Spirittea Spirit Guide: How to Find and Recruit New Bathhouse Guests

In Spirttea, you play as the keeper of a bathhouse where spirits rest their weary souls. To recruit new bathhouse customers and stop the ghostly mischief around town, you must seek out new spirits that are haunting the townsfolk.

While your day-to-day bathhouse duties are relatively straightforward, it can be more obvious how to piece together the clues in your notebook to find and recruit that new ghost that’s been causing trouble around town. That’s where we come in with this Spirittea spirit guide, walking you through how to track down those slippery spirits so you can check off that mystery and move on to the next.

Note: This guide is still in progress! We’ll add updates as we discover new spirits.

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How to Gather Clues about New Spirits

To find new spirits for the bathhouse in Spirittea, you first need to gather clues that will lead you to them. In Spirittea, you do this in two ways: talking to the townsfolk and checking the message board.

As you talk to townsfolk, they will mention strange occurrences that will point you toward where you can find the next spirit. They will also post their concerns on the message board, which is located right next to the shop in town. Checking these notices and talking to other locals will sometimes give you additional clues to what’s going on with that spirit, which can help you track them down.

All the clues you collect will be stored in your Notebook so you can reference them again if you forget.

One last thing to note is that certain spirits won’t be available until your Spirituality level goes up. You can raise your Spirituality by running the bathhouse. Once the tree branch that grows across the back of the building reaches the crystal ball, an animation will play, and Monyan will tell you your Spirituality has increased.

How to Find Moby’s Spirit

Moby Spirit Quest
Screenshot via Gamepur

The first new recruit you’ll learn about in Spirittea is haunting Moby, the coffee shop owner who stops by to help you set up your writing desk. After a scary sighting in your house, Moby will tell you about the strange plants he’s found growing in his bathtub. This, my friend, is your first spirit-seeking quest. 

Because this is the first spirit you track down in the game after the tutorial with Wonyan, it’s a little more straightforward than the clues you’ll need to piece together next.

To start, you need to enter the big apartment complex where several townsfolk, including Moby, live. When you go up to the third floor, your character will remark that this is where Moby lives and suggest you go check out the bathtub.

There are three rooms on this floor, so you need to figure out which one is Moby’s in order to find the right bathtub. Moby’s room is the furthest to the right, closest to the stairs. Head inside and open up the bathroom to spot the bathtub.

Bathtub Spirit Spirittea
Screenshot via Gamepur

To see the spirits haunting your friends, you need to use your Spirit Vision. Toggle Spirit Vision on, and you should spot a ghostly figure in the bathtub. Go up to the figure and interact with it, choosing either of the dialogue options offered. From here, Wonyan will take over and talk the spirit right back into its former self, the large Morinoba spirit.

To finish out the quest and have it marked down as complete in your Notebook, you’ll want to find Moby at the coffee shop (or in his apartment, depending on the time of day) and talk to him. He’ll let you know his mysterious plant problems are solved, and you’re on to the next case!

How to Find Sujin’s Spirit

Sujin Spirit Quest
Screenshot via Gamepur

After you help Moby out, the next townsperson with a ghostly problem is Sujin.

To get your first clue and start the spirit search, chat with Sujin. She can usually be found in the restaurant where she works or in her boat nearby. She’ll tell you that someone has vandalized her boat. Chat with her again, and she’ll reveal that this happened after she left for work, around 5:30 PM or so. These clues together tell you the first part of your quest: stand near Sujin’s boat around 5:30 PM. But it’s a bit more complicated than that.

Spirit by Boat
Screenshot via Gamepur

When you go to the boat around 5:30 PM, you’ll see the shadowy figure that’s been vandalizing the boat. Once you speak to it, however, it will run away. It’s pretty tough to keep up with it even when you’re running, so you may lose sight of the spirit, which can make it tricky to know where to look. The spirit will not appear by the boat again after it runs off, so you have to find out where it ran off.

To follow or find this spirit again, you’ll need to locate a secret passageway that connects the temple area with the bathhouse. First, head towards the temple at the bottom of the map, using the most direct route from your house.

