Tammy Filming Locations: Where Was The 2014 Comedy Filmed?

While Ben Falcone’s Tammy can be considered a hit in terms of its Box office collections, it stands as one of the unlucky films that happened to gain immense hate along with its popularity. 

Starring Melissa McCarthy, Tammy centers on a woman who finds out that her husband’s cheating on her and decides to immediately embark on a road trip with no one but her unhinged grandmother by her side. 

Since this is a road film, we get to see Melissa McCarthy come across a wide range of eccentric characters in different towns, along with hilarious twists as the story progresses.

Besides McCarthy in the role of Tammy, the cast of this 2014 road film consists of Susan Sarandon playing Pearl Balzen, Kathy Bates as Lenore, Allison Janne plays Deb, Dan Aykroyd portrays Don, Mark Duplass plays Bobby Tillman and Gary Cole plays the role of Earl.

Tammy: Filming Locations

Filming for Tammy began in May 2013, with the cinematographer being Russ T. Alsobrook. The major filming spot for Tammy is North Carolina, but places like Kentucky and New York are also featured briefly as the movie goes on.

Tammy Filming Locations: Where Was The 2014 Comedy filmed?
The major filming location for Tammy was North Carolina (Credits: Warner Bros. Pictures)

Wilmington, North Carolina:

Wilmington is the main location in North Carolina, where most of the film was shot. A stunning port city located in coastal southeastern North Carolina, Wilmington is known for its Southern charm and nautical legacy. 

With its intriguing folklore, one-of-a-kind hospitality, and beaches, Wilmington makes a great Southern atmosphere town. In Tammy, that’s the setting producers wanted to go for, which explains why Wilmington was one of their prime locations. 

It seems to be the go-to place for horror films as, besides Tammy, shows and movies like The Conjuring, Scream, Appendage, and One Tree Hill have been filmed in Wilmington. 

Shallotte, North Carolina:

Shallotte’s a nice little calm town located in North Carolina. Known for its coastal charm, Shallotte has a wide range of fun activities like a Golf club, a Swamp Park, and a huge mall for visitors looking for entertainment. 

As Tammy travels on her road trip, she stops by a spot in Shallotte on her way to Niagara Falls. We don’t see much of Shallotte in the road film besides a few scenes here and there.

Castle Hayne, North Carolina:

While not as populated as other places in North Carolina, Castle Hayne is home to some of the most stunning beaches filled with bright blue waters and warm, grainy sand. A little over a thousand people inhabit this region, making it a good spot to escape to whenever you need a break from the bustling city atmosphere. 

Films like The Crow, Silver Bullet, Revolution, and even Super Mario Bros. had some scenes that took place in Castle Hayne.

Tammy Filming Locations: Where Was The 2014 Comedy filmed?
A few Scenes were filmed in Louisville and NY (Credits: Warner Bros. Pictures)

Boiling Spring Lakes, North Carolina:

Another picturesque place from Tammy would be Boiling Spring Lakes, located in NC. Its name comes from the tendency of the lake to bubble up, giving an intriguing boiling effect. This is a small town as well, with not many entertainment spots or resorts to enjoy.

However, if you’re into discovering trails, hiking through mysterious lands, or need some scenic landscapes, Boiling Spring Lakes has all of it. It’s not as popular of a filming spot, with the only other project being filmed here being a TV series called Surface.

Louisville, Kentucky:

From the Louisville Slugger Museum to the Kentucky Derby Museum, Louisville is an exciting city to visit, with all kinds of interesting places spread throughout the region. Besides Tammy, places from Louisville can be spotted in films like Goldfinger, Demolition Man, Cops, and Desperation Road.

Niagara Falls, New York:

After catching her husband cheating on her with their neighbor, Tammy decides to leave the place and drive somewhere far away. She tries to take her grandmother Pearl’s car, but after she catches her leaving, Tammy has no choice but to let Pearl come with her. 

The destination they want to reach is Niagara Falls since Pearl never got a chance to be there, even when she was a child. To fulfill her grandmother’s wish, Tammy decides to head over to Niagara Falls. 

Almost 16 miles from Buffalo, NY, Niagara Falls hosts some of the most breathtaking views in the United States. Bruce Almighty, Superman II, The Crowd, and Dead Man are some movies that have been filmed here previously. At present, Tammy 2014 is available to stream on Prime Video and Netflix. 

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