Something Between Us Chapter 90: Everything You Need To Know

Something Between Us, the romance Manhwa has ended with Chapter 89. Readers had a good time reading the manhwa, and now they are wondering if there might be a chance that Something Between Us will return with another season or perhaps some new chapters in the future.

We will answer all your questions in this article about the upcoming chapters of Be Something Between Us. Sooah confessed to Hubeom that she always thought weddings were too formal, but she had a change of mind recently.

She believed people needed that kind of thing because life passes by too quickly, so people needed that kind of thing to hold on to moments they did not want to forget. Hubeom got a couple of rings for them; he felt bad about not thinking about it sooner. Sooah told him that even though she did not think about it, she was excited to exchange the rings.

Hubeom put the ring on her finger, and Sooah felt embarrassed for a reason. Hubeom admitted that even he was embarrassed more than he expected, which was weird, but they both felt happy, so they did not care about it.

Something Between Us Chapter 90
Something Between Us (Credits: Kakao Webtoon)

Hubeom suggested to Sooah that they should move in together. Sooah was nervous about taking that step, but she believed that as long as Hubeom was with her, everything would be alright.

Seoul used to feel foreign to Sooah, but since Hubeom was with her all the time and there were moments and places they shared, Seoul began to feel like home to her. Sooah turned thirty, and things started moving steadily in her work life and relationship.

Sooah and Hubeom made kimbap together, but because Hubeom was a perfectionist, he annoyed Sooah with his constant remarks. Sooah decided to let him do it on his own since she was not as good at making kimbap as he was.

But Hubeom realized his mistake and apologized to her for being too serious. Sooha told him that making food together was supposed to be fun, but he was taking it too seriously, which did not seem right to her.

She mentioned that Kimbap was still delicious, even if it was not perfect, so he did not need to complain too much. Sooah easily forgives him because he is genuine with his apology after they made it up.

The two of them went out for a picnic date; they took quite a while while fighting and making kimbap, but the sunset was not bad. They had a nice time during their date. Let’s inform you if there will be Something Between Us Chapter 90 and where you can read Something Between Us Chapter 90 raw online.

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Something Between Us Chapter 89 Recap

Sooah mentioned to Hubeom that he was enjoying the kimbap too much. Hubeom told her he was starving, which made sense as to why he was eating too fast. After finishing their food, Sooah laid down to take some rest. Hubeom reminded her that lying down after eating food was not a good habit, and Sooah reminded him she had been doing that for a good ten years.

Something Between Us Chapter 90
Something Between Us (Credits: Kakao Webtoon)

Sooah informed Hubeom that she had been training a new person at work. Hubeom was surprised that Sooah was taking charge of people at her work. He was wondering how she felt about it.

Sooah told him it felt great, and she wanted to treat the girl nicely at work. She also moved to the city recently, like Sooah, and she wanted a good manager for her. Hubeom told her she had grown up, and he told her about his life goal to become Sooah’s family. Sooah also felt the same way; she also wanted to become Hubeom’s family.

Will There Be Something Between Us Chapter 90?

Be Something Between Us has ended with Chapter 90, so unfortunately, there will not be any new chapters in the future. There is no news about the continuation of the manhwa from the author.

So we readers have to believe that Something Between Us ended on a good note, and Hubeom and Sooah got married and started a family in the future, just like they always wanted to. Readers can look forward to author Min Hong’s upcoming projects for more amazing romantic stories.

Where To Read Something Between Us Chapters?

Something Between Us Chapters will be available on Tapas with English Translation. Readers can find Something Between Us Chapters raw on Kakao Webtoon.

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