The 10 Best Star Wars Horror Stories That Should be Adapted

In Star Wars‘ galaxy far, far away setting, the storytelling possibilities are endless. In the many films and series, we’ve seen the comedy, war, romance, and espionage genres all brilliantly represented, but one genre that is often overlooked is horror. There are several horror-themed episodes of popular series, but the films have rarely delved into the darker side of this universe. However, several novelists and comic book creators have explored this shadowy sector of Star Wars. With that in mind, here are 10 Star Wars horror stories that would be perfect for adaptation.

10 The Last Shot

Star Wars - Last Shot
Random House Worlds

Released as a loose tie-in to Solo: A Star Wars Story, Star Wars: The Last Shot follows Lando Calrissian and Han Solo as they are forced to face their pasts. After the Battle of Jakku and the fall of the Galactic Empire, Lando arrives at Han’s doorstep, assassins following his every step. Cloud City is in danger, threatened by the horrific forces of Fyzen Gor. In the past, both Lando and Han faced this depraved scientist on separate occasions, and now, they must bring together a team in order to stop him from enacting an apocalyptic plot.

Why It Should Be Adapted

While it isn’t specifically a horror story, The Last Shot is an incredible blend of genres, and there are plenty of horror themes thrown in to earn this novel a place on this list. Daniel Jose Older created one of the most terrifying Star Wars villains since Darth Vader in Fyzen Gor. This mad scientist takes his cues from Victor Frankenstein, creating an army of droids to which he grafted organic limbs. This visual alone would be incredibly terrifying on the big or small screen, especially as the army enacts its orders to eliminate organic life from the galaxy.

9 Into the Dark

Star Wars The High Republic - Into the Dark
Disney Lucasfilm Press

Set during the High Republic era, a time centuries before the events of the Skywalker saga, Into the Dark follows Jedi Padawan Reath Silas. The young scholar is tasked with joining his master on a mission to the galactic frontier, but during the trip, an event known as the Great Hyperspace Disaster strands Reath and his fellow Jedi in uncharted space. Seeking refuge in a nearby abandoned space station, the Jedi sense that the place has a deep connection to the dark side of the Force. Beset by horrifying visions, the crew must determine the source of this darkness if they can ever hope to escape.

Why It Should Be Adapted

Into the Dark is an apt title for this creepy young adult novel. Claudia Gray does an incredible job building an atmosphere of terror while staying within the bounds of the Star Wars universe, and the visions experienced by the crew are an incredible bit of psychological horror thrown into the mix. It would be great to see this much earlier time period of Star Wars explored, but the main reason Into the Dark makes this list is its incredibly creepy atmosphere, pushing the series forward in a new direction. It might not be the scariest story, but that would just make it more approachable for the casual viewer.

8 Dark Legends

Star Wars - Dark Legends
Disney Lucasfilm Press

Writer George Mann and artist Grant Griffin collaborated on a collection of children’s short stories titled Star Wars: Myths and Legends, and the premise behind the collection was that these were stories that Luke, Leia, and other children were told to help them fall asleep. Star Wars: Dark Legends, though, were intended as the stories that would keep them up at night. The ghost stories, featuring the worst boogeymen and monsters in the galaxy far, far away. From space werewolves to Sith Lords, these six stories showcase the darker side of this beloved universe.

Why It Should Be Adapted

As Star Wars Visions proved, viewers want an anthology series set in the Galaxy Far, Far Away. After all, there are so many unexplored corners of this vast universe, so why wouldn’t a series in the vein of Goosebumps or Are You Afraid of the Dark? see major success? George Mann’s brilliant collection might technically be for kids, but there are still plenty of chills and thrills. More than that, it puts some of the franchise’s greatest villains in new, terrifying roles, making the Grand Inquisitor, Darth Vader, and some newly introduced Sith Lords into horror icons like Jason Voorhees and Freddy Krueger.

