ScHoolboy Q Ranks His Own Albums, Reveals OutKast Influence

ScHoolboy Q has ranked his own albums following the release of Blue Lips, giving fans an inside look at his headspace going into each of his projects.

The TDE rapper took to X on Sunday on Sunday (March 3) to provide an honest evaluation of his catalog, listing his six albums from best to worst along with explanations for his picks.

Q started things off by putting his 2011 debut album Setbacks at number six, citing his inexperience as a rapper.

“I barely started rapping & u can tell,” he wrote. “finding myself but was pretty good for only rapping about 4-5 years.. puncH was smart for signing me.”

At number five was his 2019 album CrasH Talk, on which he admitted to “chasing” first-week numbers. He also said that despite some lyrical highs, the overall project wasn’t up to par in his opinion.

“Was cHasing tHe first week number,” he said of the album which boasted appearances from Travis Scott, 21 Savage and Lil Baby, among others. “album Has HigHs tHo. to be Honest sum of my best rappin even tHo it wasn’t to my standards personally.. still good tHo.”

Next up at number four was 2014’s Oxymoron, ScHoolboy Q’s first major label release on Interscope Records.

Q admitted there were a plethora of pop songs on the project but that it was his decision, citing OutKast as inspiration. He also hailed it as “damn near classic” minus the bevy of bonus songs.

“SHOCKING I know. a lot of pop records ‘it was my cHoice’ I love OutKast and said wHy not,” he wrote. “I mean tHis album is extremely good and I’m still living off tHis album literally.

“da tHing dat killed me wit tHis album was Having to make a (target version, Best Buy version, Apple exclusive, & a deluxe) like wtf… but still da 12 songs is damn near classic in my opinion.”

At number three he picked his sophomore album Habits & Contradictions, claiming the project “made [him] who [he is].”

“BRAH I figured it out… made a Hit indie Hands on tHe wHeel. blessed omg. THere He go. bro so many HigHs… nigHtmare on figg sacrilegious Raymond 1968 portis Head samples,” he said.

“I don’t know How I pulled tHis off on god… but 8 outta 10 for me… take away maybe 3 songs but iono damn near flawless in my opinion.. tHis album made me who I am… OXY MUSIC seeesH.”

2016’s Blank Face LP was number two, with ScHoolboy Q calling it “one of the most creative gangsta rap albums ever” and an intentional departure from the more radio-friendly Oxymoron.

ScHoolboy Q's 'Blue Lips' Is A Specimen Of Evolution, Both Immediate & Gradual

ScHoolboy Q’s ‘Blue Lips’ Is A Specimen Of Evolution, Both Immediate & Gradual

“After dropping pop records I didn’t wanna get boxed in,” he wrote. “was told tHis album wasn’t ready yet. yea fucked my Head up almost ruined me. Was told THat part flopped. fucked my Head up.. I stayed down Had a so called bad first week for 2016 standards. sum How album just connected like 2 montHs later.

“THAT PART went supa dupa platinum and literally BLANK FACE A CLASSIC IDC WAT YALL SAY.. I didn’t like it at first cuHz ppl kinda told me da wHole way tHis ain’t it… one of the most creative GANGSTA RAP albums ever.. tHis album goin GOLD felt better den OXYs PLATINUM.”

Q named his latest album Blue Lips as his best album, arguing it contains some of the best rapping of his career.

He also revealed that he deliberately “chose art” over hit singles and viral trends, which are commonplace in the music industry.

“it’s early but it’s How I feel today. could cHange,” he said. “I mean braH yall neva Heard me rap like tHis.. album been done for years to be real.. I just didn’t know wHere I would fit in tHis circus of just bullsHit & algoritHm so I made my bed and cHose art… I’m 2 good to let my talent go to waste over a viral moment.

“I’m 37 and still Hungry. I Honestly don’t tHink nobody can fuck wit me to be real.. I always find new pockets & i been nervous befo but neva scared… im 1 of tHem 1’s easy.. I made tHis album for artist tHinking ppl don’t want dope sHit nomo.”

He added: “I stayed away from interviews on purpose coming into tHis album and just kept it music… I got interviews lined up now to go more in deptH but yea ignore da circus cuHz it’s getting weird.. music needs music… music needs effort.”

Despite topping his personal rankings, Blue Lips isn’t expected to be one of ScHoolboy Q’s biggest albums out the gate.

As reported this past weekend, the newly-released project is projected to earn between 30,000 and 35,000 album-equivalent units in its first week. It’s unclear where that will place it on next week’s Billboard 200 chart.

For comparison, Q’s previous effort CrasH Talk debuted at No. 3 with 81,000 units, while Blank Face LP sold a slightly less 74,000 copies in its first week.

The rapper’s highest sales tally remains the 139,000 first-week units Oxymoron moved back in 2014, shooting the album to the top of the charts.

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