Spider-Man 2 PS5 Ending Explained: Does Venom Get Defeated?

With the release of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, superhero fans may now take another crazy adventure through a virtual version of New York City on the PlayStation 5. There are numerous deep-cut allusions to the Spider-Man comics throughout the game, which is packed full of well-known Marvel characters and antagonists.

A couple of those references even refer to Insomniac’s upcoming Spider-Man game. Let’s examine Spider-Man 2’s conclusion and the side missions that laid the groundwork for future Spider-Man games. You may anticipate the appearance of Spidey’s biggest enemy as well as the return of Doctor Octopus in a Spider-Man sequel.

Spider-Man 2 PS5 Ending Explained

Firstly, it’s important to note that although the Spider-Man universe created by Insomniac incorporates well-known storylines and characters from other realities, such as the primary Earth-616 continuity, the production company also often adds their unique interpretation to the tale.

While many of the components and Easter eggs in this game are familiar, they deviate from the comics’ original design. Eddie Brock, the most well-known alter ego of Venom, is the most blatant and evident illustration of this. Harry Osborn, Peter’s closest buddy in the Spider-Man universe created by Insomniac, is Venom. Though it’s conveyed with a blend of loneliness and annoyance with Peter rather than plain hatred, Harry’s version of Venom is extremely similar to Brock’s.

Similarly, Peter gains access to “anti-venom” abilities late in the game with the help of Miles and Mr. Negative. Anti-Venom is a completely different character in the comics, and Peter has never worn the mantle himself. Additionally, Mary Jane is briefly overtaken by a symbiote and transforms into the villainous Scream; nevertheless, Scream is not the same as MJ in the comic book.

Spider Man 2
Spider-Man 2 (Credit: Sony)

Easter eggs abound as well; one such example is how Agent Venom, the hero, and Harry’s crime-fighting Symbiote armor are strikingly similar. Insofar as it clarifies potential story arcs and discrepancies, we shall refer to comic continuity for the sake of this article. We’ll treat Insomniac’s Spider-Verse as its planet since it’s its continuity—Earth 1048, to be exact.

Defeat Of Venom

In Spider-Man 2’s conclusion, Peter, Miles, and MJ collaborate to take out the meteorite that appears to be linked to the symbiote consciousness while avoiding Venom. Dr. Connors has informed Peter at this point in the narrative that Harry has gone too far, but Peter is determined to save his friend.

Ultimately, he succeeds in freeing Harry from the suit in time to prevent the meteorite from exploding, but Harry suffers greatly in separating from the symbiote. He is transported to the hospital after saying his final words to Peter, “I love you,” and is barely alive.

However, not before his father, Norman Osborn, sees Spider-Man there and accuses him of being the reason for his son’s illness. It’s important to note that Norman is aware of Harry’s symbiote. In the opening cinematic, Norman is seen handing it to him, witnessing his son change into the terrifying Venom, and undoubtedly noticing symbiote activity throughout New York City.

However, Norman is also shown to be a grieving man who lost his wife and is in danger of losing his son. Therefore, it’s possible that he’s not acting rationally when he holds Spider-Man responsible for the events, particularly considering that earlier in the game, Spider-Man hoarded the costume while his son’s condition grew worse.

Harry shows some evidence of brain activity, according to a specialist, but his chances of ever waking up are slim. After Norman orders the doctor only to keep Harry alive, he goes crazy and smashes everything in his path while Peter and MJ awkwardly watch themselves through.

Spider Man 2
Spider-Man 2 (Credit: Sony)

Then he calls an unidentified number and instructs them to start preparing the “G-serum” immediately. This appears to be an intentional allusion to Norman’s evil alter persona, the Green Goblin, who was Spider-Man’s archenemy during the Silver Age. For such a significant antagonist, Green Goblin has been noticeably absent from the narrative up to this point.

