Sea Queen Identity & Clues


  • Sea Queen was revealed to be Macy Gray on The Masked Singer season 10 finale.
  • Sea Queen’s clue package included references to her career and experiences in life.
  • All four panelists correctly guessed that Sea Queen was Macy Gray based on her vocals and clues.

The Masked Singer season 10 welcomed Sea Queen to the show as a Wild Card, and she’s now been unmasked and revealed to be singer Macy Gray. The Masked Singer stars host Nick Cannon and panelists Robin Thicke, Jenny McCarthy Wahlberg, Ken Jeong, and Nicole Scherzinger. During premiere night, the show had one of its biggest unmaskings ever when Demi Lovato was revealed to be Anonymouse. The Masked Singer season 10 then unmasked some truly legendary stars. They included Group A’s Anthony Anderson (Rubber Ducky), Tom Sandoval (Diver), Michael Rapaport (Pickle), and Ashley Parker Angel (S’More).

In addition, The Masked Singer season 10 revealed Group B’s Billie Jean King (Royal Hen), Tyler Posey (Hawk), Ginuwine (Husky), and Sebastian Bach (Tiki), along with Group C’s Luann de Lesseps (Hibiscus), Metta World Peace (Cuddle Monster), John Oates (Anteater), and Keyshia Cole (Candelabra). During the finale, Macy came in fourth, followed by Janel Parrish (Gazelle), runner-up John Schneider (Donut), and winner Ne-Yo (Cow). Here are the clues that proved that Sea Queen was Macy Gray.


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Sea Queen’s Harry Potter Night Performance & Clues

“Love Potion No. 9” By The Searchers

On Harry Potter Night, Wild Card contestant Sea Queen made her debut, singing a mystical version of “Love Potion No. 9” by The Searchers. When Sea Queen first appeared on stage, Jenny commented that she saw a diva and a legend in her walk. Nicole pointed out that she was tall.

Sea Queen’s clue package began with a train with the Masked Singer logo pulling into a station. Sea Queen then appeared on the tracks, saying, “When I got asked to appear as the Sea Queen on Harry Potter Night, as a Wild Card, I said, ‘Great! Sign me up! Because I’ve always been a bit of a wild card in life.'” As Sea Queen said this, a splash of water transported her to the train station. A bag with four pastel-colored women’s silhouettes was then shown.

Sea Queen then looked at a spider web with a black widow spider crawling across it. Jenny wondered if Sea Queen might’ve worked with Raven Symoné, who was Black Widow on The Masked Singer season 2. Sea Queen continued, “I got my first job giving museum tours at 14, but I got fired.” A royal crown was then shown. Sea Queen went on to say, “And then, because I was a smart cookie, my mom got me into a fancy boarding school, but I got kicked out.”

Sea Queen went on to say, “But all the while, twists and turns have made me the triple threat that I am today. Comedy, writing, singing – I’ve done it all. And, these days, I’m preparing for a new tour.” At that point, a large boom box with a CD player was shown. Sea Queen boarded the train as she concluded with, “Oh, and dressing up in a giant costume, getting ready to put you all under my spell. Should we do this thing?”

When Sea Queen finished singing, the Harry Potter Sorting Hat sorted her into Slytherin, declaring, “Cunning, shrewd. Hmmmm. Let’s see … Slytherin!” Sea Queen explained her Slytherin connection by saying, “Slytherin makes sense for me. I’ve always been clever in my career. You never know what genre you’ll catch me in next.”


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Sea Queen’s “I Wanna Rock” Night (Group B Finals) Performances & Clues

“To Be With You” By Mr. Big, “Nothin’ But A Good Time” By Poison

On “I Wanna Rock” Night, Sea Queen sang “To Be With You” by Mr. Big. She began her clue package by saying, “Making my wild debut on Harry Potter Night was truly a magical experience. And I’m so excited to rock with you all night because I was actually in a hard rock band once upon a time.” Sea Queen continued, “I’ve lived a lot of different experiences. One that I will always remember is when I got to co-star with Denzel Washington.” An old television covered in sea treasure with Denzel Washington on the screen was then shown. Sea Queen said that Denzel’s advice was, “Just learn your lines and be yourself.”

As Tyler Perry’s face appeared on the television screen, Sea Queen added, “I’ve been so surprised by how many Oscar winners I’ve worked with that bring their acting cultures to set. Funny, sometimes you think these big stars have it all figured out, but really they’re still learning and trying to improve just like the rest of us.” A lit-up barber shop pole was then shown. Sea Queen concluded by saying, “That’s my strategy for making it into the finale. Learn my songs and keep trying to improve as my fabulous Sea Queen self. Bye!”

After Sea Queen’s performance, another clue was revealed about her. Kelly Osbourne, who was The Masked Singer season 2’s Ladybug, brought out a clue which said, “co-star.” Sea Queen explained, “I was lucky enough to share the screen with Ken. Funny, not much has changed!”

After Husky was unmasked and revealed to be R&B singer Ginuwine, Sea Queen then went head-to-head in the Battle Royale with Tiki. They both sang Poison’s “Nothin’ But A Good Time.” Tiki was eliminated and revealed to be hard rock singer and Skid Row frontman Sebastian Bach, while Sea Queen moved on to The Masked Singer season 10 finale.