Secret Passageway Spirittea
Screenshot via Gamepur

As you approach, you’ll notice a dirt path that appears beneath the grey paving. This is your ticket to following the spirit. Head towards the large rocks to the west and interact with the wall directly beside them. This brings up a dialogue that tells you there’s a strange-looking stone here. Hit “press the stone,” and the rocks will move to reveal a secret passage that will take you to an old building near the bathhouse.

Spirit by Broken House
Screenshot via Gamepur

Talk to the shadowy figure there, and Wonyon will do the rest. You’ll actually encounter two new spirits this way, first meeting the vandal Borzo and the spirit who gave him the orders, tree spirit Dolmori.

Once you’ve found them, go chat with Sujin to confirm she hasn’t heard any more strange sounds near her boat and that your spirit-seeking quest is complete.

One weird thing I ran into here is that if you try to talk to her in her boat when she’s “asleep,” you’ll see her standing there but won’t be able to interact with her. If this happens, wait until later in the day and find her at the restaurant, where you’ll be able to speak with her like normal.

How to Find Young’s Temple Spirit

Temple Bell Maintenance
Screenshot via Gamepur

To start this quest, you will need to have increased your Spirituality level at least once. Then, you can check the community board or speak with Miko. Either way, you’ll learn that Young hasn’t been ringing the temple bell lately but using a rooster to signal the time instead. The community board will give you the exact times when the bell should ring: 5 AM and 8 PM.

Head down to the Temple around one of these times to investigate this spirit and get more information from Young. He’ll mention the change that’s taken place and tell you his job of making noise has been taken by a rooster. Chat with him again, and he’ll explain that he can’t ring the bell because it seems like a giant hand is holding it still.

Ghost Under the Bell
Screenshot via Gamepur

You’ll only be able to find this spirit after you’ve gained this bit of information when you’ll be able to use your spirit vision to spot the swirl of ghostly energy hiding under the bell. Interact with the bell itself, and Wonyan will see the spirit and tell them to come on out.

This spirit, Kurkapi, has been seeking a home, so you’ll need to decide where you’re willing to let it stay. You’ll be able to offer it home at the bathhouse or your own house, but either way, this new spirit will come to work for you at the bathhouse and help you keep an eye on your fire.

Once you’ve completed that interaction, you’ll wrap up the quest by checking in with Young again after another bell-ringing time has passed, so he can confirm that he’s able to use his bell again.

How to Find Bruce’s House Spirit

Bruce Quest Start Spirittea
Screenshot via Gamepur

If you talk to Bruce after reaching the right spirituality level, he’ll ask if you have had any encounters with ghosts. Speak to him again, and he’ll mention that something weird is going on in his house. This will start your mission to find the ghost that’s haunting him.

Another clue lies at the bulletin board near the Shop. Bruce will have posted asking for recommendations for durable, shatter-proof picture frames. This gives you a hint about the spirit’s activities–namely, breaking the photo in Bruce’s house. Bruce will also mention this if you keep talking to him while the quest is active.

Bruce House Spirittea
Screenshot via Gamepur

To find this spirit, you’ll need to stop by Bruce’s house, the one with the grey roof, directly north of the convenience store. It’s best to come during the morning, shortly after Bruce leaves for his job. Bruce leaves around 8 AM and the spirit seems to knock the photo down around 9 AM. 

Bruce House Spirit Spirittea
Screenshot via Gamepur

When you speak to the spirit, you learn that it’s destroying the shrine on purpose because Bruce’s house was built over its shrine. To placate the spirit, you and Wonyan offer to find it a new place to live. 

The spirit can’t move into any of the operating shrines where you can deliver offerings. Instead, you’re looking for the old destroyed shrine south of Bruce’s house. Walk South from his house, down past the shop, and a bit to the right. Here, you’ll see an old shrine. Turn on Spirit Vision and chat with Wonyan while standing near the damaged shrine and you’ll develop a plan to fix it up. 

Next, head right next door to the Shop. Interact with the shopkeeper and she’ll conveniently inform you they just got in a repair kit. You’ll need to purchase the Repair Kit for 300 Moolags to fix up the shrine. 

