Resurrection of Magneto Writer Teases His Contribution to The Fall of X

When the Krakoan era began, and Marvel’s mutants found a way to conquer death, Magneto (AKA Max Eisenhardt) had already lived a long life of struggle, heartbreak, and sacrifice. So, it’s not surprising that he gave up the Krakoan resurrection protocols to fit in with the culture of his new home on the planet formerly known as Mars, Arakko. He perished shortly after, and the citizens of Krakoa soon found themselves in a desperate war for existence against the anti-mutant organization known as Orchis. That war has gone badly, and now the mutants need their Master of Magnetism to get back into the fight.

Storm sets out to do that and free her friend from torment in Resurrection of Magneto, a four-issue miniseries by writer Al Ewing and artist Luciano Vecchio that kicks off on January 24th. Her journey will become a magical and cosmic quest fraught with dangerous confrontations with several infamous and powerful foes. CBR spoke with Ewing about the nature of Storm’s quest, planning for the series, where Magneto ended up after he died, and saying goodbye to the Krakoan era of the X-Men, which wraps up in the first half of 2024.

CBR: Magneto perished in the pages of X-Men: Red in 2022. Resurrection of Magneto begins in January 2024. How long have you known you were going to tell this story? What can you tell us about why you wanted to tell this particular tale with Magneto?

Al Ewing: The decision to kill Magneto came hand in hand with the decision to bring him back, and I knew his resurrection was going to come in the form of a quest undertaken by Storm at roughly the end of my time with her, assuming I got more than a year to tell the story. And we’ve pretty much stuck with that, though a couple of the fine details have evolved as we’ve told other stories in the meantime. But his death was always going to be the first act of the story.

As for why Magneto — when we did the deed, Fall of X was still very much in the planning stage, but I think deep down the idea that one of the X-Men’s most powerful members and one of Charles’ oldest friends would be off the table, leaving him completely alone, had a lot of appeal from a story point of view. It’s an opportunity to put Magneto through the fire, which always appeals with any character.


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One of the biggest questions about Resurrection of Magneto, especially given his willingness to forego Krakoan resurrection protocols, is why? What can you tell us about the situation that makes Storm consider bringing Magneto back?

On a practical level, he’s needed in the fight. On another level, she knows he’s in pain. Magneto’s landed in a sphere of judgment, and Ororo wants to offer him mercy. And the fact that she’s allowed to do it at all by the higher powers of the MU means that, on some level, it needs to be done, which means there’s more to this than just bringing Magneto back to life. The quest won’t end there, and Storm’s going to find herself facing some of the X-Men’s greatest and most powerful foes [from] over the years.

In a strange and wondrous world like the Marvel Universe, death is not necessarily the end of a character’s journey, and the solicits for Issue #2 of Resurrection of Magneto suggest that Max Eisenhardt has entered a mysterious realm after his death. Is that the case? What can you tell us about where Magneto’s spirit is when you pick up with him in this series?

I absolutely don’t want to say, “The afterlife of the Marvel Universe works like this”, so I’ve approached it more as a magical journey than a religious one. But essentially, Magneto has passed through the Waiting Room into other parts of the Mystery and is now in a sphere of judgment. Beyond that, I feel like anything I say in an interview like this just distracts readers from their own interpretation of what’s on the page.

What else can you tell us about the plot and action of Resurrection of Magneto?

Well, without wanting to spoil too much, it’s a quest, and finding Magneto and convincing him to return to the world is just step one of that quest. You can’t do a quest like this without facing a dragon or paying a cost, and the dragon Storm and Magneto have to face is one of the biggest and baddest the X-Men have ever faced. And it’s a necessary battle. All this should hopefully tie into the other action of Fall of X in ways readers will understand when they put the pieces together.

Who are some of the other key supporting players in this story? Will we see the return of some of the X-Men: Red cast? Will you get a chance to pen some characters you haven’t written in a while or at all?

It’s a showcase for Storm and Magneto, but they do link up with at least one other ally I’ve returned to a number of times. And the enemies they run into are certainly characters I haven’t written before, or not for a long time.

Who are some of the antagonists in Resurrection of Magneto? What can you tell us about their motivations?

Again, I don’t want to spoil too much. We’ve got some covers out now, and I think readers can make some educated guesses, but essentially, Storm’s quest will take her and Magneto into some cosmic realms to battle some cosmic threats, which will have a knock-on effect on the rest of the Fall of X.

What’s it like telling this story with Luciano Vecchio? What are some things he’s added to the narrative?

Luciano’s been absolutely wonderful. His style is unique and absolutely charming, but he can also deliver some huge, epic action, to the extent that I think this book will open folks’ eyes as to just how much he’s capable of. Also, he knows a lot about Tarot, so we could plot a few beats together that work with that. People have already noticed some of the allusions on the very first page.


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Finally, you’ve been part of the Krakoan era for quite a while. How does it feel to be penning your final tale in that era? Looking back, what were some of your favorite stories from this larger narrative?

I’m sorry to leave Krakoa behind me. It’s been a wonderful story and a really wonderful collective of writers, artists, and editors. I’m happy with the work I’ve done and the story I’ve told here, but over the course of the whole tapestry I have to say I’ve been a huge fan of New Mutants, the various Hellfire Galas, including Planet-Size X-Men, Judgment Day as a whole, X of Swords, and obviously, the original House and Powers were such an incredible swing to start it all off. But there’s not a single book in the line I wouldn’t give flowers to. Everyone in that office was bringing great and wonderful things to the table, and I’ve been privileged to see it happen from behind the scenes.

I’ll end with a thank you to everyone who’s been following us over the years [and] to everyone who’s picking up this book. Here’s hoping I can blow your mind one last time before I leave the House of X.

Cyclops, Beast, Angel, and Marvel Girl vs Magneto on the cover of Marvel's X-Men #1


Since their debut in 1963, Marvel’s X-Men have been more than just another superhero team. While the team really hit its stride as the All New, All Different X-Men in 1975, Marvel’s heroic mutants have always operated as super-outcasts, protecting a world that hates and fears them for their powers.

Key members of the X-Men include Professor X, Jean Grey, Cyclops, Wolverine, Iceman, Beast, Rogue, and Storm. Often framed as the world’s second strongest superheroes, after the Avengers, they are nonetheless one of Marvel’s most popular and important franchises.

Resurrection of Magneto #1 is due out on Jan. 24.

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