Red Sonja Producer Teases a ‘Darker’ Tone for the Upcoming Reboot


  • Red Sonja is getting a reboot in 2024, promising a more profound and darker narrative layer, with a focus on a restrained and thoughtful use of CGI.
  • The foundational story of Red Sonja involves a horrific ordeal and a mystical intervention, with the protagonist having a unique predicament regarding intimate relationships.
  • The upcoming adaptation of Red Sonja aims to deliver a deeper, intricately layered insight into the character, with Matilda Lutz taking on the iconic role.

Nearly four decades after her cinematic bow, and a half-century since gracing comic book pages, Red Sonja is poised for a grand re-entry into the collective cultural consciousness. Eager viewers and long-standing fans will meet a rebooted Red Sonja in a fresh, original story, promising a more profound and darker narrative layer, according to the production team behind the 2024 adaptation.

In a conversation with Collider, Les Weldon, one of the architects of the reboot, delved into how this Red Sonja portrayal diverts from past narratives. The upcoming version pledges a nuanced depth, avoiding the glossy, fantastical veneer characteristic of many comic adaptations. The aim is for a restrained, thoughtful use of computer-generated imagery, ensuring a rich, authentic cinematic experience that augments the narrative rather than overshadowing it.

The foundational story in the comics is not one for the faint-hearted. It unfolds with a horrific ordeal endured by Red Sonja, leading to an extraordinary intervention by a mystical entity. Gifted a potent sword, Sonja gains a defensive edge, albeit laden with a peculiar caveat. The use of the sword is unconstrained, but her romantic liaisons are restricted — only a man who vanquishes her in battle can claim intimacy. This intriguing predicament adds a compelling layer to Sonja’s journey, amplifying the weight of her decisions.

Reflecting on the 1985 film adaptation, a vibrant Brigitte Nielsen brought Red Sonja to life alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Lord Kalidor. The duo’s contrasting objectives initially created tension. As Sonja embarked on a perilous mission to reclaim a potent magical artifact, exclusively wieldable by women, Kalidor’s intent to ally with her met resistance. This initial discord eventually dissipated, uniting them against formidable dark forces in an epic saga marked by valiant battles and magical exploits.

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The Dawn of a Darker Red Sonja: Matilda Lutz Takes the Helm

Red Sonja Reboot
Millennium Films

Fast-forward to the imminent 2024 release. The venerable role of Red Sonja transitions to the talented Matilda Lutz, who will endeavor to bring a renewed vitality and complexity to the iconic character. A notable ensemble cast, including Wallis Day, Robert Sheehan, Michael Bisping, Martyn Ford, Eliza Matengu, and Veronica Ferres, will complement Lutz’s performance, adding to the film’s anticipated appeal.

Embracing a more somber narrative, the forthcoming Red Sonja iteration is on course to deliver a deeper, intricately layered insight into its renowned heroine. The production team’s commitment to maintaining the narrative’s integrity, backed by mindful, balanced visual effects, and a robust cast, hold the promise for a compelling cinematic spectacle.

In synthesizing the rich legacy of Red Sonja with modern cinematic advancements and narrative depth, the 2024 adaptation anticipates not just a retelling but a reimagining — breathing new life into a beloved character and her story. This renewal, layered with complexity and a matured tone, augurs well for both ardent Red Sonja enthusiasts and a new generation of viewers eager to acquaint themselves with this legendary warrior’s tale as she triumphantly returns to the big screen next year.

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