Superman & Wonder Woman’s Marriage Turned Them into the Most Toxic Superhero Couple Ever


  • In one dark timeline, Superman and Wonder Woman’s marriage is toxic as they loathe each other.
  • Their union was a marriage in name only as they tried to end a war, but their differences were too great.
  • Despite their natural chemistry, Superman and Wonder Woman are fundamentally opposed and would make a toxic couple.

Thanks to their longstanding friendship and natural chemistry in the main timeline, Superman and Wonder Woman are one of DC’s most iconic alternate-universe pairings. Time and again, fans have seen Clark and Diana paired off in other universes, often leading to a happy ending for the duo. But in one dark timeline, Superman and Wonder Woman aren’t the DC Universe’s greatest hero couple – they’re by far its most toxic.

Justice League Beyond 2.0 #21 by Christos N. Gage, Dexter Soy, Veronica Gandini, and Saida Temofonte explains what happened to the DC Animated Universe’s iteration of Wonder Woman and just how she found herself married to the Superman of the Justice Lords’ warped dimension. Forging a union to end a cruel and destructive war, this diplomatic relationship was a marriage in name only, as both DC icons absolutely loathed each other.

Comic book panels: DCAU Wonder Woman explains to Superman and Batman from her Earth why she married Lord Superman.

In order to cement their union, Wonder Woman and Superman even conceive a child using genetic engineering. But ultimately, their differences are too great, and the former Justice Leaguers wind up trying to kill one another.

Justice League Beyond 2.0 is set in the same continuity as the fan-favorite Justice League and Batman Beyond animated programs.


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Wonder Woman and Superman have paired up many times across the multiverse, but one surprising union led to an even more surprisingly powerful son.

This Justice League Relationship Was Doomed From The Start

Comic book panel: DCAU Wonder Woman battles against Lord Superman while he taunts her over their marriage.

Knowing the dystopic nature of the Justice Lords’ dimension, it’s not a surprise that a hero as noble as Wonder Woman would find a corrupted version of her greatest friend utterly repugnant. Likewise, the fact that an outright tyrant like Lord Superman would hate Diana’s guts is only natural. The actual surprise is that this pair of Justice Leaguers managed to fake any sort of union in the first place. But it really boils down to how self-sacrifice is in both of their natures as DC’s biggest icons — no matter how jaded or corrupted they may be, especially in Lord Superman’s case.

Evil and misguided though he may be, this alternate version of Superman truly believes that his iron rule is what’s best for his planet, and, in his mind, this marriage was the best way to forge a future for those underneath his boot heel. Meanwhile, Diana remarks that she’s not the first princess to put her sense of duty over the wants of her heart, and Wonder Woman is undoubtedly the type of self-sacrificing hero who would give up her future to save a world. Unfortunately, Lord Superman is still a monster at the end of the day, and fans know that if there’s one thing Wonder Woman certainly can’t abide, it’s a monster.

It’s A Good Thing Superman And Wonder Woman Are Friends

Comic book art: Superman and Wonder Woman DC

In most continuities, Superman and Wonder Woman are the best of friends, if not lovers. But with an evil Man of Steel and an altruistic Amazon Princess, there’s not much room for romance when the two are so fundamentally and diametrically opposed on the matter of right and wrong. Luckily, the primary iterations of Superman and Wonder Woman are just two best friends who are happy with their respective partners, because together they could in fact become DC’s most toxic couple.

Justice League Beyond 2.0 #21 is available now from DC Comics.

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