Roblox Z Piece Codes for Update 6 in December 2023: Free Gems, Devil Fruits, & XP Boosts!

In Roblox Z Piece, previously known as Sea Destiny, players dive into a world inspired by the popular anime series One Piece. Participants can create characters to embark on seafaring adventures as either pirates or marines. Adding intricacy to the game, fruits with special abilities spawn on the map periodically, only to despawn after 15 minutes. Additionally, every boss encountered in the game presents a 5% chance of dropping a gem. For those interested in expanding their collection of fruits, a night market vendor restocks random fruits every two hours!

Codes in Z Piece allow you to get a buff to your XP gain, which will give you an easier time leveling! In the future, it’s likely freebies will give a variety of benefits that should allow you to accelerate your progression.

All Currently Working Z Piece Codes

  • update6fix – Redeem code for free gems (NEW)
  • update6 – Redeem code for free rewards (NEW)
  • update5 – Redeem code for x2 xp for 20 mins and stat reset
  • likenow – Redeem code for a Stat Reset + x2 XP
  • Noooo! – Redeem code for x2 XP for 15 mins
  • 1mvisits – Redeem code for free rewards
  • jesusforgive – Redeem code for 12 gems
  • sea2islive – Redeem code for 8 free gems
  • sea2soon – Redeem code for 4 free gems
  • update1 – Redeem code for x2 XP for 15 mins
  • BugFixAndUpdate2 – Redeem code for Stat Reset + x2 XP for 15 minutes
  • happyhalloween – Redeem code for 2 free gems
  • halloweek – Redeem code for free gems
  • BigFixes – Redeem code for 1 Free Gem and roll a free fruit at the Devil Fruit shop
  • update1 – Redeem code for x2 XP for 15 mins
  • thankslike500 – Redeem code for free rewards
  • thank25k – Redeem code for x2 XP for 15 minutes
  • fixes – Redeem code to reset stats
  • release – Redeem code for x2 XP

Find codes for a bunch of other games in our Roblox Games Codes page.

How to Redeem a Code in Z Piece

To redeem a code in Roblox Z Piece, you will just need to follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Menu button that appears under your level at the top left of your screen
  2. Click on the Settings button that appears after entering thee menu
  3. At the bottom of the Settings menu, look for the “Enter Code” text area
  4. Grab a code from the list above and add it to the text area
  5. Hit the Enter button on your keyboard to get your reward
Guide To Redeeming A Code In Z Piece
Screenshot by Try Hard Guides

Where to find more codes

To get alerted about new codes for Z Piece, make sure to join the official EINSOFT Studio Discord server to get news, updates, and to chat with other players about the game! You can also head back to this page, where we will be keeping it updated with all the recent freebies.

Game Description & Details

Roblox Z Piece is a rebranded and revamped version of the developer’s previous game, Sea Destiny. Rooted in the lore and world of the anime series One Piece, the game transports players into a virtual realm of seafaring adventure and combat. Within this realm, players encounter fruits that hold special powers. These fruits spawn across the map at intervals of one to two hours and despawn after 15 minutes, creating a dynamic and ever-changing gameplay environment. In addition to finding fruits on the map, players can also buy them from the night market, which restocks random fruits every two hours.

The game goes beyond just collecting fruits by adding bosses into the mix. Each boss in Z Piece comes with its own set of challenges, but also opportunities. Notably, there’s a 5% chance of receiving a gem upon defeating a boss, adding another layer of excitement and reward to the combat aspect of the game. With a current level cap of 800, players have ample room to grow stronger and refine their skills, whether it be in combat or in mastering the abilities granted by the eight different types of fruits currently in the game.

Z Piece caters to a broad audience by allowing for various styles of play. Whether players are fans of the One Piece series looking to immerse themselves in a familiar world, or newcomers enticed by the game’s mechanics and challenges, there is something for everyone. The game intricately blends elements of adventure, strategy, and combat, making it a comprehensive experience that keeps players engaged as they navigate its expansive world.

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