Secret Facts About the Viltrumites, Ranked

Robert Kirkman’s stories have helped elevate Image Comics in a massive way. The Walking Dead is now as recognized as many Marvel and DC products thanks to his efforts. Although it is not as popular as his undead series, the work he did with Ryan Ottley on Invincible is now receiving much more attention, especially with its transition to the small screen.

The story of Invincible dealt with Mark Grayson as a Superboy of sorts, adjusting to his new powers on Earth. Unfortunately, he learned his dad, Nolan (aka Omni-Man), wasn’t really a hero, but rather an alien sent to take over Earth. After a successful first season, Prime Video is now preparing to unleash Season 2 of Invincible. The series is poised to explore Mark’s alien race, the Viltrumites, in much deeper detail. With that in mind, let’s dissect key points that are widely unknown about these extraterrestrial beings.

10 Invincible’s Viltrumites Had a Game of Thrones Arc

Omni-Man fighting in space in Image Comics' Invincible

Invincible Creator Reveals Exciting Production Update for Season 3

The Image comic book series revealed that the Viltrumite ruler, Thragg, didn’t exactly inherit the empire. He took it by force after Lord Argall was attacked by a traitor, Thaedus. The latter wanted to stop the Viltrumite Empire from violently invading other planets.

Thragg thought the bloodline was dead and, as the most powerful member of his species, elected to take the throne by force. However, it was later revealed that the bloodline wasn’t entirely dead. Mark’s father, Nolan, was Argall’s descendant, which made Invincible himself an heir. Once he discovered this,Thragg took measures to cover up the truth.

9 Invincible’s Viltrumites Had Mating Issues

Invincible's Thragg Wearing Battle Beast as his mantle

The Viltrumite civil war Thaedus led thinned out the ranks. They didn’t have enough numbers within their species to procreate thereafter, and as such, they tried cross-breeding with other species.

This plan failed, largely due to their genetic code being superior and breaking down the others. After learning that Nolan had fathered Mark, however, the Viltrumites discovered that humans made suitable mating partners. Another compatible species were the Thraxans, which Nolan learned after fathering Oliver with Queen Andressa.

8 Invincible’s Viltrumites Had a Warped Understanding of Intimacy

Invincible's Anissa standing firm as she meets with Mark Grayson

The Viltrumites saw sex only as a means of making new soldiers. They saw, passion, love and emotions as signs weakness. Nolan is a prime example, as he took time to adjust to being in a relationship with Mark’s mother, Debbie. He didn’t understand romance until he spent more time on Earth.

When Thragg’s agents infiltrated the planet, they experienced similar struggles. One spy had many women he sired hybrids with, while Anissa didn’t want to develop feelings when the time came for her to choose a mate. This led to the horrific arc of Anissa misunderstanding intimacy and raping Mark in an effort to procreate.

7 Invincible’s Viltrumites Were Wiped Out By a Virus

Thaedus reveals his Viltrumite nature in Invincible

Invincible Season 2 Photo Unveils Newest Member of the Guardians of the Globe

Season 1 of Invincible made the Viltrumites seem unbeatable. But it was later revealed that Thaedus used his own genetic code to create the Scourge Virus. This sickness whittled out hundreds of thousands, either killing them immediately or breaking down their immune systems down for slow, painful deaths.

This led to there being less than 100 Viltrumites left, which led to Thragg wanting to produce hybrids and assimilate Earth into their empire. Allen would later try to use this virus for the Coalition of Planets when he became Thragg’s successor, knowing it could end the threat of the race of violent alien conquerors.

6 The Viltrumites’ Hearing is Their Greatest Weakness

Robot attacks Invincible's hearing

Cecil would capitalize on a special hearing problem the Viltrumites had. Earth’s Global Defence Agency was able to tap into a unique sonic frequency. This allowed the scientists to basically scramble Viltrumite brains. This left Mark writhing in agony on many occasions.

Robot would use this tactic as well later on when it was deployed to hunt down sinister Mark variants brought to Earth by Angstrom Levy. However, Robot eventually used this tactical advantage to betray Invincible

5 Invincible’s Viltrumites Had a Frightening Way of Handling Their Dead

Invincible's scourge virus kills Viltrumites

When the Viltrumites lost soldiers, they didn’t burn or bury them. They stacked up the cold bodies to remind themselves of their purpose. After Thragg’s first war failed, he did the same.

When Mark’s team arrived for a showdown, they were stunned to see the Viltrumites drawing inspiration and strength from this. This was another warped custom that even Nolan defended vehemently.

4 Invincible’s Viltrumites Embraced Body Enhancements

Conquest squeezing Omni-Man's head

Most Viltrumite soldiers were purely organic beings. However, some embraced technology to enhance their way of living and to upgrade themselves for war.

Kreeg replaced his eye with a cybernetic one. The most famous case of this, however, was Conquest, who lost an arm. He replaced the limb with a robotic arm that nodded to Thanos and the Infinity Gauntlet. Because of their diminishing numbers, the Viltrumites no longer looked down on these add-ons.

3 Invincible’s Viltrumites Were Not the Alpha Predators

Space Racer flying through space from Invincible

She-Hulk Star’s Invincible Season 2 Characters Revealed

It could easily be believed that the Viltrumites were alpha predators, considering that Nolan was as powerful as Superman. However, many other species posed serious threats to the powerful aliens. These included the savage monsters known as the Rognarr as well as space sharks.

In addition, Space Racer had a unique gun that could kill them. This made him a better apex hunter than the Viltrumites were. Tech Jacket with his Geldarian weapons would come to the fore later on, becoming a crucial asset in killing bloodthirsty Viltrumites.

2 Some Viltrumites Actually Wanted Peace

Ursaal betrays Thragg in Invincible

Mark was glad Nolan came around and fought for Earth. This is why Thaedus backed Nolan to be part of the Coalition. Interestingly, while the new Viltrumite breed was designed for war, Thragg’s daughter, Ursaal, was just like Nolan.

Ursaal stopped the raid on Earth in the final few issues after realizing Thragg conditioned them to die. Seeing her brother, Onaan, perish was too much, so she surrendered and begged Earth to work with her people to redeem themselves. This created a new era of peace, although Mark and his allies remained cynical.

1 Invincible’s Viltrumites Had Other Spies

Oliver Grayson fighting Invincible as Kid Omni-Man and flying with his father as Young Omni-Man

Agents like Nolan were meant to take over worlds, cull the weak and use these planets to make the empire stronger. However, Thragg had another strategy: using spies for intel. It’s not something he let many people know, as the Viltrumites couldn’t be seen as anything except aggressors.

Thragg used one spy in the Coalition to garner intel on Allen’s plans, and what Robot and Mark planned for the Viltrumites who were seeking refuge. This helped Thragg plot to make new hybrids with the Thraxans and seek revenge for Nolan taking the throne. Sadly, Thragg would end up using Oliver as a spy as well, as Mark’s brother tried to play both sides and broker peace.

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