Sea of Stars: How to Defeat Meduso in Lost One’s Hamlet

Sea of Stars has a slew of bosses that players will face, with some being tougher to beat than others. Meduso is a boss you’ll fight in the later parts of the game, and can prove to be a tricky encounter thanks to their healing and high-damage attacks, and without a proper plan, it can be quite a lengthy fight.

To help you tackle this boss, we’ve put together this guide with details on how to beat Meduso in Sea of Stars.

This guide contains spoilers for the later parts of Sea of Stars.

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Where to find Meduso in Sea of Stars

Screenshot by Gamepur

Meduso is found in Senai’s World in the Cerulean Expanse in an area called Lost One’s Hamlet. You get to this area during the main story, which involves heading into one of the Fleshmancer’s research labs to find a workshop to help give B’st, a character you meet just before entering this area, a new body.

Just before entering their boss area, you’ll have a campfire and save point you can use to prepare, we recommend you do this because you will need quite a few healing items for this particular boss battle.

Meduso Boss Battle Phase One: Face-on

Screenshot by Gamepur

When you first enter the boss battle, you will be met by a giant robot face that won’t do much for the first turn or two since the head cannot attack. During this time, get in as many hits as possible, including a couple of magic attacks if you want, but try to keep some MP for later.

After a little while, Meduso will begin using tentacle-like arms to pull out canisters from the ground and ceiling, starting with one simple two-lock canister before eventually spawning four of various colors and with different amounts of locks to break.

The canisters and their effects are as follows:

  • Pink (Energy Balls) – A two-lock single-target attack that shoots pink energy balls at the enemy for moderate damage.
  • Light Blue (Drill Attack) – A two-lock single-target attack that sees the canister become a drill and attack three times for moderate damage. Timing your block for each hit will reduce damage a good amount.
  • Green (Healing) – A three-lock move that heals Meduso up a decent chunk of health.
  • Light Blue 2 (Gas Breath) – This attack comes in a later phase and is a five-lock move that deals high damage to all party members, potentially wiping the party if not dealt with or if the party isn’t protected or healed up.

For this first phase, you should use it to stock up on Combo Points for the second phase of the fight, as you will want to dish out more damage and damage types to deal with the flurry of attacks that come your way. To do this, try and break a few locks while doing what damage you can to Meduso, and focus on the healing canisters to avoid this part of the right dragging on too long.

Screenshot by Gamepur

In my case, I would use Resh’an and his Ebb ability to help break locks or Senai’s Disorient to delay them to either break them or buy a bit more time. However, don’t make breaking the locks your sole focus, otherwise you won’t be dealing any damage and could be wasting MP and attacks. Instead, try to break at least one move before it happens for the Combo Points, mitigate some damage, and use healing items or spells if needed. You’ll know when the face is nearly finished as it will start to crack and fall apart.

Meduso Boss Battle Phase Two: Face-off

Screenshot by Gamepur

After you have dealt enough damage, Meduso will lose its face and reveal a rather freaky, muscle-like, robotic face underneath. During this phase, Meduso will get more aggressive and start throwing more attacks at you, including the Gas Breath attack. This attack can wipe your party if you are not prepared, even if you time block it, so we have a couple of tips to deal with it.

During this phase, you should make sure your party is topped up on healing and use Valere’s Lunar Shield move sparingly to give yourself an extra bit of defense. This is also the perfect time to use Arcane Barrage, the Combo Move with Resh’an and Senai, to significantly delay the Gas Breath attack.

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With your health up and defense ready, you will want to begin using your Combo Attacks to deal as much damage as you can to Meduso, and this stage can quickly get overwhelming with the amount of hard-hitting attacks. Be sure to also use your Ultimate attacks when you have them, with Resh’ans being a good choice due to its healing. Keep this up, and you’ll beat them in no time and be able to reach the workshop and, shortly after, get a new teammate for your party.

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