The 10 Best Main Characters, Ranked

On February 15, 2019, the American superhero dramedy Doom Patrol premiered on DC Universe, based on the titular team from DC Comics. The wacky and comically appreciative series explores the ensemble members of the dysfunctional team known as the Doom Patrol and the insane adventures they undergo in each episode.

With the series in its final season, the development of DC’s famed found family has cemented the series as one of the best superhero shows in existence. Each season has featured iconic characters in main roles, ranging from villainous antagonists and saccharine protagonists to morally gray individuals. However, each character can stand on their own due to the ample development and screen time a majority have received throughout the 46-episode series.

So, with Doom Patrol‘s final episode slated to premiere on November 9, 2023, let’s take a look at its 10 main characters, ranked.

10 Dorothy Spinner

Dorothy in Doom Patrol
DC Entertainment

Dorothy Spinner (Abi Monterey) is the daughter of Niles Caulder and his primitive lover, Slava, a metahuman with the ability to warp reality. Due to this, Dorothy was born with a powerful ability to bring to life her imaginary friends with unique abilities and age at a slower rate. This caused her to be separated from her father for most of her life, before eventually reuniting and joining the Doom Patrol team.

Why They Make the List

Despite being the lowest-placing member on this list, Dorothy Spinner is still a worthy addition to the television show. Her introduction into the show at the end of season one’s final episode, “Ezekiel Patrol,” served as a perfect transition to the character’s main arc in the subsequent season. While her imaginary friend, known as Candlemaker, caused a lot of loss for the team, she quickly became redeemed after confronting her inner demons and rescuing her newfound family.

Since the second season, Dorothy has earned a rightful place within the team due to her strong commitment to honoring her father’s image. Although it may be hard for fans to come around to the character like many of the show’s characters have.

9 Niles Caulder/The Chief

Niles Caulder in Doom Patrol
DC Entertainment

Also known as The Chief, Niles Caulder was an experimental scientist and leader of the Doom Patrol team. Unbeknownst to his team of superheroes, he was responsible for orchestrating their fates in an attempt to extend his longevity to be with his daughter forever. Things did not go his way, leading to his eventual death after accepting his fate after the destruction he had caused.

Why They Make the List

The overarching presence of Niles throughout the show caused many of the main character’s pain and turmoil. He is responsible for the fates of numerous characters within the Doom Manor and outside of it, due to his involvement with other organizations like the Bureau of Normalcy. Despite his antagonism, Niles eventually became a well-rounded character while he attempted to repair the bonds he broke when his secret was revealed in season one. The complexities of The Chief make him a compelling character in the show, which is heightened by Timothy Dalton’s excellent portrayal of the character.


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8 Willoughby Kipling

Willoughby Kipling in Doom Patrol
DC Entertainment

Willoughby Kipling (Mark Sheppard) is a masterful chaos magician and former grandmaster of the Knights Templar who is one of Niles Caulder’s closest friends. Throughout the series, Kipling aids the doomed characters of the Doom Patrol in many of their adventures — utilizing his vast variety of spells and charms to help save the day.

Why They Make the List

In the original Doom Patrol comics, Willoughby Kipling was created by writer Grant Morrison as a counterpart to the often-considered overpowered warlock Constantine. In the show, Kipling’s role helps to bridge the gap between the wacky and magical elements of the show’s episodic antagonists with the protagonists.

He is a powerful character, and his supportive presence when situations get tough is commendable. Yet, his blunt and carefree personality, coupled with his relatable characteristics, catches the attention of many viewers.

7 Mr. Nobody

Mr. Nobody in Doom Patrol
DC Entertainment

The titular Doom Patrol team has faced a variety of villains throughout the show’s run, but none are more iconic than the recurring antagonist of season one. Known as Mr. Nobody, Eric Morden (Alan Tudyk) was a former member of the supervillain team the Brotherhood of Evil before being fired. After this, Morden got ahold of a legendary artifact that Niles Caulder took from him after blowing up a machine granting him powers. Vowing for revenge, Mr. Nobody kidnapped Niles and tormented the Doom Patrol for the entire first season.

Why They Make the List

While many villains from the show, such as Immortus, Candlemaker and the Were-Butts, are memorable, Mr. Nobody became one of the breakout hits of Doom Patrol. His omnipresence and reality-morphing abilities caused him to practically control many of the events of the first season. He would regularly break the fourth wall and chime in on the team’s efforts as they uncovered secrets and rescued The Chief.

Mr. Nobody was a comedic presence in the wacky world of Doom Patrol and was able to interact with the fans through his hilarious and sarcastic narrations in each episode. Despite only appearing in season one, Mr. Nobody has left a mark on the characters and the audience with his intense charisma.

6 Cliff Steele/Robotman

Cliff Steele in Doom Patrol
DC Entertainment

A former race car driver, Cliff Steele (voiced by Brendan Fraser and played by Riley Shanahan) is one of the initial members of the Doom Patrol introduced in the first season. After suffering a fatal car accident on the track caused by Niles, Cliff gains a second life when his brain is placed inside a robotic body. Cliff’s tumultuous journey throughout the show’s four seasons centers on his acceptance of his new body, aging physique and fractured connection with his daughter, Clara, and eventual grandson, Rory.