Goblin is wealthy enough to develop destructive technologies, despises Spider-Man to no end, and gains superhuman strength via scientific research. The G-serum might be the final straw that pushes Norman over the edge into supervillain territory because all the pieces appear to be in place for that.

Green Goblin is frequently contrasted with Norman treating Peter as a stand-in son, as demonstrated by their heart-to-heart conversation when Harry was becoming worse. It is unclear at this point if Norman wants to use the G-serum to treat his unconscious kid or if he wants to use it to go after Spider-Man. The wise choice would likely be the latter.

What Happens With The Other Villians?

By the time Spider-Man 2 ends, several well-known villains will have either died or undergone some transformation. When it comes to villains who have passed away, this usually indicates we won’t be seeing them return in any more chapters.

We might very likely witness the return of rehabilitated supervillains to aid Peter and Miles. We find out why Kraven traveled to New York City on a hunt akin to The Most Dangerous Game as the narrative develops. He had a fatal illness, but instead of passing away from it, he preferred to locate a hunt that would kill him first. Supervillain suicide, if you will.

He eliminates a number of the bad guys from the first game in the process. Vulture, Electro, and Scorpion are all explicitly stated or suggested to have been killed by Kraven. Kraven eventually gets his dream as Venom executes him in a very cruel way. The bad guys, however, aren’t limited to beheadings and stabbings; some of them survive to fight another day.

When Sandman learned of Kraven’s plans, he lost control and tried to save his daughter. Sandman is now securely imprisoned in the Raft. After finding every fragment of his memories, the Spider-Men left his daughter a small souvenir.

Kraven arrested Tombstone, who was working at Coney Island and appeared to have gone straight; however, with the aid of Peter and Harry, he managed to escape. Dr. Connors, also known as Lizard, was forced to become his hideous alter ego by Kraven. Still, he was cured and returned to his job searching for a treatment for Harry, becoming more and more concerned about the symbiotic qualities.

Spider Man 2
Spider-Man 2 (Credit: Sony)

He’s still working for Norman Osborn from when we last saw him. Although MJ mentions that she briefly trained with Silver Sable during Peter’s vacation in Spider-Man: Miles Morales, the mercenary is still present even though she isn’t featured in the campaign.

Amidst all of this, Quentin Beck, also known as Mysterio, almost had himself arrested and imprisoned for kidnapping and robbery because of his experiences playing Mysterio. However, his business associates were discovered.

Even though Beck has vowed to abstain from villainy, he cautions that as long as the technology is available and in the hands of others, “Mysterio” will always be a persona used for evil intent. The superthief Black Cat and her companion managed to flee to Paris with Miles’ assistance, narrowly avoiding the entire Kraven and Venom controversy.

Martin Li, also known as Mr. Negative, was the villain who underwent the biggest face-turning. Miles’s character journey included a significant narrative point with his unresolved resentment toward Li for killing his father, but by the conclusion, the two had made up. To atone for his previous deeds, Mr. Negative even aided the Spider-Men by collaborating with Miles to assist in cleansing Peter of any residual symbiote consciousness.

Spider Man 2
Spider-Man 2 (Credit: Sony)

The story may stop there if he wanders off without Miles pursuing, but it’s also possible that he returns to assist once more. Similar to this, after both of them finish exploring the Flame series of side objectives, the antihero Wraith is free to leave Peter. Insomniacs created the framework for the introduction of a few more supervillains amid all this killing and reforming of them.

In addition to Goblin being alluded to in the main campaign, there were hints that two more characters would be included in upcoming titles. The first is Kraven’s brother, Chameleon. In his quest for one more hunt, Kraven was ruthless toward everyone, including his own family, as the primary plot revealed.

However, as he was hunting someone who could effectively murder him, his drones detected the presence of an especially peculiar face. Of all, a Venom narrative would not be complete without at least a whiff of carnage. A fiery red-haired cult leader was first introduced in the Flame Sidequest series.

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