle against these frosty D&D devils.

12 Barbed Devil

Challenge Rating: 5

A barbed devil monster in DnD in front of a red background.

In Dungeons & Dragons lore, barbed devils often have a guard dog role in the Abyss, loyally standing watch to protect their masters’ treasure and other valuables. Barbed devils still relish any opportunity for combat, though, especially if someone can offer them a reward for winning.

In D&D, barbed devils are much tougher than their CR: 5 status would suggest. Barbed devils have a lot of HP and resistance to non-magical, non-silvered weapons and are immune to fire and poison. In return, they deal relatively little damage, so their best strategy is to outlast the players in a grinding fight.

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11 Merregon

Challenge Rating: 4

A merregon from DnD, a soldier armored in golden plates with a mask.

Merregon are faceless footsoldiers of the Nine Hells, fiercely dedicated to protecting their masters from harm. These creatures have powerful weapon attacks and the devil’s signature Magic Resistance trait. Their most powerful ability is Loyal Bodyguard, which allows a Merregon to protect nearby allies from harm.

A merregon is perfectly situated to be the first creature a D&D party comes across that has resistance to nonmagical attacks, potentially presenting quite a challenge. A merregon could easily serve to protect a powerful spellcaster or cultist, putting its Loyal Bodyguard trait to good use.

10 Abishai

Challenge Rating: 6-19

A red DnD abishai, a dragon-like devil in front of a white background.

Though they are devils, the abishai exist somewhat outside the traditional hierarchy found in the Nine Hells. These creatures serve the dragon god Tiamat, and there is one abishai form for each color of the chromatic dragon. These range widely in challenge rating, from the lowly white abishai at CR: 6 to the mighty red abishai at CR: 19.

Different abishai serve different roles and are at their best when playing to their strengths. Black abishai make great assassins, while green abishai are shrewd negotiators and deceivers. Blue and red abishai are powerful spellcasters, with the red variant even able to charm dragons.

9 Orthon

Challenge Rating: 10

A DnD orthon, a devil with large horns in front of a black background.

When archdevils need someone brought in, dead or alive, they summon an orthon. These hulking creatures are armed with a signature crossbow capable of firing a number of magical bolts, including a dazzlingly bright bolt that can blind the target, a concussive thunderbolt, and a bolt that can allow the orthon to track the target across planes of existence.

Players who find themselves on the wrong end of an orthon’s bolt will probably know exactly why. It could be fun to introduce this creature early on in a D&D game, long before the party is equipped to fight it head-on. This could lead to a whole campaign where the party is on the run from the orthon until they have the resources to finally confront it.

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8 Erinyes

Challenge Rating: 12

A horned erinyes devil from DnD holding a whip in front of a white background.

Erinyes are powerful female warriors, like the furies of ancient Greek mythology they are named after. They are heavily armed and often hunt down those who have broken their oaths with archdevils or Admodeus, the god of devils himself.

Erinyes wield magical weapons that inflict deadly poison with each attack. Their arrows are particularly deadly, incurring the poisoned condition in a way that can only be removed by the Lesser Restoration spell. An erinyes can also be armed with a Rope of Entanglement, the perfect tool to lock down one foe while a horde of weaker 5e devils descends on their allies.

7 Imp

Challenge Rating: 1

DnD 5e Warlock writing with a quill as the imp familiar looks on

Though they are not the most powerful devils in the multiverse, imps have some extremely useful abilities that make them prized assets for D&D‘s spellcasters, be they player characters or NPCs. A player can get an imp by playing a warlock, but NPC spellcasters with imp familiars get some extra abilities.

Perhaps the best trait of having an imp familiar is that it shares its Magic Resistance trait, granting the spellcaster advantage on all saving throws against spells. These petite 5e devils can also turn invisible and transform into rats, ravens, or spiders, making them exceptional scouts and spies.

6 Bearded Devil

Challenge Rating: 3

Bearded Devil in DnD looking menacing in front of a red background.

Bearded devils are shock troops who won’t miss any chance to dive right into battle and start carving up their enemies with their signature weapons, their saw-toothed glaives. Bearded devils are among the most soldier-like devils and are lawful evil for that very reason.

Bearded devils may be one of the weaker devils in-game. However, they should still be taken seriously with their ability to make a wounded player take bleed damage after the initial hit until a Medicine check is made to close the wound. Bearded devils can also poison a target with their beard attack and prevent healing.

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5 Bone Devil

Challenge Rating: 9

A huge white bone devil from DnD looking scary in front of a white background.

The tall and gaunt bone devils, or osyluths, serve as the taskmasters of the Nine Hells, setting other devils to work with harsh efficiency. Bone devils are a low enough challenge rating that they could be useful as a powerful summoned creature early on in a D&D campaign.

In a higher-level campaign, a bone devil makes a great bodyguard for a devilish caster, especially when armed with their optional hooked polearm. This powerful weapon deals a ton of damage and can grapple creatures at range, potentially locking them in place and keeping them from attacking the devil’s master.

4 Chain Devil

Challenge Rating: 8

A chain devil from DnD using its chain weapon in front of a white background.

As their name suggests, chain devils are covered in razor-sharp chains, which they can use to attack and restrain their enemies. However, their infernal powers do not stop there. Chain devils can animate up to four other chains around them, causing them to sprout sharp barbs and attack the devil’s enemies.

Between its natural chain attacks and its animated chain allies, a chain devil can easily restrain and tear apart an entire D&D party. Their final ability is even more chilling, as the chain devil can create an illusion that resembles its enemies’ departed loved ones. This effect frightens the target, reducing their ability to fight back against this powerful devil.

3 Horned Devil

Challenge Rating: 11

A horned devil monster in DnD in front of a white background.

Dungeons & Dragons lore describes horned devils as being lazy and oddly insecure, hating any being stronger than themselves. Still, horned devils will loyally fight as the basic flying troops of any demonic army, and they enjoy a serious aerial advantage over most foes.

In the game, horned devils are fairly straightforward but still quite dangerous for parties levels 6-10 or so. Horned devils can hit hard with their hurl flame attack, and their tail strike will cause bleed damage. These mighty D&D 5e devils also have magical resistance, giving them the edge against casters who like to force-saving throws.

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2 Amnizu

Challenge Rating: 18

An amnizu monster in DnD grinning in front of a red background.

Amnizu can be described as middle management demons in the Abyss since they faithfully serve under archdukes while commanding lesser demons and fiends in the infernal hierarchy. As true devils, Amnizu are known to bully and torment other fiends, and they have highly intelligent minds as well.

Amnizu are tough foes to face in the game, having just over 200 hit points and a variety of effective spells. Fireball is just the start; an amnizu can also disrupt the party and wreck their strategies with non-lethal but effective spells like feeblemind, charm person, and command. An amnizu can even use an ability to stun their target.

1 Spined Devil

Challenge Rating: 2

A spined devil monster in DnD crouching in front of a red background.

Spined devils rank among the smallest and weakest devils in the entire Abyss, though they are still useful and are regularly sent into battle. Most often, spined devils serve as quick and reliable messengers for larger clients, and in a fight, spined devils will attack in large groups to overwhelm the enemy.

In the D&D, spined devils are good entry-level opponents to get the party used to facing devils. They are tougher than many low CR enemies thanks to their damage resistances and magical resistance, though they don’t hit that hard and can be taken down with focused fire.

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