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Sea Queen’s Holiday Sing-A-Long Performance & Clues

“Winter Wonderland” By Ella Fitzgerald

During The Masked Singer season 10 Holiday Sing-A-Long, Sea Queen revealed that, where she grew up, “the holiday seasons were many times blanketed with beautiful white snow,” so she decided to sing a beautiful rendition of “Winter Wonderland” by Ella Fitzgerald. She then looked back on her Group B journey to the season finale. In the “Mask on the Street” segment, when asked if she’s a dancer, she replied, “I can do a two-step.” Sea Queen also revealed that her favorite songwriter is probably Prince, and that she’s had some acting roles.

Sea Queen then had another clue revealed about her true identity. It was a flying dragon. Sea Queen explained, “Ah, I love this gift! This was at the top of my wish list. 10/10. I would totally work with that dragon again. I hope this helps you guess who I am.”

Sea Queen’s The Masked Singer Season 10 Finale Performances & Clues

“Rescue Me” By Fontella Bass

The Masked Singer Season 10's Sea Queen singing

The Masked Singer season 10 finale opened with the four finalists singing an exciting version of “What I Like About You” by The Romantics. It was the first time that the four of them took the stage together. Sea Queen later sang “Rescue Me” by Fontella Bass. In her finale night package, she looked back on her Masked Singer journey, including her struggles with the Sea Queen costume. She said, “Becoming the Sea Queen has been a real experience. I love her regal, commanding presence, but, I’m gonna be honest with you, wearing this costume hasn’t been all smooth sailing.”

Sea Queen admitted, “I’m a seasoned performer, but I’m used to being myself on stage, and having to learn new songs and choreography, all while wearing a giant mask, has really stretched me as an entertainer. It is hot in there! It is so claustrophobic.” During the package, when one of the Masked Singer personnel asked her if she was alright, she replied that she couldn’t see.

Sea Queen continued, “And this whole experience has made me feel nervous again in a way that I haven’t in a long time. But I fought my way through it, and I’m still here, as the first Wild Card to make it into the finale in Masked Singer history. Yes, I am looking forward to taking this mask off, but only after I win the crown for this Sea Queen.”


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Sea Queen’s Identity Predictions From The Masked Singer Panelists

All Four Panelists Guessed Sea Queen Correctly

The Masked Singer panelists had several guesses for Sea Queen’s identity. Jenny thought of Eryka Badu. She said that she sings ’70s soul, ’80s hip-hop, and ’90s R&B, and is the Queen of Neo Soul. Ken predicted that Sea Queen might be Queen Latifah. He used the comedy, writing, and singing clues to come to this conclusion. He also pointed out that a lot of Queen Latifah’s albums came out on CD, which matched the CD player clue. However, Jenny told him that he was wrong. Nicole used the comedy and different genre clues to guess Jenifer Lewis. She gushed that there isn’t anything that Jenifer can’t do, and she’s done it all.

On “I Wanna Rock” Night, the panelists used the new clues to help them guess Sea Queen’s identity. Ken knew that she was one of his co-stars, and doubled down on his guess of Queen Latifah because he was one of her first guests on The Queen Latifah Show. Nicole guessed Niecy Nash, who was a guest host on The Masked Singer. She also mentioned Macy Gray, and Ken said that he worked with her on I Can See Your Voice. Robin thought that Sea Queen might be Viola Davis, but also thought that, based on her voice, she was Macy Gray.

On The Masked Singer season 10 finale night, the panelists made their final guesses before Sea Queen was unmasked. Nicole, Ken, Jenny, and Robin all agreed that Sea Queen was Macy Gray based on her vocals and clues. They said their guess together while holding hands.

Sea Queen’s Identity Is Revealed

Sea Queen Is Macy Gray

Macy Gray Smiling

The Masked Singer panelists were correct that Sea Queen was Macy Gray. Macy was asked to leave a boarding school that she attended due to her behavior. She appeared in the film Spider-Man and an episode of That’s So Raven, which both explained the spider clue. She was also in Training Day with Denzel Washington, and For Colored Girls, which was written, directed, and produced by Tyler Perry. Macy also opened Macy Gray’s Beauty Bar, the only salon in Los Angeles that offers 24-hour services. This could be what the barbershop pole was referencing.

Sea Queen’s Holiday Sing-A-Long clues also pointed in the direction of Macy Gray. She was born in Canton, Ohio, where it snows in the winter. This matched Sea Queen’s explanation for why she chose “Winter Wonderland” as her holiday song. In addition, Macy was the voice of Trixie’s grandmother in the Disney animated series, American Dragon: Jake Long. This explained the dragon clue.

As The Masked Singer season 10’s Sea Queen, Macy really did put a spell on everyone with her magical vocals. She is uniquely talented, and was an incredible addition to the Masked Singer season 10. It’s impressive that she was the first Wild Card contestant to ever make it to the finale. Macy will forever be remembered for her enchanting performances as The Masked Singer season 10’s Sea Queen.

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