Old Damaged Shrine Spirittea
Screenshot via Gamepur

Interact with the shrine while the Repair Kit is in your backpack and you’ll be able to work on the shrine. Each time you work on the shrine, three hours will pass. It’s very damaged, apparently, because you’ll need to do three work sessions before it’s good enough for the spirit in Bruce’s house to move in. 

Head back to Bruce’s house around 9 AM to speak with the spirit and let it know its new home is ready. You’ll go show the spirit the repaired shrine, which will help it remember that it is the old spirit Fenius. Once you do this, you’ll have a new guest for the bathhouse and you’ll also unlock the ability to sell and buy things from the newly repaired shrine, where Fenius will open up a shop. 

To mark the mission as complete in your notebook, check in with Bruce the next morning and he’ll let you know that the picture is safe and sound.

How to Find Julian’s Soup Thief Spirit

Julian Quest Start Spirittea
Screenshot via Gamepur

The mission to find the soup thief sparks off when you talk to Sujin or read her posting, noting that Julian is furious about the mysterious disappearance of his food. Talk to Julian at his Restaurant, and you’ll see that he’s indeed angrily ranting to himself. You’ll need to talk to him again to learn he’s dealing with a food thief, then keep chatting to get more details about what’s been going on.

Kitchen Spirit Spirittea
Screenshot via Gamepur

After he asks you to let him know if you see anything out of the ordinary, wait for Julian to start cooking. Then, turn on your Spirit vision and you’ll see a spirit lurking just beside the pot. Interact with it and you’ll learn he’s been stealing the food because he wants to taste Julian’s delicious soup recipe again.

Talk to Julian once again, and he’ll tell you about his family soup recipe, which he lent out to Tifa. Naturally, that means you’ll have to track her down to find out what she did with the recipe. Tifa reveals that she lost it somewhere on the Western beach, so head to the west side of the map to scout out the beach.

It’s not immediately obvious where to look for the recipe, and I spent a good bit of time poking around before I figured out that one of the hermit crabs took it. Interact with crabs on the beach until one of them drops the recipe. In my experience, you have to pick up three crabs before one drops the recipe.

Julian's Secret Recipe
Screenshot via Gamepur

Finding the recipe isn’t the end of the mission, however. When you pick it up, you’ll get a little tutorial about how to cook in Spirittea, which means you’ll need to make Julian’s family soup for the spirit yourself.

Head to your house and interact with your kitchen to learn which ingredients you’ll need. Click on the recipes panel to see the names for the pictured ingredients. Then, we’re on an ingredient fetch quest! Here are the ingredients you’ll need for Julian’s soup, and where to find them:

  • Crimson Shrimp Soup: Surprise! You have to cook soup before you can cook soup. Buy the Crimson Shrimp Soup recipe at the Shop for 30 Moolags. The inventory varies, so it may take a few visits before you see it for sale. Then, you’ll need to gather the ingredients. This recipe requires Shrimp, Ugligrass, and Spicy Peppers. Shrimp and Spicy peppers are sold at the Shop, so you can buy them there. Ugligrass is a harvestable item, usually found near the Eastern beach, by the stairs to the bathhouse. Once you have the ingredients, cook them on your stove (using the boil option) and stow the soup until you get the other ingredients.
  • Soy Sauce: This ingredient is also sold at the Shop for 49 Moolags.
  • Demon Pepper: A harvestable most often found growing up near the bathhouse.

Once you gather these ingredients, it’s time to make Julian’s special soup! Use your kitchen to make the soup, then take it to Julian’s restaurant while he is there cooking.

Julian's Soup Spirittea
Screenshot via Gamepur

Use your Spirit Vision to find the spirit by the stove again and interact with it to feed it the soup. Once you do so, the spirit will remember that it is Wasajiji. It will become your newest bathhouse customer… just as soon as it learns about newfangled modern-day currency.

How to Find The Text Box Spirit

Text Box Noodles
Screenshot via Gamepur

This spirit mission breaks the fourth wall in spectacular fashion, as a spirit invades the game’s textbox. Once you reach a certain spirituality level, a strange blank text box will pop up and Wonyan will remark that you should look into it the next time it does. The box will keep popping up until you interact with it, which can be pretty puzzling if you’re not sure what to do.

