Superman’s Wife Lois Lane Could Be His Greatest Villain Ever


  • Superman’s true love, Lois Lane, could actually be his ultimate villain, as hinted in a dark storyline where an evil version of Lois kills superheroes, including the Man of Steel.
  • Lois admitted in the alternate universe story to having fears and thoughts similar to the villainous Lois, raising concerns about her potential for turning evil.
  • Evidence from past events, including being given a gift by Lex Luthor, suggests that there is a dark side to Lois that could lead her to become Superman’s ultimate enemy, if things went the wrong way.

There are few relationships in comic books that are as iconic as Superman and Lois Lane – but a few details suggest that Superman’s ultimate villain might just be his true love. The two have been dating for decades, and are nearly completely inseparable. Not even reality being rewritten could keep them apart. If anyone were going to take the Man of Steel down, it would be Lois.

Dark Nights: Death Metal The Last 52: War of the Multiverses story “No More Superheroes” – by Regine Sawyer, Alitha Martinez, Mark Morales, Emilio Lopez, and Tom Napolitano – gave readers one of the most potent looks at a dark, villainous Lois Lane. This story saw an evil version of Lois, who had slaughtered the heroes of her Earth after Superman accidentally caused the death of her son.

Evil Lois Lane Killed Superman

This dark Lois is full of rage at the very idea of superheroes, while the truly concerning part is that Lois Lane admits Dark Lois’ thoughts are ones she’s had herself, plenty of times.


Superman vs Lois Lane Is DC’s Next Big Event: Official Theory Explained

DC hints at the next big event for Superman, and the latest developments for Clark and Lois Lane could see the iconic couple on opposing sides.

Lois Admits That Some Part Of Her Fears Superman

Lois Admits These Are Her True Feelings

There’s no denying that Superman and Lois Lane love each other. Their love has literally managed to persist against multiple reality resets, and no matter how far apart they are, they always find one another again. Superman has crossed time and space to be back with Lois. No matter what happens, the two always find one another again. They are one of the greatest examples of true love in comic books. The two have almost never had any major issues with one another, which is why Lois’ confession that she’s had the same thoughts as Dark Lois is so shocking.

While it’s hard to believe that Lois Lane would ever turn evil, some hints paint a concerning picture. Lois outright admits that everything Dark Lois says about superheroes going rogue and turning on humanity are fears that she has had herself in the past. The biggest warning sign is way back during the Year of the Villains event. During this event, Lex Luthor was going around the DC Universe handing out gifts to villains, so that they could become more than they are. Not every character that Lex visited fits the description of a villain. The only character not to fit this mold is Lois Lane, who was given a gift by Lex.

Lois Can’t Deny She Might Turn Evil

Lois Admits Evil Lois Might Be Right

Lois Lane being gifted something by Lex Luthor during the Year of the Villains event shows that Lex believes some part of Lois would make a fantastic villain. When this evidence is combined with Dark Lois’ statements, and how Lois can’t bring herself to disagree or even deny having similar feelings, it paints an extremely dark picture. There are many dark alternate universes where Lois Lane has died, but very few where she has lived. And it’s possible that one of the darkest universes could be where Lois Lane lives long enough that she decides Superman and superheroes are no longer needed. That’s when Lois Lane could become Superman’s ultimate villain.

Dark Nights: Death Metal The Last 52: War of the Multiverses is a one-shot comic, featuring stories by several notable authors and artists. It was released in 2021.

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