Snoop Dogg Honored With ‘4/20 Halfway’ On ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’

Snoop Dogg has been associated with weed since he first came to the world’s attention for his work on an album appropriately titled The Chronic. And now at long last, the Doggfather has gotten his proper respect — an award for “significant contributions to the popularization of marijuana” from none other than Jimmy Kimmel.

On Thursday (October 19) the West Coast MC appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live, where the host proclaimed the rapper’s birthday (October 20) the “new high holiday.” He also pointed out the date’s relationship to a number long associated with cannabis.

“Mr. Dogg’s birthday falls on the exact midpoint to 4/20—a coincidence that is totally tripping me out right now,” Kimmel said.

Kimel joked that celebrating half-birthdays is a significant tradition in his own family (“We sing Halfy Birthday, we have half a cake”), before moving on to his inspiration for celebrating Snoop.

Last year, he said, “I was sitting there thinking, ‘I wonder what the half-birthday of 4/20 is.’”

He figured it out and quickly realized that the date, 10/20, was “my friend Snoop Dogg’s birthday.” “It absolutely blew my mind,” the host continued. “And I thought, ‘Why shouldn’t this be a holiday?’” Check out the full video below.

Unpacking a sizable document from an oversized box, which Guillermo Rodriguez, Kimmel’s sidekick, helped carry, Kimmel proceeded to read a proclamation aloud commemorating the “holiday.”

“Whereas, Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr., known worldwide as Snoop Doggy Dogg, has made significant contributions to the popularization of marijuana — AKA weed, pot, ganja, herb, bud, trees, cheeba, kush, chronic, reefer, dank, sticky icky icky and jolly green giggle sticks.

Whereas, Mr. Dogg’s birthday (miraculously) falls on the exact midway point to 4/20 — a coincidence that is totally tripping me out right now.

We encourage tokers around the world to lift their goblets of Gin N’ Juice, blaze their blunts, scooby their doobies, and share their Satan’s Spinach—to pay tribute—as I, Jizzimy Kizzimel, proclaim the 20th day of October to be DoggFather’s Day.”

“Bow-Wow-Wow Yippie-Yo-Yippie-Yay-men,” he concluded, all while encouraging the audience to bow their heads in agreement before presenting Snoop with a “Presidential Medal of Weedom.”

Snoop playfully kept the [George] Clinton-esque vibe going by responding, “One nation under a bud leaf,” a nod to the 1978 Funkadelic classic “One Nation Under a Groove.”

Snoop Dogg Doesn't Drink The Alcohol Brands He Endorses: 'I'm Here To Get Money, Not Drunk'

Snoop Dogg Doesn’t Drink The Alcohol Brands He Endorses: ‘I’m Here To Get Money, Not Drunk’

Kimmel’s proclamation is far from the first time someone has mentioned Snoop’s love for the green. Earlier this year, during a visit to the No Jumper podcast, jewelry designer to the stars Ben Baller revealed that the “Drop It Like It’s Hot” rhymer was so desperate to get his hands on weed during a trip to South Korea that he offered to record features for anyone with the hookup.

“With Snoop’s first time going to Korea, he’s like, ‘Hey cuz, I need to get some weed.’ I was like, ‘Look, I’m going to get you some weed, don’t trip. I’m going to tell you what hotel to stay at where you can actually smoke,’” Ben recalled.

“So he goes there — this is like eight years ago — and I pretty much got all the weed possible in the entire country of Korea to his fucking hotel room. The funny thing is, he’s like, ‘Yo, this shit is off the hook!’”

He continued: “He runs through that, so Snoop goes on his social media, and he goes, ‘I don’t give a fuck who you are. Anybody in Korea right now, bring me whatever weed you have.’ And his manager got mad about the shit because what he offered was absolutely insane.

“Snoop goes ‘I’m doing features right now for weed, and I’m signing off on the clearance.’ If I was a rapper in, like, Indonesia or somewhere else, I would’ve flown to Korea [and] took the chance because, bro, the hardest part is the clearance right?”

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