To progress this mission, when the text box pops up you’ll need to click on the door shutters in the textbox and they will open to reveal a spilled cup of noodles. After this happens a few more times with Wonyan’s commentary, switching on your Spirit Vision will reveal a ghostly form lurking in the frame.

Bring Me the Noodles
Screenshot via Gamepur

They’ll inform you that you scared them and made them drop their noodles, so they refuse to talk to you until you get them some more noodles. Buy some curry noodles from the convenience store and make sure you’re holding them the next time the text box interrupts your strolls through town. Basically, wander around for a bit while holding the curry noodles, and the spirit will appear.

From here, the spirit will happily eat the noodles and reveal itself to be Onishi, a massive woodland spirit. Just like that, you’ve got another bathhouse guest on your list. Unfortunately, Onishi’s not quite done plaguing your UI just yet, as this messy spirit will wind up leaving behind some gunk you’ll need to learn to clean up.

How to Find Miko’s Carrot Thief Spirit

Miko Quest Start
Screenshot via Gamepur

Miko and Amelia reveal that they’ve got a bit of a mystery on their hands with the case of the carrot thief. This quest also includes a posting on the Bulletin Board in which Miko gently asks that people feel free to help themselves to her garden… but to keep it within reason.

Your most helpful hint comes from Amelia, who will share that she checked in on the garden at 3 AM and the carrots were untouched. This means you’ll need to head to the garden after that time to catch the carrot thief in action. Our hungry spirit tends to spawn at around 4:14 AM and will head for the larger garden in the center of town to scrounge for some carrots. This is the bigger vegetable patch, just below EKO’s Convenience Store.

When it spots you, the spirit will get spooked and run off. Wonyan remarks that you’ll need to think of a way to keep it distracted so he can subdue the ghost and keep it from running off. It’s not immediately clear how to do this, but a recent change in the Shop’s inventory gives you a hint. Suddenly, there’s a recipe for carrot cake and all the ingredients you need on hand. To distract this carrot-loving spirit, you’ll need to bake up something sweet.

Carrot Cake Recipe
Screenshot via Gamepur

To make carrot cake, you’ll actually need two recipes: the carrot cake recipe and the basic cake recipe. Both can be purchased at the Shop. Once you have the recipes, you’ll need to gather the ingredients. Here’s what you need for step one, baking a basic white cake:

  • Egg. Can be purchased at the Shop for 5 Moolags.
  • Flour. Can be purchased at the Shop for 40 Moolags.
  • Milk. Costs 25 Moolags at EKO’s Convenience Store.

Once you have these items, you can bake the first ingredient in the recipe for carrot cake, which is… cake. Then, you’ll need to combine it with the two ingredients to somehow transform the plain cake into carrot cake:

  • Cream Cheese. Sells for 40 Moolags at EKO’s Convenience Store.
  • Carrot. Sells for 30 Moolags at the Shop.

Combine your ingredients and bake once more to get your hands on a slice of carrot cake. This will be your spirit bait, so have it on hand and head back to the large garden around 4:14 AM. Place the cake in the garden row near where you previously saw the spirit. Make sure you stand on the side furthest from Miko and Quill’s house, because if the spirit sees you before it sees the cake, it’ll run off again.

Hiding Near Carrot Cake Spirittea
Screenshot via Gamepur

Once the spirit starts snacking on the cake, Wonyan will come hit it over the head with a coin. After some dialogue, the spirit will reveal itself to be the stylish rabbit spirit Upo. She will agree to become your newest bathhouse guest, and as an added bonus, you already know her favorite food to serve up and max out her happiness in the bath (it’s carrot cake).

How to Find Yari’s Crow Spirit

Yari's Crow Quest Start
Screenshot via Gamepur

During the Summer, a new tenant will move into the house on the beach. His name is Yari, and he has a wild story to share. Talk to Yari, and he’ll inform you that some crows picked him up and flew off with him. He’ll warn you to stay away from the crows, but if you want to find your next spirit, you shouldn’t take his advice. In my experience, it’s basically impossible not to leave your conversation with him and immediately spark this mission, but your crow-finding mileage may vary.