7 Fate of the Jedi – Abeloth

Star Wars Legends - Fate of the Jedi
Random House Worlds 

After the corruption of Jacen Solo into the powerful Sith Lord Darth Caedus, Luke Skywalker enters self-imposed exile from the Jedi Order in order to discover the source of his nephew’s corruption. However, in his absence, the Galactic Alliance has fallen into chaos as an epidemic of madness sweeps through the Jedi Order, fueling anti-Jedi sentiment. With his son Ben at his side, Luke confronts an ancient order of Sith on a distant planet, discovering the source of the madness as an ancient Dark Side entity seeking the destruction of all life in the galaxy.

Why It Should Be Adapted

While part of the Legends continuity, making them not canon, the Fate of the Jedi series was a long-running and fan-favorite entry of the pre-Disney era of Star Wars. That alone should inspire an adaptation, but the real reason this series makes this list is the main villain, Abeloth. The series isn’t necessarily horror, centered on the franchise’s traditional space opera genre. However, Abeloth adds an entirely new layer, throwing in vibes of Lovecraftian horror. This ancient being of the Dark Side is unlike almost anything we’ve seen before, and she would be a brilliant addition to a future film or series.

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6 Vader’s Castle

Star Wars - Tales from Vader's Castle
IDW Publishing

This entry is a bit of a cheat, given that it covers a wide range of different titles. The comics included in the Vader’s Castle series are all written by Cavan Scott, featuring a host of incredible accompanying artists, and each entry in the series has a different main conceit. Tales from Vader’s Castle, for example, sees a group of Rebels crash-landing on Mustafar and seeking shelter in the only structure they can find: the charred castle of Darth Vader. However, these central stories are only a platform for a series of anthology stories shared among the cast, each scarier than the last.

Why It Should Be Adapted

Cavan Scott has seen a great deal of popularity in recent years for this series of anthology comics. Tales from Vader’s Castle, Ghosts of Vader’s Castle, Beware Vader’s Castle, and the most recent Tales from the Death Star have provided a yearly dose of incredibly spooky tales set in this beloved universe. They are clearly inspired by the old Tales from the Crypt anthology series, and they work within the canon because they are stories being told to the reader by characters in universe. More than that, they are legitimately creepy, putting familiar characters through some of their scariest challenges yet.

5 Dark Droids

Marvel Star Wars - Dark Droids
Marvel Comics

The newest event from the current Marvel Comics run on Star Wars, Dark Droids crosses over the various titles in their publishing line. The story centers on the Scourge, an ancient and powerful artificial intelligence that seeks knowledge. Ever hungry, it infects other droids, taking control of them and feeding on their memory banks. Knowing full well that the organics would destroy it at the first chance, it has enacted a plan to protect itself. Spreading to as many droids as possible, the Scourge seeks to find a way to infect organics so that all life falls under its control. To do this, he has sought out the cyborg known as Darth Vader.

Why It Should Be Adapted

Dark Droids is already canon, meaning there is little reason why it cannot at least be mentioned in some sort of adaptation. While the Marvel Star Wars comics have never lacked quality, this series has truly kicked it up a notch with its horror elements. With the Scourge’s hivemind, the story is almost like a robotic zombie apocalypse, and it brings together some of the best characters from throughout the Marvel continuity. R2-D2 even reforms his own team of droids for a spin-off series, which lightens things up with a touch of comedy. It’s a fun take on the new canon, and it would make for an incredible cinematic spin-off.

4 High Republic: There is No Fear

Star Wars The High Republic - There is No Fear
Marvel Comics

Another new canon entry set in the High Republic era, There is No Fear is the start of the main High Republic comic book series. Cavan Scott, the same man behind the Vader’s Castle series, tells the story of Jedi Knight Keeve Trennis. It should be a time of great celebration for the Galaxy. The lighting of the Starlight Beacon was meant to represent peace and unity, but the Nihil have struck, releasing the ancient Drengir species. These fearsome monsters were once the bane of the Jedi and the galaxy, and Keeve must work with her fellow Jedi to stop the threat before it is too late.

