Take a Bite of the Moon Festival – TokyoTreat Box Japanese Candy Review September 2023

Hello, fans of Japanese snacks, goodies, and everything in between! We are ecstatic to announce that here on LAN, we acquired the TokyoTreat September 2023 box, and we will be unpacking and reviewing for you all so that hopefully you can understand just what to expect for your money!

Be sure to check at the bottom of this review for an exclusive offer for LAN readers who are interested!

september 2023 tokyotreat box
The September Box!

Firstly, this month’s theme is the Moon Festival, filled with all sorts of different flavored items and snacks straight from Japan. Along with your box, you’ll get a little pamphlet explaining each individual item in your box, so you can read up on it and learn about the items you’ll be enjoying! Or, if you’re hesitant, TokyoTreat always lists the items and allergens for that month’s box on their website.

So let’s get right in to the snacks, shall we?

The Big Boss – Chestnut Kitkats

The holy grail of this month are some delicious Chestnut flavored Kitkats. Kitkats are huge in Japan, with flavors like Macha, white chocolate, honey, graham cracker, I’ve even seen some really exotic zebra-striped ones. And I am pleased to say, these Kitkats are easily in my top 3 favorite Kitkat flavors of all time.

kitkat chestnut tokyotreat september 2023
The famed Kitkats, Chestnut flavored!

If you like chocolate and nuts, you’ll enjoy this flavor. It lingers for just the perfect amount, and you get an entire bag of them rather than the single-serve bags elsewhere in this box. Unless you’ve been really starved for Kitkats, these’ll last you a few days!

The Chips: Daikon Radish and Black Pepper

tokyotreat chips september 2023
Radish Chips (Left circle) and the Black Pepper Chips (Right circle)

Out of these two, my shocking favorite was the pickled radish chips. I wouldn’t overlook them just because the title has “Pickled Radish”, they taste nothing like pickles at all! They were deliciously salty and cut very nicely — every time I took a bite, I was pleased over and over again! Don’t be fooled by how it sounds; if you’re a fan of regular potato chips, you’ll likely enjoy these!

tokyotreat september 2023 pickled daikon potato chips
These were my favorite!!

Please forgive the lack of pictures: I literally liked them so much I ate them all!

The Black Pepper chips were very peppery! I was surprised by how peppery they were, but the more I ate them, the more I enjoyed them!

black pepper chips tokyotreat september 2023
Black Pepper Potato Chips!

Smaller Items: Juice, Wasabi, Choco Rocks

They have lots of really small items for a quick burst of flavor! Included is a 100% pure orange juice can that tasted very delicious when cold (– if you like orange juice but find it too sweet, this one will be a fave!), a wasabi strip, a box of spherical white chocolates (that one was fun to open!) and my personal adorable favorite: Mint Chocolate Rocks!

tokyotreat september 2023 moon rocks
These were both adorable AND delicious! Despite being so small, they were sooo cute.

The chocolate rocks was just an adorable addition to everything and a nice round-out to the moon festival theme!

Opinions / Analysis

So, I really enjoyed a lot these items! They each have interesting flavors that my American-palette is not used to at all, and I love learning about each item with the little pamphlet!

However, I will say, that if you’re specifically and only looking for chocolatey items, you may want to skip this month. The only item that will be a hit among chocolate-only fans are the Kitkats; but like I said, those Kitkats are a hit. I had multiple friends try it, and I’ve never heard one say they disliked them!


If you’re interested in TokyoTreat and want to try it out, our LAN readers have an exclusive code and opportunity! Use our affiliate link HERE to help us out over at LAN and tell TokyoTreat we sent you! In addition, use code “LAN” at Checkout to receive $5 OFF your first box!

Happy Snacking!

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