Once you’ve talked to Yuri, find a crow. It will flap its wings wildly and follow you around. Find two more, and together, the three of them will fly you off to the bathhouse and drop you. Wonyan will remark that one crow was being weirder than the rest and suggest you find the weirdest crow.

Travel by Crow
Screenshot via Gamepur

You will be exhausted from your crow-related travels, so make your way towards your home from the bathhouse, passing through the center of town as you go. On the way, try to avoid getting too close to the crows, since they’ll stick to you again and you risk being whisked off to the bathhouse a second time. As you walk through the town, pop on your Spirit Vision, and you should see a spirit lurking amongst the feathered friends.

Crow Spirit
Screenshot via Gamepur

Once you spot it, Wonyan will give the ghostly form a good talking to about messing around with the locals, and you’ll learn that this spirit is the crow spirit Coronis. Another mystery solved and another bathhouse guest acquired.

How to Find Leigh’s Art Vandal Spirit 

Leigh Community Board Notice Spirittea
Screenshot by Gamepur

This mission begins when Leigh posts a colorful notice to the community board, reminding people that vandalizing artwork is not okay. From here, I found this one a bit tricky to get through, and maybe even a smidge on the glitchy side.

None of my interactions with Leigh resulted in any notes added to my notebook, so I wasn’t really sure I could even find the spirit until I did. So be aware that you should be able to track down this spirit once the notice is up, even if no one else is offering up any hints.

Leigh Spot is Bigger Spirittea
Screenshot by Gamepur

The key to this quest is to stop by and chat with Leigh while he’s working on his easel next to his van. When you do this, he’ll remark about a strange dark spot appearing on his painting. Keep chatting to him and he’ll talk about how it seems to be getting bigger. You’ll need to do this a few times, and then when you look at the artwork you’ll see the outline of a spirit at the edge of it. 

Spirit Hiding in Painting Spirittea
Screenshot by Gamepur

Once the spirit outline appears on Leigh’s painting, visit him while he’s working again and chat. He’ll mention that the spot seems to have gone away by magic… but then, a giant laughing spirit face will pop up right in the middle of his canvas! At this point, when you switch on your Spirit vision, you should be able to see a crouched shadow hiding behind the easel.

Spirit Hiding Behind Painting Spirittea
Screenshot by Gamepur

Interact with it and Wonyan will take over, revealing the spirit to be the paintbrush-wielding bird spirit, Corvink.

How to Find Sora’s Sleepwalking Spirit

Tera Concerned about Sora Spirittea
Screenshot by Gamepur

To find Sora’s spirit, you’ll need to get the timing right. But when you do, you get more than just a new bathhouse guest out of it. Finding Sora’s spirit also unlocks the Secret Shop in Spirittea, where you can buy additional treasure maps and other goodies. 

This quest starts when Tera tells you that she heard Sora leaving the Pension at 2 AM on a Sunday morning. Around this time, Sora will also post to the Community Board asking for tips on getting enough sleep. 

In order to find this spirit, you have to go to the building on the beach (the Pension) just before 2 AM on a Sunday morning. This can make finding this spirit in Spirttea a bit frustrating since you’ll have to wait a full in-game week if you miss it. 

Wake up around 1:30 AM or so to give yourself time to walk down to the beach on a Sunday morning. Then, enter the house and wait in the kitchen. At just about 2 AM, a strange figure will come down the stairs.

Masked Figure Spirittea
Screenshot by Gamepur

Turn on Spirit Vision and interact with the figure, and a dialogue with Wonyan will begin. You can also catch this spirit coming out of the house as well, so you can wait outside the Pension and catch it as it leaves if you prefer.

Wonyan is initially upset that this spirit is possessing a mortal, but apparently, Sora’s fine with it. The spirit reveals itself to be Ruko, an entrepreneurial spirit who runs the Secret Shop every Sunday night with Sora’s help. Ruko isn’t lost, unlike the other spirits, so he has no big reveal.

