The 10 Strongest Characters in the Show

The dimension-hopping adventures that the titular Rick & Morty undertake are filled with characters who are either eerily normal or downright ludicrous. Given that many of them are Rick’s acquaintances and/or mortal enemies, they tend to be as powerful as he is, if not more.

Some of them manifest their strength through their physical forms, some are blessed with cosmic superpowers, and a few actually possess nigh-divine abilities. Ironically, Rick himself isn’t the strongest character in a story that (he believes) revolves around him, partly because he has been soundly defeated on many occasions.

Updated by Ajay Aravind on December 8, 2023: Rick and Morty‘s seventh season is currently airing, although fans of the series have found this latest installment to be lacking. Despite the absence of strong story arcs and powerful character motivations, Season 7 has somehow managed to maintain the show’s iconic charm — especially in episodes that further the canonical narrative. That said, the strongest characters in Rick and Morty haven’t changed. We’ve updated this list with some more relevant information.

10 Squanchy Can Hulk Out If Necessary

Squanchy squanching out in a corner


Transformative powers

Incredible strength


Rick and Morty Season 7 Reveals Why Rick Treats Summer Bad

Season 7 of Rick and Morty explains why Rick often bullies Summer, creating an endearing twist that ties back to a major tragedy from the past.

Squanchy, one of Rick’s oldest friends and fellow veteran of several battles against the Galactic Federation, is not as harmless as he initially seems. Although the audience’s first impression of the character is less than favorable, he eventually reveals that he’s not just some strange cat-alien who uses the word “squanch” in seemingly random contexts.

Squanchy can transform into an extremely muscular and far more terrifying version of himself when he ingests an unknown fluid stored inside a canine tooth. In this form, he is capable of taking on armed opponents with his bare hands.

9 The Wizard Is Extremely Overpowered, Even If Limited to His Magical Dimension

The Wizard tries to save himself in Rick and Morty


Remarkable magic


The Wizard appears in “Claw And Hoarder: Special Ricktim’s Morty,” more popularly known to fans as the sl**-dragon episode. He is extremely overpowered, even if his abilities only work within the boundaries of his magical realm, not to mention having a literal horde of dragons at his beck and call.

Unfortunately, The Wizard is burned alive by the very dragons he had been shaming for countless years. His final act of magic merely prolongs his suffering. That said, the Wizard could have been a potential adversary had he not been attacked by literal dragons.

8 Supernova Can Transmute Objects, Perform Telekinesis, and Cast Portals

Supernova Opens a Portal in Rick And Morty Vindicators


Portal Generation



Rick and Morty Gives Morty a New Enemy and Their Vendetta Is Justified

Rick and Morty Season 7 gives Morty a tragic nemesis who has a valid reason to come after the boy and his grandfather in “Rickfending Your Mort.”

As one of the Vindicators, a mismatched pastiche of superhero tropes, Supernova is ridiculously powerful. She is responsible for the creation of her partner, Million Ants, proving that her abilities are at least at a cosmic level.

Supernova is strong enough to capture Rick with minimal effort and is theoretically capable of killing him (and Morty). In addition, she can transmute objects, perform feats of telekinesis, spawn portals, and so on. Supernova was actually planning to kill Rick and Morty but escaped during the surprise party.

7 Rick Sanchez’s Unparalleled Genius Allows Him To Adapt to Any Situation Instantly

Rick Sanchez wearing sunglasses in Rick and Morty


Incandescent genius

Innovative inventor

Rick is under the illusion that he is the center of the universe, even though he unconsciously hates himself, a paradox that explains quite a few of his character eccentricities. His physical strength isn’t much to write home about, though his unparalleled genius allows him to modify his body to adapt to any given situation.

His various cybernetic implants produce weapons from his arms, shield his heart with unbreakable metal, and even cast a force field around himself. It’s very difficult to beat Rick Sanchez without thinking dozens of steps ahead of him.

6 Mr. Nimbus Is So Strong That Rick Is Terrified of Dealing With Him at Peak Strength

Mr. Nimbus stands atop his clamshell in Rick and Morty


Marine manipulation

Controls the police

Morty allegedly “desecrate[s] the sacred treaty betwixt land and sea” when he crash lands Rick’s space car into the ocean. The fey Mr. Nimbus emerges from his watery depths and demands to have a new treaty established, which Rick grudgingly agrees to.

