Rick & Morty Breaking An Annoying 10-Year Tradition Is Good For Season 7’s Justin Roiland Recasting


  • The upcoming seventh season of Rick and Morty will replace Justin Roiland with soundalikes for the roles of Rick and Morty due to disturbing allegations against Roiland. Viewers may take some time to adjust to the new voices.
  • The fact that there will be no midseason break in the upcoming season will help audiences embrace the new voice actors more easily. The breaks in previous seasons would have hindered the transition and prevented the new voices from sinking in.
  • The success of the recasting will determine the future of Rick and Morty. The producers have taken steps to make the transition smoother, such as removing midseason breaks, to ensure viewers get onboard with the new voices and the series can continue.

The upcoming seventh season of Rick and Morty is breaking an annoying trend from the show’s history that should make the Justin Roiland recasting a little easier for audiences to digest. Roiland, the co-creator of the series and voice actor behind both of its title characters, was fired from Rick and Morty following disturbing allegations of domestic battery, false imprisonment, and predatory behavior towards minors. Season 7 will replace Roiland in the roles of Rick and Morty with soundalikes, and it might take viewers a few episodes to get used to the new voices.

Since Rick and Morty is a show about the limitless possibilities of the multiverse, it is possible for the series to successfully recast its main voice actor and keep going. The producers have yet to announce which soundalike actors have been cast to play Rick and Morty from season 7 onwards, and might be saving the reveal for the premiere episode. But whoever they’ve hired to play Rick and Morty, it’ll take some time to get accustomed to the characters’ new voices (even if they sound almost identical to their old voices).

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Rick & Morty Season 7’s Release Schedule Will Make The Recast Easier

Rick, Morty, and Summer in season 7 poster

Past seasons of Rick and Morty have had breaks in the middle – sometimes very long ones. Season 1 took a month-and-a-half break in the middle, season 2 took a couple of weeks off, season 3 took a three-month break between its premiere episode and the rest of the season, season 4 took a whopping five-month break in the middle, season 5 took a month off before its final two episodes, and season 6 took a month-and-a-half break after six episodes. So, it should come as refreshing news that season 7 is confirmed to have no midseason break (via TheWrap).

This is good for the Roiland recasting, because Rick and Morty desperately needs audiences to embrace the new voice actors, and taking a month-long break in the middle of the transition season would really hinder that. A normal, weekly release schedule gives audiences more time to get accustomed to the recasting. The midseason breaks often inspire fans to revisit older episodes. Since those older episodes feature Roiland’s original voice work, it would prevent Rick and Morty’s new voices from really sinking in.

Rick & Morty’s Future Hinges On Successfully Recasting Justin Roiland

Bearded Rick talks to Morty in Rick and Morty

Rick and Morty is Adult Swim’s most popular show by far – and one of the biggest shows on the air right now – but its fate is currently uncertain. The future of the series hinges on the success of the recasting. If viewers don’t get onboard with Rick and Morty’s new voices, then they might tune out and the series might not survive. Removing the midseason breaks is the least the Rick and Morty producers can do to make the Roiland recast go as smoothly as possible.

Source: TheWrap

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