The 10 best browser games you can play in school

Browser games are a budding game developer’s dream. They allow players to enjoy games from anywhere and on almost any piece of hardware. Find below the 10 best browser games you can play in school!

Even the humblest of laptops can usually support Chrome, meaning you have all you need to enjoy the thousands of online browser games. If you’re looking for a way to pass the time between classes, here are some of the best browser games to play at school.

What are the best browser games to play at school?

When trying to play some of these games at school, the vital thing to consider is how they are hosted. Many schools have blocked some of the largest sites for browser games from their network or disabled the plug-ins that these games require to play, so not all of them might work for you. Fortunately, there are enough games out there, with many games being hosted on mirror sites that are difficult to block, that you’ll be able to find at least one or two that will work for you.

15) Shell Shockers

An egg hearing a fedora in Shell Shockers
Screenshot by Gamepur

Shell Shockers is a first-person shooter in which you play as an egg. Like most games of the genre, there’s more to playing it than quick reflexes. Having a good strategy and using the right weapons make a huge difference. Although it’s a simple game, Shell Shockers is fun enough to serve as a distraction while you have nothing better to do.

14) Snail Bob

Snail Bob gameplay. Level 1.
Screenshot by Gamepur

Snail Bob is a strategy game that presents players with a series of unique challenges. Its gameplay, which combines elements of timing and physics, encourages strategic thinking and quick decision-making. It’s not just about fast reflexes, but also about guiding a snail through various scenarios with a strategic mindset. The game starts off simple, but the increasing complexity of the mechanical traps and the coordination required to navigate them make it an engaging choice for those looking to pass some time.

13) Slow Roads

Driving a white car on the road in Slow Roads
Screenshot by Gamepur

This game is primarily about embarking on a virtual drive and appreciating the scenery. There’s no competition involved. Instead, Slow Roads offers the pleasure of a simulated, high-speed road trip within a browser game. This in itself is quite remarkable, especially given the decent quality of the textures and physics. The game has enough substance to warrant spending a few minutes exploring it.

12) Prince of Persia

Running in Prince of Persia
Screenshot by Gamepur

Ubisoft’s flash-based Prince of Persia game is a top pick for browser games suitable for school. It was developed as a promotional tool for the original Prince of Persia game. The game mechanics are straightforward, with the arrow keys directing the character’s actions and the up arrow key enabling jumps. Prince of Persia is a classic that is fun and impressive even decades after it was made.

11) Tetris

Browser Tetris
Screenshot by Gamepur

Tetris is a classic that challenges players in many different ways. Its simple yet engaging gameplay promotes strategic thinking and problem-solving skills. It’s not just about quick reflexes, but also about planning ahead and making decisions under pressure. Also, it loads quite quickly and any computer can run it, making Tetris a good choice to pass some time wherever you are.

10) Chrome’s Dinosaur Game

Chrome’s Dinosaur Game
Image via Google

We couldn’t leave this game off this list. We’ve all had moments where the internet has gone down, and we’ve been confronted with Google’s little dinosaur friend. It is a simple game where you jump and duck around obstacles to try to rack up the highest score before the internet comes back up and you have to go back to work. You can even play it without being disconnected if you want to get some practice in.

9) BrowserQuest

BrowserQuest gameplay
Screenshot by Gamepur

BroswerQuest looks and feels like EarthBound, but it is a much simpler game to get your head around. You take your character out into the world to explore and seek adventure, seeing what you find along the way. It is an open world, allowing you to explore and play the way you want. There are plenty of hours of gameplay to enjoy, and the controls are simple enough that you can play it quickly wherever you are.

8) Geoguessr

Geoguessr title screen
Image via

Geoguessr is a great game to test your geography skills. It drops you into a semi-random Google Street View location and asks you to guess what city you’re in. There are some famous landmarks to spot if you know what you’re looking for, but it is a fun game to play with friends or just to see how well you know some of the most famous cities on the planet. Unlike most of the other browser games on this list, this one is at least somewhat educational, so it fits in well in a school setting.

7) Tequila Zombies 3

Tequila Zombies 3 titlescreen
Image via Armor Games

Sometimes simple concepts work best for browser games. Tequila Zombies 3 is very straightforward. It “borrows” some imagery from The Walking Dead franchise in a game where you drink tequila and kill zombies. The controls are simple, and the art is bright and colorful, so it is a solid choice to stave off boredom between classes. The game has a tongue-in-cheek tone that makes it more entertaining than its basic premise should allow.

6) Pocket Tanks

Pocket Tanks gameplay
Image via Bitwise Productions

This game is the perfect browser game because of how simple it is. Just adjust the angle of your tank’s gun and line up the shot to eliminate your enemy’s tank before they take you out. You can play against other people or the computer, though the computer doesn’t offer much of a challenge. Once you get the hang of the physics engine the game uses, you’ll be an unstoppable tank-killing machine.

5) Street Skater

Street Skater title screen
Image via Armor Games

This game is a simplified version of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, and we mean that as the biggest compliment possible. The basic graphics and controls hide a surprising amount of challenge behind the game. Finding the right timing for jumps and figuring out how different obstacles work are key here. It is easy to get stuck on a level for several attempts, but that makes it much sweeter when you complete it.

4) DarkOrbit Reloaded

DarkOrbit Reloaded
Image via BigPoint Games

This is the second version of DarkOrbit, which is a significant improvement over the original. In DarkOrbit Reloaded, you are a starship captain traveling across the galaxy looking to keep your ship running. You can complete quests and challenges, team up with other players, and choose how you play. There are merchant factions at odds with pirate factions, and you can either pick a side or try to play against each other. There is a lot of freedom here.

3) Linerider

Linerider title art
Image via Boštjan Čadež

This is a simple game, but it is highly addictive. You just need to build a track for a rider using a simple point-and-click interface. The physics in the game are highly intuitive and allow for some pretty wild builds if you’re creative. There isn’t a plot or any sense of competition in Linerider. Just your imagination and a big sandbox to explore.

2) Metal War Online

Metal War Online. mechanic with steampunk glasses
Image via GD-Team Ltd

This multiplayer game combines aspects of racing and fighting genres with a surprisingly large amount of content. The gameplay runs off of cooldowns, so you can play Metal War Online from your browser with just a few clicks and then go on about your day until the cooldowns complete. The community is what makes this game so special, though. There are hundreds of players to compete against for the top rankings.

1) game art
Image via

If you’ve played Snake on your phone before, you’ve already got a good handle on Guide your little snake friend around the arena, pick up pellets of food along the way, and avoid enemies and obstacles. You can customize your snake and use online codes to get free items from the game. It is highly addictive, simple to play, and has far more depth than you’d expect. is one of the best browser games you’ll find out at the moment.

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