However, the old man sends Summer on a solo offscreen adventure to retrieve his nemesis’ power source – a conch shell – showing that Rick is terrified of dealing with Mr. Nimbus at the latter’s peak strength. Mr. Nimbus can even control the police for some reason.

5 Phoenixperson Has Several Cybernetic Powers Capable of Putting Rick Out of Commission

Phoenixperson carrying Tammy on his back in Rick and Morty


Cybernetic abilities

Concussive sonic blasts


Rick and Morty Reinterprets Marvel’s Watchers With a Lurid Twist

Rick and Morty Season 7 unveils its own version of Marvel’s Watchers, who are depicted as very shady individuals who break many rules.

Birdperson’s martial skills are certainly above average, considering that he came out of the Battle of Blood Ridge without a single scratch. When Tammy turns him into a cybernetic bird, codenamed Phoenixperson, his powers are tremendously enhanced.

Phoenixperson can fire lasers from his outstretched wings, manifest a drill from behind his nose, and generate a sonic blast of concussive force by screaming. In fact, Phoenixperson is defeated only because of Jerry’s invisible puppetry.

4 Unity Transcends the Limits of Single-Minded Evolution

Rick and Unity in the Hivemind in Rick and Morty


Potential divinity

Species assimilation

By definition, Unity transcends the limits of evolution by assimilating entire groups of species into its hivemind. This character has lofty ambitions, as well; it informs Rick that it will eventually turn into “what the single-minded once called a god,” a statement that doesn’t sound arrogant as much as factually accurate.

The only weakness Unity exhibits is for Rick – she later breaks up with him and severs their ties forever so she can save herself from the inevitable heartbreak. Unity makes a reappearance in Season 7, where Rick is forced to deal with the remnants of their former relationship.

3 Reggie Is Basically a Slightly Less Twisted Version of Zeus

Reggie's angry glare in Rick and Morty


Lightning manipulation

Incomparable strength

Rick evidently has a fascination for cosmic beings, one of which is a literal planet named Gaia. The entire family discovers their relationship when Gaia states that the billions of humanoid biscuit-like offspring pouring out of her “body” are Rick’s children.

The situation heats up when the real father arrives, a divine entity known as Reggie, who turns out to be a slightly less twisted version of the Greek God Zeus. Reggie effortlessly crushes Rick into submission, but Summer and Morty, high on alien “brake fluid,” save their grandpa by flying a spaceship into the back of Reggie’s head.

2 Fart’s Abilities Include Mental Manipulation and Literal Alchemy

Morty with his new pal Fart in Rick and Morty


Flawless alchemy

Telepathic manipulation



New Rick and Morty Voice Actors Describe Role As ‘Literal Dream Come True’

Ian Cardoni and Harry Belden discuss how they felt after landing their dream jobs on Rick and Morty.

Fart comes from an unknown dimension where life has apparently evolved beyond the need for physical bodies, explaining why it is a cloud of gas with a quintet of orbs radiating within. Nobody knows how its biology could possibly even work.Not only can Fart perform alchemy between any two elements with perfect precision, it can also telepathically read and manipulate biological brains. At the end of the episode, however, Morty kills Fart to prevent the genocide of “carbon-based life forms.

1 Evil Morty Single-Handedly Destroys the Central Finite Curve


Political acumen

Strategic brilliance

Smarter than Rick

Strength can manifest in countless shapes and forms, but it is arguably most effective when utilized in a political context. Evil Morty doesn’t care for silly adventures like Rick and Morty C-137, instead expanding his efforts on garnering enough political clout to usurp the Citadel from the Shadow Council of Ricks.

While his golden portal remains a mystery, the fact is that Evil Morty single-handedly destroys the Central Finite Curve, proving that he is as intelligent as Rick – if not more. Interestingly, Evil Morty actually helps Rick and Morty defeat the elusive Rick Prime, further establishing his superiority.

Rick and Morty TV Show Poster

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An animated series that follows the exploits of a super scientist and his not-so-bright grandson.

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