Sugar Apple Fairy Tale Episode 5 Review

Hello all! I’ll be continuing this series from where Tsuki left off. Be sure to check out those reviews if you haven’t yet!

We’re beginning right after Anne didn’t quite make it to Silver Candy Maker due to the king being “unable” to tell the true creator of the sugar candy that Jonas stole and entered into the contest. Which, by the way, was absolutely insane to me and had me ripping my hair out.

Even if you can’t tell who the original piece was made by, look at what’s in front of you, dude! It’s obvious who should win the medal. You’re being goofy by not giving it to Anne at this point.

But whatever, now we get to see Challe and Anne spend one more year together until the next competition, accompanied by Mythril Lid Pod.

So let’s get into Episode 5, “Anne and the Cat’s Sugar Candy.”


In this episode, Anne, Challe and Lid Pod are exploring the city before they have to leave. After all, it’s a “higher-society” city, so Anne has a few spots she wants to hit before going home. One of them is to meet some guy called “Alf Hingley”, another Silver Candymaker. When they arrive at his old place, they learn that he’s no longer there.

sugar apple fairy tale episode 5 review 0006 anne challe lid pod
Anne and Challe, seeing that “Alf Hingley” is gone

Nonetheless, they decide to go to Westol, a place, well, west. On the way there, they spot a symbol on a small shop signifying that it’s a candy shop, despite looking extremely run down. When Anne enters, she spots a gorgeous sugar candy sculpture.

sugar apple fairy tale episode 5 review 0005 anne sculpture
Anne looking at said candy sculpture

Things go south, however, when a bandit of some kind grabs it and tries to run with it. It ultimately falls, and the bandit dips, leaving Anne and Lid Pod to be caught at the scene. We meet Cat, the owner of the shop, along with his fairy named Benjamin.

sugar apple fairy tale episode 5 review 0004 cat

Well, Cat is pissed that the sugar sculpture is broken. Apparently, he sells them for extremely low prices because he’s very picky about who he sells them to. He won’t sell it to somebody he finds rude or lacking in morals. To make up for the broken sculpture, Cat tells Anne she must work it off until the new one is made. Challe doesn’t like this and possessively grabs her hand to just leave (because, after all, she didn’t do anything wrong) but Anne says she doesn’t mind staying to help.

sugar apple fairy tale episode 5 review 0003 challe and anne
Challe trying to take Anne

Things seem to be progressing smoothly until they’re nearly out of sugar. Anne can’t sleep, worrying that there won’t be enough, so she makes some in the cold night. Challe finds her, and we learn a few cute things about fairies: one, that they can’t feel the cold at all, and two, that they can sort of feel warmth; it feels squishy, according to Challe. He also breathes on Anne’s hands to warm her up. Cute scene!

sugar apple fairy tale episode 5 review 0002 challe and anne blush
Challe making Anne blush

Well, when the sculpture is done, some viscount lady (that Challe calls ‘Raccoon’) barges into the store and demands to know why Cat won’t sell her a sculpture. After being turned away and leaving, Anne and Lid Pod catch a glimpse of one of her servants (still dressed like a thief, for some reason) and tell Cat that he’s the one responsible.

sugar apple fairy tale episode 5 review 0001 aristocrat and thief
Raccoon lady and her thief

That night, Anne switches out the sculpture for a fake and they catch the thief. We also learn that Cat is this “Alf Hingley”, and is actually friends with Hugh, the current Candymaker beside the King. He tells Anne as she gets ready to leave for Westol not to idolize anybody and instead value her own skills more.

sugar apple fairy tale episode 5 review 0000 cat pout
Cat, looking pretty cute imo

Opinions / Analysis

Some may be weirded out that Anne is only 15 and Challe is much older. I get it. The only things stopping me from feeling extremely weirded out by the whole thing is that it’s supernatural, medieval, and Shoujo, so I’m squinting my eyes pretty hard to ignore the red flags.

At the very least, Challe didn’t know Anne when she was still a toddler, even though he was most likely alive. That would make me extremely, extremely uncomfortable. The ambiguity around his age also helps me suspend my disbelief quite a bit.

On the Shoujo side, it’s cute to see Challe do small, possessive things for Anne to make her feel comfortable and safe. He’s definitely the caretaker type and is written for the female gaze. Oh, and the same voice as Jotaro Kujo? Yes please. But I dunno, Cat is pretty cute toooo…

Benjamin, Cat’s fairy, is also absolutely adorable. It’s nice seeing them have a good dynamic — there’s one scene where we see that Benjamin doesn’t have to guard the wing that Cat owns, nor does Benjamin really have any desire to leave. We’ve seen some fairies being so horribly treated that it’s obvious that this slavery is a horrible practice; so it’s nice to see a similar Equal-Standing esque relationship like Anne has with Lid Pod and Challe.

What do you all think? Let us know in the comments!

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