The 10 Best My Hero Academia Villains & Their Birthdays, Height, and Zodiac Signs

When anime fans watch a lengthy and exciting shonen series like My Hero Academia, they will usually focus on the most important aspects of each character first, such as their Quirks, their personal goals/dreams, and their relationships with other people. Then, on a second pass, anime fans will have fun exploring the more intimate details that humanize these characters.

The most dedicated My Hero Academia fans will enjoy learning all kinds of trivia and personal statistics about their favorite characters, heroes and villains alike, and author Kohei Horikoshi delivered. For those curious, official My Hero Academia stats round out the series’ characters with fun details like their favorite foods, height, and date of birth, including villains. Knowing a villain’s birthday means fans can determine their astrological signs and see how well the villains fit those signs – or not.

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10 Tomura Shigaraki

Tomura Shigaraki smiling in My Hero Academia.

Little was known of the eerie villain Tomura Shigaraki at first, and he even had a severed hand hiding most of his face. By now, My Hero Academia has fully parted the veil on this character and has explored him in great detail, including his troubled childhood as Tenko Shimura, grandson of Nana Shimura.

Fans now know everything about what makes Tomura the villain and person he is, and that now includes his personal stats, too. Tomura Shigaraki is 175 centimeters tall, a slightly above average height for a young man like him, and his birthday is April 4th, making him an Aries. That fire sign is all about bold leadership and fierce passion.

9 Dabi

Dabi/Toya Todoroki looking down in My Hero Academia.

Shoto Todoroki’s eldest brother, Toya, was consumed by his own flames and nearly died until All For One turned him into a vengeful villain. Little was known of Dabi when he first appeared, but as of the current anime arc, My Hero Academia fans are all too aware of who and what Dabi really is.

Other details about Dabi include his slightly above average height of 176 cm, and his birthday, January 18th. That birthday makes Dabi a Capricorn, an earth sign based on a good work ethic and discipline. Oddly, Dabi is actually the type to make use of his natural talents rather than patiently work his way toward greatness.

8 Overhaul

my hero academia Overhaul with red splotches

My Hero Academia Season 4 introduced Overhaul as the mighty leader of a criminal organization operating in the shadows. He was an eerie and deadly villain with his plague doctor mask and his powerful Overhaul Quirk, which could reshape, create, or destroy anything with a touch.

Overhaul is a man of fairly average height, at 179 centimeters, and he was born on March 20th. That means he was born on the last day of the Pisces sign’s range of dates, just before Aries begins. Overhaul is a total subversion of this compassionate and idealistic water sign, being a cruel and exploitative person who cares for no one but himself.

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7 Lady Nagant

Lady Nagant In My Hero Academia

Lady Nagant made her debut during the Tartarus breakout sequence alongside many other prisoners as Japanese society started to fall. This particular villain was once a hero, but she grew disillusioned with the pro hero system and went rogue. Now Lady Nagant is willing to work for the likes of All For One and get new Quirks from him.

Lady Nagant is a moderately tall woman standing at 171 cm, and she was born on October 10th, marking her as a Libra, an air sign. Libra’s are all about justice and balance, hence the symbol being a set of scales. Perhaps Lady Nagant thought the hero world was out of balance, and compensated by fighting against it as a villain for a time.

6 Twice

My Hero Academia's Twice looking towards the camera and preparing to use his quirk

In years past, the man named Jin Bubaigawara wanted to fit into society but failed, because his Double Quirk stressed his mind and made him wonder who was the real Jin and who was just a copy. He never got the help he needed until he joined the League of Villains, where Twice found acceptance.

Twice is a man of average height, standing at 178 cm, and his birthday is May 10th. That means Twice is a Taurus, an earth sign represented by a bull. Tauruses love earthly comforts and are highly reliable, but they also panic if their life starts to feel insecure.

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5 Stain

Stain in My hero academia, baring his teeth

Stain was introduced as a bloody assassin who killed all pro heroes whom he deemed unworthy of the cape, including Tenya Iida’s older brother Tensei. Little else is known of Stain’s background or motives, though the Vigilantes manga did explain how his nose got caved in, and revealed his former alias of Stendhal.

Stain is one of the taller villains at 182 cm, and he has a summer birthday of June 14th, meaning he falls within range of the Gemini air sign. Gemini is all about whimsical creativity and leisurely moving from one project to another, but Stain is different, focusing single-mindedly on his grim mission.

4 Himiko Toga

Himiko Toga looking curiously in My Hero Academia.

The yandere-style villain Himiko Toga was a total mystery when she first appeared, and the anime even hid the kanji of her name to preserve the secret of her Quirk, since most characters’ kanji describe their Quirks. Over time, My Hero Academia revealed much more about Himiko, including the stress she endured trying to be the “normal” girl society demanded she be.

Himiko is a petite teenage girl standing at 157 cm, making her just one centimeter taller than her rival, Ochaco Uraraka. Himiko was born on August 7th, the day before Endeavor’s birthday, meaning she is a Leo. This fire sign, represented by a Leo, is all about being the center of attention and being treated like royalty.

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3 Muscular

My Hero Academia Muscular from mha

The hulking villain Muscular lived up to his code name in a brutal fashion. He could use his Pump Up Quirk to rapidly enhance his muscles until they were hard as steel, and his final muscle form enveloped him in natural armor. His punches were almost on par with Smash attacks from One For All.

My Hero Academia hasn’t revealed many personal details of Muscular’s background or personal life, but fans do know that he’s a tall villain, at 200 cm exactly. Muscular’s date of birth is December 7th, so his zodiac sign is Sagittarius, represented by an archer with flaming arrows. Sagittarius is all about exploring new things and telling exciting tales about it to friends, though there’s no hint of Muscular doing that in MHA.

2 Mr. Compress

Mr. Compress from My hero academia using his quirk

Mr. Compress has a tricky Quirk that allows him to squeeze any item or person down into a single marble-like object, and then restore them later. That Quirk is even easier to use when someone like Mr. Compress is a master of sleight of hand and misdirection, such as when he captured Katsuki Bakugo.

As for his personal stats, Mr. Compress is a fairly tall man at a height of 181 cm, and he celebrates October 8th as his birthday. This birthday makes him a Libra, an air sign that’s all about balance and justice. Not much about Mr. Compress embodies this air sign aside from his gracious and fair-minded ways as one of the League’s less savage members.

1 Spinner

My Hero Academia: Spinner Faces His Most Important Decision Yet

The gecko-like villain Spinner may be one of the League of Villains’ weakest members, but he’s still a fiercely passionate member who believes in his role models, most of all Stain, hence Spinner’s costume design. Spinner is also a skilled driver, and once drove Mr. Compress and Dabi away from an intense fight.

Spinner is a young man standing at 174 cm, making him one of the League’s shorter male members. His birthday is August 8th, the same as both Endeavor and Fat Gum. That makes Spinner a Leo, and sure enough, Spinner has a flair for the dramatic and evidently enjoyed being the center of attention during the forest training camp raid.

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