The 11 Most Disliked Characters From The Office

NBC’s hit series The Office developed an incredibly loyal fanbase that continues to stream the show years after the series finale. This is largely due to the cast of relatable and loveable characters who made the fictional Dunder Mifflin paper company in Scranton, Pennsylvania feel like a home away from home.

That said, not every character who made their way through The Office was beloved and some were downright hated by both fans and other characters on the show. Overall, it’s not hard to see why this group became some of the most hated characters on television, whether it was because of their questionable actions or irritating personalities.

Updated on December 19th, 2023 by Fawzia Khan: The Office was considered the peak of television comedy during its nine-season run, and it continues to be rewatched and revered even today. The appeal of the show came from realistic characters, who could often be annoying and unlikable, as one would find in a real workplace. This list has been updated stylistically and with extra information about the most disliked characters in The Office.


10 Actors Who Nailed Their Roles In The Office

Of all the talented actors who appeared in The Office, some stood out for nailing their roles in the hit mockumentary sitcom.

11 Nellie Bertram Treated Andy Unfairly

Nellie Bertram sitting at her desk and talking in The Office

Role at Dunder Mifflin

Special Projects Manager

Nellie Bertram made a few appearances in Seasons 7 and 8 before she became a Dunder Mifflin regular, but this didn’t exactly endear her to fans. She interviewed for the Regional Manager position following Michael’s departure and later returned when half the staff was sent to Florida to open the ill-fated Sabre electronics store.

Nellie eventually left for Dunder Mifflin Scranton and stole Andy’s job as Regional Manager while he was trying to reconcile with Erin. This left audiences frustrated and made it difficult for some viewers to sympathize with her when Andy became more antagonistic towards her. While some Dunder Mifflin employees warmed up to her by the end of the series – most notably Pam – Nellie remains a sore spot in The Office‘s history.

10 Clark Green’s Early Actions Were Shady

Clark Green looking bored on The Office

Role at Dunder Mifflin

Junior Salesman

The Office began to add a few new faces in later seasons (as it became better) as characters moved on from Dunder Mifflin. Season 9 brought in Clark Green, an office worker who hoped to become a salesperson. This ambition (and the fact he looks like a younger Dwight) led him to form a bond with Dwight Schrute.

However, Clark was also problematic and attempted to manipulate Erin into coming to his house to film an audition for a news program while he actually planned to seduce her. Clark was never really accepted by fans and his early actions made it hard to appreciate the character’s small growth over the final season.

9 Todd Packer Was The Most Obnoxious

Todd Packer standing in Michael's office in a suit on The Office

Role at Dunder Mifflin

Traveling Salesman


10 Ways The Office Aged Poorly

From Jim and Pam’s toxic relationship to Jan’s abuse of Michael Scott, The Office doesn’t always hold up today.

Todd Packer was one of Michael Scott’s closest friends and one of two traveling salesmen who worked for the Dunder Mifflin Scranton Branch. Packer appeared periodically and was written so that fans would hate him, a feeling almost everyone at Dunder Mifflin shared.

Packer was fond of practical jokes that were in poor taste, off-color humor, and inappropriate antics that got worse with almost every appearance. When he finally returned with a pledge that he was attempting to make amends for his past behavior, he offered drug-laced cupcakes to the staff. They were dosed with laxatives and hallucinogens, a move that definitely didn’t earn him many fans or friends.

8 Jan Levinson Was Insensitive And Selfish

Role at Dunder Mifflin

Vice President of Northeastern Sales

Michael Scott dated a few different women on The Office, but his worst relationship was with Jan Levinson. Not only was she domineering and controlling, but also was only with Michael to help her deal with some of her own problems at the advice of her therapist. She also pressured Michael financially to the point that he had to secretly get a second job.

Every time Jan returned, fans found new reasons to dislike her. Whether it was her odd relationship with her daughter Astrid and inappropriate love of younger men like Clark Green or her former assistant Hunter, Jan stands out as a detestable figure.

7 Robert California Was Incredibly Unprofessional

Robert California on The Office

Role at Dunder Mifflin


Robert California was a savvy, but eccentric businessman who interviewed for the regional manager position after Michael left. Although he won it over several characters, he immediately turned it down and drove down to Florida to talk his way into becoming CEO of Sabre instead.

California’s odd behavior and sex-fueled ramblings made him one of the most unusual characters on The Office. Unfortunately, these attributes fueled a widespread distaste for his out-of-place characterization, especially so late into the show’s run. Robert eventually disappeared following the collapse of Sabre, leaving to mentor young international gymnasts in his usual creepy fashion. A harsh reality of rewatching The Office is that a character like Robert California could never be written and enjoyed today.