Why It Should Be Adapted

With Cavan Scott helming the series, there is no surprise that There is No Fear slowly unravels into a nightmare. The series manages to blend genres brilliantly, focusing on the espionage and politics of the Starlight Beacon storyline, while thrusting the Jedi into a terrifying horror story with the Drengir. Given that this era of Star Wars history is still largely being explored, it truly helps set the tone for what is possible in The High Republic books. More than that, it would be incredible to see this era represented in film, especially if it has Cavan Scott’s horror theme backing it up.

3 Galaxy of Fear

Star Wars_ Galaxy of Fear - Army of Terror
Random House Childrens’ Books

Galaxy of Fear is an obscure series of children/young adult horror novels in the vein of Goosebumps set in the Star Wars universe, and probably only the most hardcore fans remember it. Written by John Whitman, the series followed two young survivors of Alderaan’s destruction: Zak and Tash Arranda. The siblings are Force-sensitive and have agreed to travel across the galaxy to uncover its secrets. This puts them in conflict with familiar villains like Darth Vader and Boba Fett, but they also run afoul of some of the most terrifying monsters that the galaxy far, far away has to offer.

Why It Should Be Adapted

Again, we come back to the anthology series. While Zak and Tash’s story has a coherent throughline, like Goosebumps before it, each story is largely self-contained and focused on each story’s central monster. The two main characters don’t even need to be adapted, just the genre and style of storytelling. John Whitman published twelve novels in the Galaxy of Fear series, and while they are definitely dated, they helped set a unique tone and atmosphere for the Star Wars universe. It also helped introduce younger readers to scary stories, showing how accessible the horror genre can be.

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2 The Screaming Citadel

Marvel Star Wars - The Screaming Citadel
Marvel Comics

A rogue archaeologist and former ally of Darth Vader, Doctor Aphra hasn’t earned anyone’s trust, but when she proposes to lead Luke Skywalker to some ancient Jedi artifacts, he finds himself unable to turn the offer down in The Screaming Citadel. Venturing to the isolated planet of Ktath’atn, the pair joins in on a celebration hosted by the planet’s queen. However, the Screaming Citadel is no vacation destination, and the Queen has horrific plans for her guests. Can Han and Leia arrive in time to rescue the young Jedi and mysterious scientist, or will Luke and Aphra end up on the evening’s menu?

Why It Should Be Adapted

No matter how you feel about the changes to Star Wars canon, few can argue that the Star Wars comics by Marvel feature some of the franchise’s best stories in years. Taking place between the films, they help the reader fill in the gaps between major events, and it gives the writers a lot of free rein. The Screaming Citadel isn’t a perfect space vampire/ zombie alien story, but it lays down some incredible groundwork. It can be a bit rough, but it is entertaining. More than that, Doctor Aphra needs some more focus in the films or series. She is just too good of a character.

1 Death Troopers/ Red Harvest

Star Wars Legends - Death Troopers and Red Harvest
Random House Worlds

Set in the Legends continuity, Death Troopers follows the crew of the Purge, an Imperial prison barge containing hundreds of the galaxy’s worst criminals. After the Purge breaks down in space, the crew decides to investigate a nearby abandoned Star Destroyer for supplies, but their exposure to a zombie virus leads to a horrifying series of events. Red Harvest acts as the prequel to Death Troopers, focused on the origins of the virus and its deep connection to the Sith and Dark Side. It’s Star Wars meets George Romero in this brilliant duology of interstellar horror.

Why It Should Be Adapted

Joe Schreiber has become the definitive name in Star Wars horror, and many consider Death Troopers and Red Harvest to be his magnum opus. This series was one of the first true examples of the horror genre in this universe, and it helped showcase the versatility of the franchise. Nobody knew that zombies were on the table, but this series proved that anything was possible for Star Wars. While Death Troopers has acted as inspiration for a number of different story arcs in various animated series, we still need a true film featuring this incredible story arc.

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