Rurouni Kenshin (2023) Episode 12 Review

rurouni kenshin 2023 11 a
Kenshin Strikes Aoshi

Another deadly fight occurs as Kenshin goes one-on-one against the brilliant ninja Aoshi. Meanwhile, frustrated Kanryu decides to get rid of the two warriors with his secret big imported weapon.

Kenshin VS Aoshi

rurouni kenshin 2023 11 c
Aoshi Uses His Kaiten Kenbu Technique

The samurai goes toe-to-toe against the shinobi! For a plot that has been adapted into anime and live-action, the remake version of the climax of the Oniwabanshu arc is totally not disappointing. It even brings some kind of tension and epicness that had never been done before in the previous adaptations.

rurouni kenshin 2023 11 d
Aoshi Manages to Cut Down Kenshin

The graphic and animation quality improvement in the anime industry truly doubles up the fierce battle between the two men in this 2023 anime. Aoshi’s quick invisible moves and his disastrous attacks are genuinely felt threatening although his powers are quite generic in terms of characters in the action-shonen genre

rurouni kenshin 2023 11 e
Kenshin Fights Back and Hits Aoshi’s Neck

On the other hand, Kenshin’s toughness and intelligence to analyze his opponent’s speedy assaults are presented extremely well. His calmness and patience in countering and finally defeating Aoshi signify how seasoned he is as a swordsman in a battleground.

The Head & Heart of Oniwabanshu

rurouni kenshin 2023 11 b
Aoshi Overwhelms Kenshin

Not only shows the badass and villainous side of Aoshi with tremendous fight sequences, but this episode also succeeds in bringing empathetic layers to his character as a responsible leader who suffers big disappointment from his former retainer and then tries to not do the same to his own men.

It’s wonderful to see such an antagonist character like Aoshi who is not fully a jerk or gangster with evil twisted beliefs in this series. Although he may have a sinister plan, he is designed as an honorable who respects the code and ethics in combat and a caring figure who takes responsibility to provide for his men and guide them.

rurouni kenshin 2023 11 f
The Oniwabanshu Members Whom Aoshi Cares About

In a story taking place in an era full of turbulence in historical Japan, Rurouni Kenshin successfully gives impactful representation and colors for the colliding characters related to how the revolution and civil war have affected many people, including the powerful ones.

Shoots of Frustration

rurouni kenshin 2023 11 g
Kanryu Unveils His Imported Gatling Gun to Eliminate Kenshin & Aoshi

The story succeeds in trolling the audience with the person in charge of the final antagonist role. While Aoshi is definitely the main threat in this episode or even this arc, in the end, the jackass title is given to none other than Kanryu. Cornered by despair and stress due to the disadvantageous situation, the shifty businessman decides to get rid of the threats by unleashing his secret weapon: a Gatling gun.

rurouni kenshin 2023 11 h
Aoshi’s Leg Gets Shot

As his maniac side gets wild, he shoots both of the warriors before finally having one of the bullets go through Aoshi’s leg. This danger would definitely take Aoshi’s life away, if only Shikijo did not wake up, move with Hannya and Sanosuke, see his weakened leader, and offer his sturdy body as a human shield.

Final Verdict

rurouni kenshin 2023 11 i
Shikijo Steps Up to Cover Aoshi with His Body

The duel is extremely amusing, Aoshi’s motives and backstories are touching, and Kanryu’s maniacal decision is annoying. So far, this episode has definitely been the most epic and thrilling one because of the great amount of tension, action, and emotion. Once again, LIDENFILMS proves that remaking the all-time classic series like Rurouni Kenshin is not a mistake since the studio has managed to always redeliver the told stories with its own style and touch.

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