Why They Make the List

The iconic f-word-slinging Robotman is easily one of Doom Patrol‘s most memorable characters. His aggressively energetic and deeply compassionate personality often puts him at odds with the rest of the characters in the show. He can easily be guided by his heart but has undergone a series of developments in the show accepting his faults. While this development is commendable, his complexities and tendency to change his mind places him lower than most of his teammates.

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5 Victor “Vic” Stone/Cyborg

Vic Stone in Doom Patrol
DC Entertainment

While not an initial member of the Doom Patrol team, Victor Stone (Joivan Wade) offered his assistance after learning of The Chief’s kidnapping by Mr. Nobody. He gained his abilities after an explosion inside his wife injured his mother, Elinore, and himself, where Niles convinced his father to save Vic rather than Elinore.

Why They Make the List

The introduction of cyborgs in visual media has gained a lot of audience adoration in recent years, and the inclusion of DC’s famed cybernetic superhero, Victor Stone, in Doom Patrol is the perfect example.

Cyborg is mostly seen with the Teen Titans and the Justice League in DC’s films and TV shows, but his inclusion within Doom Patrol is an excellent deviation from his usual realms. The episodic format allows for Vic’s struggles with his cybernetic body as well as his rocky relationship with his father, Silas, to be greatly explored. The interactions between him and his fellow teammates showcase Vic’s comradely personality and place him as one of the team’s most supportive and endearing faces. His storyline in season four, mostly relating to his newly synthetic skin and past friendships with his old crew, is probably his most moving character arc.

4 Laura De Mille/Madame Rouge

Madame Rouge in Doom Patrol
DC Entertainment

The third season of Doom Patrol brought the infamous Brotherhood of Evil into the series, along with the formidable shape-shifter Laura De Mille (Michelle Gomez). Also known as Madame Rouge, De Mille proves to be a pivotal force behind the development of Rita Farr’s character during season three. After softly amending their relationship, Rouge is accepted into the Doom Patrol and assists the team in their showdown against Immortus.

Why They Make the List

Madame Rouge proved to be a great addition to the show, allowing for a deeper look inside the Bureau of Normalcy and the emerging clans of the Sisterhood of Dada and the Brotherhood of Evil. Originally coming in as another antagonist in the show, Rouge’s redemption arc to heroism has been a pleasant watch. Season four has been a journey for Rouge’s character as she grapples with repairing her relationship with Rita and becoming an important member of the team. Despite any turmoil that has arisen, Rouge’s tenacity and sarcastic demeanor have proven to be a welcoming addition to the show’s absurdity.

3 Larry Trainor/Negative Man

Larry Trainor in Doom Patrol
DC Entertainment

Larry Trainor (voiced by Matt Bomer and played by Matthew Zuk) was a United States Air Forces pilot before his plane collided with the Negative Spirit. The resulting crash infused the spirit with his disfigured body, resulting in him wrapping himself with bandages to prevent radioactivity from exposing itself.

Why They Make the List

Larry’s individual arc throughout the show mostly resolves around his acceptance of his sexuality, discovered with his interaction with Danny the Street, a sentient piece of geography. The emotionally moving storyline has been one of the best arcs within Doom Patrol. The arc allows the show to fully embrace its source material, as well as provide positive queer representation within the highly heteroromantic atmosphere of superhero shows. Larry’s storylines also revolve around his connection to the spirit living within him. The rocky relationship with fatherhood and self-expectations make Larry a compelling and relatable character within the show.

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2 Kay Challis/Jane

Jane in Doom Patrol
DC Entertainment

Diane Guerrero portrays the complex character of Jane, first introduced in season one. Jane is the dominant host of Kay Challis, a young girl who was sexually abused by her father and developed dissociative identity disorder (DID) as a result. The show explores the inner workings of Jane’s headspace, called the Underground, and the tussles over leadership that occur within.

Why They Make the List

When it comes to Doom Patrol’s sympathetic characters, it is easy to place Jane near the top of the list. She has undergone so much pain and struggles throughout the show and her life, and viewers have empathized with the complexities that arise while Jane struggles with her DID. While also exploring these elements, the show does a great job of tackling these issues with sincerity and concern, making Jane a compelling character to witness as she becomes her own individual near the end of season four. Despite her compassion and concern for the wellbeing of Kay, it has been a joy to witness Jane’s individuality emerge through characters like Cliff, Casey Brinke and Shelley Byron.

1 Rita Farr/Elasti-Woman

Rita Farr in Doom Patrol
DC Entertainment

Rita Farr (April Bowlby) is a former Hollywood actress who was exposed to a toxic gas by Niles Caulder after an accident on set. The resulting exposure caused Rita’s body to become gelatinous and elastic, changing within her will or when she is stressed. Throughout the show, Rita becomes a central figure for the team and a self-appointed leader, while struggling with her image and abilities.

Why They Make the List

Rita Farr’s journey throughout the four seasons of Doom Patrol has proven to be a genuine portrayal of an individual’s struggle with supernatural abilities in the superhero genre. She has evolved from her narcissistic roots to a compelling character who is trying to do good for her fellow teammates. She is an overly caring individual, often putting her teammates first to protect them.

The motherly figure of the team, Rita’s arc in Doom Patrol is one of the show’s best storylines and cements her as the best character within the series.

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