Someone Found Out How to Speedrun the Martinico Sequence in RE4 Remake Separate Ways DLC

The recently released Separate Ways DLC for Resident Evil 4 Remake brought not only plenty of perfectly tuned nostalgia to complement the game’s stellar main campaign, but it introduced some very clever surprises and new additions. One such addition was the (almost) invincible monster known as Martinico that Ada is ambushed by during Chapter 6 of her campaign. This ruthless mutated beast goes on a rampage, and begins a dangerous cat-and-mouse sequence that must be done perfectly to avoid getting chomped. However, thanks to someone with a keen eye, it turns out there’s a trick to make things easier and quicker. Here’s how to effectively speedrun the Martinico sequence in RE4 Remake Separate Ways.

How to Speedrun and Escape Martinico in RE4 Remake Separate Ways DLC

Resident Evil 4 Remake Separate Ways how to escape Martinico faster
Image Source: Capcom via Twinfinite

While attempting to get to the Comms Tower in Chapter 6 per Wesker’s orders, Ada makes her way through the facility underneath it, which holds even more dirty secrets from the Los Illuminados. It turns out that among the many experiments done with the Las Plagas parasite, one creature that got out of control the moment it was a “success” was known as Martinico. It’s virtually unstoppable, as you’ll find that conventional weapons don’t work on it at all, so don’t bother.

This means that it becomes a matter of evasion and escape for Ada, as if she’s caught by the monster it’s an instant game over. An extensive sequence starts to essentially lure Martinico towards its only known weakness: the infamous Laser Room that Leon had to contend with in the original version of the game. It appears like there’s only one set route to pull it off, and it can be especially time-consuming for those trying to speedrun their playthrough for the coveted S+ Rank.

However, a trick to streamline the whole sequence was actually uncovered recently by a player named ‘BladerKoyotte’ (‘KoyMiscellanious’ on YouTube), who posted it on Reddit to help out fellow speedrunners. His video reveals the secret which is actually pretty easy to overlook, and can only be done if you have at least one grenade or blast arrow to spare.

Resident Evil 4 Remake Separate Ways how to get past Martinico faster
Image Source: KoyMiscellanious via YouTube

When the chase sequence with Martinico begins, and you run around the corner to turn the pump wheel to stop the gas leak, you normally will then run around the next corner and squeeze through the white bulkhead doors on your left to get free from the monster, for a moment at least. From there, you’re forced to crawl through a sewage-filled passage underneath the main pathway where Martinico is lurking, to get to the other side of the facility and to the next section of the sequence.

However, the trick employed by KoyMiscellanious involves running past those bulkhead doors to a crumbling concrete wall at the end of the hallway on the right. It definitely looks very breakable, and with a single grenade (regular or heavy) or blast arrow from the crossbow, the wall will crumble completely, revealing another partially-open bulkhead for you to squeeze through. Martinico will try to grab you just like on the normal route, and then you’ll be free for the moment.

Resident Evil 4 Remake Separate Ways how to skip part of the Martinico chase sequence
Image Source: KoyMiscellanious via YouTube

From there, run through the blasted opening in the wall immediately in front of you on the left, literally two steps forward from where you just ducked through. Make your way down the hall, and you will have basically skipped the entire vent crawl section of the chase. It may not seem like much in hindsight, but if you are indeed going for an S+ Rank completion, you’ll know that every minute in a playthrough carries weight. Wherever you’re able to shave off a bit of time can contribute to another task or fight down the line that’s more difficult and may require more time to get past.

That concludes our guide on how to speedrun the Martinico sequence in RE4 Remake Separate Ways. This was thanks in no small part to KoyMiscellanious, and if you find any other secrets during your own speedruns that you feel could be useful, let us know.

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