The Bachelor Season 28 Release Date: Joey Will Be Left Alone at The Final Rose Ceremony

Joey is the new bachelor but like the regular one, not the golden one. Our first look at the upcoming season has arrived, so let’s break this preview, talk about its Release Date, and take a look at what to expect next month, including an early front-runner that might be in the final two and also a look at the final filming location.

We have learned the most important things from this first-look preview. We got a general timeline for the season, including an approximate final filming location, and also a look into someone who’s definitely an early front-runner, likely in the final four and possibly even in the final two.

Release Date

The Bachelor Season 2 will be released on 22 January 2024 on ABC. So the fun begins in just another month. Something seems to happen in this Season that Joey thinks might never have happened before. Though honestly, at this point, I’ll believe it when I see it. I mean, I know it’s fun to jump to things like “ohh, maybe no one shows up”, or “ohh she refuses an engagement”, but also, it could be nothing.

Preview Breakdown

So right off the bat, we’ve got some great shots of Joey in the water with who I think could be Kelsey A or Chrissa. Sure, it could be from a one-on-one at any time, but with it being in a lush, exotic location, something commonly done for fantasy suites and the final filming location. For all we know, they could be giving us a look at a final three contestant right off the bat. We’ll see shots of Joey in a similar location for the final rose ceremony near the end of the preview.

The Bachelor Season 28 Release Date
Joey and Rachel (Credits: ABC)

Then we have Joey with Rachel, who looks to be at a minimum during the midpoint of the season as they travel outside of the US before their hometown. Then we have a shot with a blonde woman who I believe is in Canada. There are a few clues that led me to that conclusion as we go along,

We get a clip of some kind of group date cult chant, and if we take a look at it, we can see the flags of Spain and Portugal. This tickled something in my brain as if we go back to a before shot, connecting that they probably go to Spain, I was able to Google and find out that this was Rhonda Spain. And Speaking of more travel to Europe, this shot where Joey is in a gladiator Esque outfit, is located in Malta.

So already we’re getting a bit of a timeline going for the season, the bachelor mansion to maybe Canada and then Alberta, then Europe including Malta, the hometowns, and then finally the water location that we saw at the start.

There will likely be more locations, and who knows the order. Perhaps Canada comes after Spain, but getting a location timeline will really help us out in our sleuthing. Ohh, and of course, at some point, Jen here is getting a one-on-one as well.

The Canada Trip

Then we’re on a one-on-one with Kelsey T, and I’m wondering if this time we’re in a different Canadian locale, Montreal. As I recognized the city here and the Jacques Cartier Bridge. Plus this shot with a blonde woman just like this one before, has a moment in a hockey rink. Could be a stretch to connect these two as places other than Canada have hockey rinks, but we’re definitely going to Canada at least once, possibly twice.

Alright, so then we see Maria, an old Canadian girl from Kleinburg. And keeping with the Canadian theme, these two are having a date at Niagara Falls. It makes sense if the flight path for Joey season is Bachelor Mansion, Alberta, Quebec area, then over to Spain.

The Bachelor Season 28
Eight women in Spain (Credits: ABC)

Though in Spain, we can see eight women here, presumably on a group date, which would mean there are also two women back at the hotel set to have the one-on-ones for that week. And that math adds up to a very common number for the midpoint of the season, a top ten.

So perhaps there’s more Europe, or perhaps Canada is the pre-hometown location, which is important to note as if we see Canada later in the season, that ups the chances for women like Maria and Kelsey T.

Speaking of important distinctions when it comes to locations, we got a shot that sure looks like a cenote to me. Now, this would imply that the final filming location is somewhere in Mexico.

Daisy Is The Front Runner For Joey?

All right, so then we see Lexie and a woman, who I think might be the blonde showing up everywhere in this preview, Daisy. Now, could Daisy be an early front-runner? Well, it certainly seems so, considering here both she and Joey express that they’re falling in love with each other.

This is typically something you say at hometowns. And as far as I’m concerned, this moment being a hometown, fits the bill perfectly. They always do this exact sit down at a bench before leaving the shot where the contestant almost always tells the lead they’re falling in love and ready to move on to a fantasy suite. I mean, I’ve seen it time and time again, but also I did some digging.

Now we have a shot of them that looks cold and snowy. But Daisy is listed as being from San Diego, which I know Snow does exist in San Diego, and also, this looks like fake snow, but hear me out. I stumbled upon this GoFundMe for Daisy, as apparently, they found out Daisy had late-stage Lyme disease that resulted in her losing partial hearing in both ears. The person who started the campaign seems to be her sister Adeline from Becker, Minnesota.

The Bachelor Season 28
Daisy and Joey (Credits: ABC)

Now we know that where they’re from, as listed on the contestant bios, is rarely where their actual family and childhood homes were. So could this be a hometown in Minnesota? There’s also an article about Daisy and her experience that lists her as graduating from San Diego State University, so that would explain San Diego being listed as where she’s from. I’m confident we’ll be seeing Daisy at minimum in the final four.

Jessica vs Maria

Then we see shots of Sausage dates and lots of drama, and Jessica seems to be beefing with Maria. But if Maria is going on one-on-one dates in Canada before hometowns, I’d wager that Jessica is the one to lose out in this feud.

Also, check out how many women are on this group date, lots. So Spain is definitely not happening before hometowns. Further evidence suggests that Canada is farther along in the season than one might typically think.

The Final Three Elimination

Now I want to point out two things. The 1st is, do I see a traditional two-on-one coming our way? I mean with this shot of Joey and the two women at a table in the background, it for sure is. And two, we see a shot that looks like a final-three elimination. Note that it’s going to be a woman with dark hair. The location matches with Mexico, and Joey’s outfit here is not his final rose ceremony one.

Also, the audio here is with Joey talking about Joey giving everything and it not being reciprocated, implying Joey’s the one being dumped, but that could just be editing

Anyway, another thing to note is if this woman with dark hair is eliminated at the final three and Daisy gets through this hometown, that would then mean Daisy would have to be one of the final two women. So not a lock, but Daisy is for sure an early front-runner.

The Bachelor Season 28
Joey at the Final Three (Credits: ABC)

Something Different This Season

The drama continues towards the end of the trailer, where we see Joey talking to women about being “This Is It then?”. But we can’t know the context here or exactly when this happens in the season.

Could be Quebec, or could even be a hometown. Heck, we don’t even know if she actually says, “I think it is” right here. They could easily tack on someone whispering, “I think it is” and then add a subtitle, and boom, we’ve got a nice fake edit.

Like always, Jesse Palmer says that “something different is going to happen in this season”. I mean, unless Joey gets engaged to both his final two, I’m just going to assume you’re lying through your teeth.

Also, take a look at the next section, where we see Joey looking at a car taking someone home. They’ve teed this up right after the woman who says, “I think it is,” when Joey asks, “If this is it”. But check out what Joey’s wearing in the car versus what he’s wearing in the before location. We can clearly see that there are two different moments. So a lot of editing shenanigans happening right here.

But what I will say is that Joey’s outfit at the final rose ceremony differs from the one in the final three shots. That’s why I believe this to be potentially from the final three rose ceremony.

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