Show Creator Reveals If Dot Fulfilled Her Promise To Gator

The following contains spoilers for Fargo season 5, episode 10.


  • Noah Hawley reveals whether Dot fulfills her promise to visit a broken Gator in prison.
  • Gator’s victimization by Roy leads to Dot sympathizing with his plight.
  • The thematic component of forgiveness expressed through food is a key element in the Fargo season 5 finale.

Show creator Noah Hawley reveals whether Dot fulfilled her promise to Gator in the Fargo season 5 finale. Debts came due in the final episodes of FX’s acclaimed series inspired by the works of the Coen Brothers, and no one paid a higher price than Joe Keery’s Gator. The penultimate episode saw Gator being blinded by a vengeful Ole Munch (Sam Spruell), and brutally rejected by his father Roy Tillman (Jon Hamm). In the finale, a broken Gator received forgiveness from Dot (Juno Temple), who promised to come visit him in jail with cookies.

Forgiveness expressed via food was indeed a key thematic component in the Fargo season 5 finale, as conveyed by show creator Hawley, who spoke to THR about whether Dot would actually follow through on her promise to visit Gator, and gave an emphatic yes. Check out his remarks below:

The solution is to eat something made with love and be forgiven. People have asked me: Do I think Dot is going to visit Gator (Joe Keery) in prison the way she said that she would? I said, oh yeah. Once a month, she and Scotty are baking cookies and driving them over and Dot will tell Scotty, “I know he scared you and he’s sorry, but mommy grew up in this house and this was my step brother and then my stepson, which is weird, but he’s a person, these are all people, we’re all people, and we just have to see each other as people in order to not be afraid of each other.”

Why Dot Forgives Gator In Fargo Season 5, Episode 10

Juno Temple comforts a blinded Joe Keery in Fargo season 5, episode 10

Tillman’s initial failed kidnapping of Dot set in motion the violent events of Fargo season 5, giving Gator a chance to prove himself to his father by going back to Dot’s house and trying again to snatch her. But Gator himself failed utterly, as him and his masked goons were defeated by Dot’s traps. Adding insult to injury, one of Gator’s men was murdered by Ole Munch, spurring Gator to go on his own quest for revenge.

Going at Ole Munch indeed proved a terrible idea for Gator, as he was tricked by his adversary and kidnapped and subsequently blinded. By Fargo season 5’s finale, all pretense of hardness had been stripped from Gator, who was deemed a “useless hand” by his father. The sight of a blinded Gator sitting on a gurney amid the aftermath of the raid on Roy’s ranch was by itself enough to elicit sympathy from Dot. But Dot also knew that Gator, her step-brother-turned-stepson, was victimized by Roy as much as anyone, and their shared experience of abuse at the hands of Roy allowed her to deeply sympathize with Gator’s plight.

Fargo season 5’s finale saw Dot also achieving forgiveness with Ole Munch, via biscuits.

It would have indeed been unthinkable for Dot to do anything but forgive Gator, given her basic nature. It’s therefore no surprise to hear Fargo creator Hawley confirming that Gator will be getting a visit in jail from a cookie-bearing Dot after the events of the season 5 finale.

Source: THR

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Fargo is a Black Comedy Crime Drama television series that is based on the film of the same name, which was originally created by the Coen Brothers. The TV adaptation was developed by Noah Hawley and follows an anthology format for each of its seasons, taking place in a different time period or location within the “Fargo” universe. So far, the series has seen big-name stars like Billy Bob Thornton, Ewan McGregor, Chris Rock, and Kirsten Dunst.

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