6 Cathy Simms Almost Destroyed The Best Ship On The Office

Cathy and Jim on The Office

Role at Dunder Mifflin



10 Darkest Theories From The Office, Ranked

The Office is a beloved sitcom that’s pure comedy. Still, fans like to speculate, and there are some pretty dark theories about Dunder Mifflin.

Jim Halpert and Pam Beesly’s relationship was inarguably the heart of The Office. Fans watched them grow over the years as they fell in love, got happily married, and started a family. However, when Pam went away on maternity leave, Cathy Simms was brought in as a temp and threatened to throw a cog in the works.

Cathy and Jim were teamed up and sent to Florida to work on the new Sabre line, where she attempted on more than one occasion to seduce him. This didn’t make audiences happy, and she quickly became one of the most hated characters on The Office.

5 Gabe Lewis Irritated His Coworkers With His Pedantry

Gabe Lewis laughs uncomfortably on The Office

Role at Dunder Mifflin

Coordinating Director of Emerging Regions

When Dunder Mifflin was sold to the printer company Sabre, they welcomed a new liaison named Gabe Lewis, who quickly earned the ire of his co-workers. His strict devotion to company policy led to a number of unwelcome changes in the office, and his attitude about it made him the most annoying sitcom character in The Office.

Gabe tried to make friends in The Office, but mostly just made enemies. His romantic relationship with Erin, in particular, led to problems with Andy Bernard. Things only got worse after the relationship ended and Gabe got creepier and more possessive, which ultimately led to him leaving The Office altogether.

4 Brian Wittle’s Entry Into The Show Was Unnecessary

Brian the Sound Guy on The Office

Role at Dunder Mifflin

Boom Operator For The Documentary Crew

The premise of The Office involved a crew of documentarians following the daily lives of Dunder Mifflin employees, but it was only during the last season that the filmmakers were shown and became a part of the story. Brian was a sound guy who developed feelings for Pam, which caused him to break the rules and step in to comfort or even protect her on occasion.

Brian was revealed to have been friends with Jim and Pam off-camera, though things took a dark turn when he lost his job and marriage before trying to act on his feelings for Pam. The character seemed introduced only to cause problems in Jim and Pam’s relationship and he quickly forgotten after his few episodes on the show.

3 Deangelo Vickers’ Management Style Was Stifling

Deangelo Vickers sitting in Michael Scott's chair in The Office

Role at Dunder Mifflin

Regional Manager


The Office: 10 Characters That Could’ve Been Great Bosses

The Office went through many transitions after Michael Scott left. But from Kevin to Phyllis, the best bosses were already working at Dunder Mifflin.

The first Regional Manager to take on the role after Michael Scott was Deangelo Vickers, who briefly worked alongside the former Dunder Mifflin boss to better acclimate himself to The Office‘s working environment. However, Vickers didn’t have much time for Michael’s antics or management style and quickly began to change the atmosphere in the paper company.

Deangelo picked favorites and was a sexist who judged staff members incorrectly based on his own prejudices. His time on The Office was short-lived, and while it introduced a different element to the show, most fans were happy to see him leave.

2 Ryan Howard Was Only Michael’s Favorite

Role at Dunder Mifflin

Temp, Salesman, VP, Salesman, Temp

While most of The Office‘s main cast are loveable in their own way, there’s no denying that Ryan Howard was one of the worst employees in the series. He started as an office temp before he moved to the sales team. He got an enviable promotion to VP of Dunder Mifflin, and subsequently nearly ruined his career with a promotion to the New York office – though Michael Scott kept bringing back this favored employee.

Ryan Howard used others for his own gain and showcased a number of deplorable character traits, ultimately abandoning his infant child in the finale. Not only did he have questionable work ethics, but he also had bad personal dynamics with everyone, especially Kelly.

1 Andy Bernard Went From Lovable To Deplorable

Andy Bernard, played by Ed Helms, looking confused in a talking head in The Office

Role at Dunder Mifflin

Salesman, Regional Manager

Andy Bernard was introduced as one of the most unlikeable characters on The Office, which came to its tipping point when he punched a hole through the wall. When Andy returned from anger management several episodes later, he returned a new man. He was kinder, calmer, and made an effort to connect with his co-workers. While Andy still got on people’s nerves, the fact he tried to be better endeared him to fans and made him enough of a favorite to be the obvious pick for Regional Manager after Michael left.

Unfortunately, Nellie stealing Andy’s job reawakened all his anger, and Season 9 ran with it. Where Andy was once understanding, he was now cruel. The man who risked his job to get back together with Erin now treated her like garbage as he put his own needs first. By the end of the series, Andy was a shell of the ‘Nard-Dog he used to be. He went through so much character development only to regress at the last minute.

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