Ruko Spirittea
Screenshot by Gamepur

Once you find Ruko, you’ll be able to visit the shop up near the bathouse every Sunday night to get unique items. 

How to Find Tobi’s Hot Springs Spirit

Tobi Community Board Hot Springs Post
Screenshot by Gamepur

This spirit mission is one of the silliest and also most frustrating in Spirittea so far. Like Sora’s spirit mission, this one is all about timing, and you’ll only get one chance per in-game week to get it right. Before you can unlock this quest, you’ll need to repair the path to the hot springs by donating logs from the bathhouse, along with a generous infusion of moolags.

The hunt begins with Tobi posting a notice to the Community Board, warning townsfolk that it’s not safe to go to the hot spring at night, especially Sunday nights. Soon after if you chat with Young, he’ll tell you he saw Tobi running around naked near the temple at night.

From these clues, your next steps become clear. You will need to visit the hot springs on a Sunday night. The timing for this is also pretty exact, though it’s less obvious without trial and error. Head to the hot springs just after midnight on Sunday night (technically, this will now be Monday morning). To spark the necessary event, bathe in the hot springs. For some reason, this didn’t work for me the first Sunday I tried it, so I had to come back the next week.

Spirit Bus Spirittea
Screenshot by Gamepur

Soon after you settle in, a mysterious ghostly bus will appear and run you down. You will wake up on the beach down by the temple, wearing nothing but your birthday suit. Seeing your alarming state, Wonyan will suggest you should go look for your clothes up by the hot springs.

Where You Find your Clothes Spirittea
Screenshot by Gamepur

Head up to the hiking trails near the hot springs and follow the water until you spot a pile of clothes just over the bridge (I found mine at the spot with the star in the map above). Pick them up, and Wonyan will notice that the bus driver left behind some tracks, which you can only see at night (of course).

Spirittea Footprints
Screenshot by Gamepur

Spend the day as you please, then head back up this way at night to follow the tracks. They’re a bit hard to see, but you should be able to keep track of the small black dots popping up as you walk up towards the abandoned building. Here, you will encounter the culprit behind your nighttime nudity, the monkey spirit Umakiki.

How to Find Clarence’s Hiking Trail Spirit

Clarence Confiding in You Spirittea
Screenshot by Gamepur

Now that the hiking trail near the hot springs is unlocked, you’ve got another spirit to find there. This quest begins with Clarence confiding that he heard a voice while he was hiking with Sophia one Saturday night. This hint may make you think that the day is important, but thankfully, it isn’t. You’ll just need to wait for cover of night to find this lost spirit.

Once it’s dark, head up the hiking trail. You’ll want to go all the way to the top of the trail to admire the view. Pay careful attention to the statues you see on the way up and where they’re located, because this will come into play with this spirit.

Hiking Trail Spirit Spiritea
Screenshot by Gamepur

Once you get to the summit, you’ll hear the voice that Clarence was talking about, making some rude remarks about you being out for a walk on your own. Turn on Spirit Vision, and the lost spirit will ask if you’re looking for it. For me, this didn’t happen until I stopped by a second time, so if it doesn’t work for you, try again the next night.

Spirit Vision Hiking Trail
Screenshot by Gamepur

Once the spirit notices you’re searching for it, it will issue a challenge. If you can find it, disguised as a statue, it will speak with you. This is a pretty frustrating little puzzle at first, as the spirit will hide on the map nearby three separate times. You need to find the statue that wasn’t there before and click on it within the time limit. If you choose wrong, the game will end and you’ll have to come back later to try again.

Spirittea Statues Locations 2
Screenshot by Gamepur
Spirittea Statues Locations 1
Screenshot by Gamepur

The key to this is paying careful attention to where the statues are located on the trail leading up to the summit. The fake statues will spawn in different locations each time you take on the challenge, so it’s not as simple as memorizing the order. However, there are a few key locations where it seems to spawn, which I’ve marked on the map from my experience. Once you have a handle on the surroundings, it’s not too tough to find the imposter.

After you successfully click on the fake statue three times, you’ll meet the spirit Noas.

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