Rise Of The Nazis Episodes: Streaming Guide & Schedule

One of the most loved documentaries titled: Rise Of The Nazis” is set to return with a bang for a brand new season on September 19, 2023. Rise Of The Nazis is a series that documents the rise of Hitler in Germany after his Nazi party took over and went on a killing spree ending several innocent lives.

Released on 2 September 2019, the series has run for three successful seasons and got renewed for a fourth season on viewers’ demand. Narrated by Kate Fleetwood, the series stars Richard Evans, an expert on Hitler. Mike Jackson, Christain Goeschel, Garry Kasparov, Laura Butkute, Pablo de Orellana, and John Scarlett in a recurring role.

The lead cast stars Petras Simmonni in Winrich Behr’s character, Juozas Budraitis playing Paul Von Hindenburgs’ role, Mindaugas Capas playing Hermann’s role, Andrius Rozickas in Adolf Hitlers’ role, Ramunas playing Ernst’s role and Boris Abramov plays Josef Stalins’ role in the lead.

The series has done well with the audience due to it bringing a fresh perspective to Hitler’s wrongdoings. The series has 9 episodes with a run time of 60 minutes each. Anne Frank was one of Hitler’s victims who documented everything related to his torture of Jews and soviet civilians before being killed in a concentration camp by Hitler.

rise of the nazi
Hitler Plans His Next Strategy [Credits- BBC Two]

The series taught viewers a lesson in how petrifying and easily can a democratic country move into the reign of totalitarian dictatorship. Viewers’ have loved and appreciated the series since the day it was first released for viewers to watch.

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Rise Of The Nazis Season – Recap

The Rise Of The Nazis has witnessed it all from the time Hitler rose to power and butchered several innocent Jews and soviet civilians to the time he lost his power. The series started in 1930, with Germany still being a liberal democracy and followed by a dictator taking over the country and killing the innocent.

The series first season starts with Hitler realizing that he can start to destroy the democracy of Germany by becoming a legitimate electable party. Even though Hitler was the chancellor of Germany in 1933, he wanted to stranglehold more power.

rise of the nazi
Still From Rise Of The Nazis [Credits- BBC Two]

The building of a secret concentration camp increased the moment Hitler came into power. Hitler continued to destroy Germany due to his continuous lust for power. Soon, the people closest to Hitler begin to realize that they cannot trust him.

The series accounts for the history of how things occurred, leading specialists and historians to provide light on main figures whose errors in judgment, political scheming, and selfish goals contributed to Hitler’s rise and Germany’s downfall.

The second season witnessed Hitler in power and his Nazi party dominating Germany after a pact with Stalin, a Russian leader who made the Highest ranking German invincible. Meanwhile, Stalin continues to plan a huge offensive against the Nazis.

Hitler soon realized that in Stalin, he had met his perfect match, and it was time for him to do it. The third episode witnessed Hitler attempting to outthink Stalin but failing. The third season witnessed the aftermath of the Second World War.

The second episode saw Nazi power being on the brink of crumbling and Hitler taking shelter in his bunker. The series ends with almost all of Germany getting occupied by invading Allied forces and the Soviets nearing the bunker. Hitler stays hidden. The third season ends with the Nazi regime disintegrating after Hitler retreats into his bunker.

Rise Of The Nazi Season 4 Episode 1 Release Date

Rise Of The Nazi, a documentary series that airs on a new episode weekly schedule that is bew episode drops every Tuesday at 04:00 PM [E.T.]. Rise Of The Nazis Episode 1 will air on September 19, 2023, and will focus on the direct aftermath of the second world war and hunt Hitler to convict him.

  • In the U.S. – at 04:00 PM [E.T.] on September 19, 2023
  • In U.K. – at 09:00 PM [G.M.T.] on September 20, 2023
  • In Korea – at 05:00 AM [K.S.T.] on September 20, 2023
  • In Japan – at 05:00 AM [J.S.T.] on September 20, 2023
  • In India – at 01:30 AM [I.S.T.] on September 20, 2023
  • In Australia – at 06:00 AM [A.C.T.] on September 20, 2023

Rise Of The Nazi Season 4 – Episode Guide

Rise Of The Nazi is a mini-documentary series with three episodes in total with a run time of 60 minutes. The episodes are released at the same time every Tuesday.

  • Episode 1 – September 19, 2023
  • Episode 2 – September 26, 2023
  • Episode 3 – October 3, 2023

How To Watch Rise Of The Nazis Episodes?

Rise Of The Nazis will be released on BBC Two channel and app for local viewers. The previous seasons of the series can be watched on Amazon Prime.

How To Watch In The U.K., U.S. and Canada?

Citizens living outside of the U.S., U.K., and Canada can watch the episodes on BBC Two, a streaming platform for the locals in the U.S. Fans will need Express VPN to gain access to the episodes due to them being region-restricted.

How To Watch In India and Australia?

Citizens living in India and Australia can access the episodes on BBC Two with VPN’s help, due to it being an area-restricted platform.

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