Rebel Moon Episode 1: `A Star Wars-Inspired Zach Snyder Project` Release Date, Spoilers & Streaming Guide

Zack Snyder’s new Star Wars-inspired movie/show, Rebel Moon, is set to release this month. He explained some of the origins of the film, too. It actually started as a Star Wars movie idea, but then he changed it to remove all the Star Wars copyrighted stuff.

And you can see a lot of similarities here, like it’s a bit of Seven Samurai mixed with Battle Beyond the Stars in his original Star Wars pitch movie that he was going to make before he made all of his DC movies.

Rebel Moon Part 1 is just part one of a two-part thing. I think the idea is that they are trying to create a franchise like he’s got sequels in mind. There’s already a prequel anime that they’re making about a couple of the characters involved, like Ray Fisher’s character.

Part one is called “Child of Fire,” and it’s a reference to Kora because the first movie is kind of like her origin story. There are a bunch of flashbacks with her in the trailer. Part two is called “The Scargiver,” which is also probably a reference to Kora’s character as well.

Rebel Moon Plot

Before diving into Rebel Moon Episode 1, let’s quickly talk about it. Zack Snyder was also really good about getting really deep on the law in explaining what’s going on during the actual movie. Generally, he’s got a couple of big franchises that he’s working on at Netflix like he’s still making his Army of the Dead sequel movies. There’ll be another one coming out pretty soon.

Rebel Moon Episode 1
Sofia Boutella as Kora (Credits: Netflix)

This Rebel Moon universe of Stories is like the other big story universes that he is creating. So, in success, if everything goes well, I think with these first two movies, they’ll just continue making sequels and spinoffs as part of this.

The whole idea is, as Sophia Boutella’s Kora character used to be this soldier, like a really high-ranking person inside the Imperial Army (We’re making more Star Wars metaphors here).

During the flashbacks in the trailer, you see her referencing being a “child of fire.” That’s a reference to the actual title of the movie. At some point during one of their campaigns, they were forced to commit a bunch of atrocities. It scarred her for life, and she decided to leave the empire and live this quiet, peaceful life on the planet Velt, where the movie picks up.

This is where we get sort of into the Seven Samurai plot, where the Empire is basically like a David and Goliath scenario where they come to destroy the planet because of what happens, as you see during the trailer.

At the beginning of the trailer, you see the imperial ships coming to the town of Velt, and this is just the empire coming to take food from the planet normally because it’s a member of the Empire. All their different colony worlds are basically subject to the Empire, and they have to provide any kind of resources the Empire might need.

Rebel Moon Episode 1
Djimon Hounsou and Sofia Boutella (Credits: Netflix)

They’re in the middle of fighting campaigns all over the rest of the known universe, trying to conquer it slowly. They need food, so they’re coming to this plant to take some. A lot more happened in previous episodes, but now let’s discuss when Episode 1 of Rebel Moon will be released and what will happen in it.

Rebel Moon Episode 1 Release Date 

Rebel Moon Episode 1 will be released on 21 December 2023 on Netflix. This Episode is titled “Part One: A Child of Fire”. At the time of writing, 2 parts are scheduled for this show, with Part II being released in April 2024.

Rebel Moon Episode 1 Release Time & Where To Watch

Episode 1 of Rebel Moon will air at 3 am PT in the US. New episodes of Julia Season 2 are released every Thursday. The episode 8 release timings for the rest of the world are as follows:

  • Pacific Time (New York) 3:00 AM on Thursday, 21 December 2023
  • Eastern Time (Canada) 6:00 AM on Thursday, 21 December 2023
  • Greenwich Mean Time (London) 11:00 AM on Thursday, 21 December 2023
  • Central European Time (Germany) 12:00 PM on Thursday, 21 December 2023
  • Indian Standard Time (India) 3:30 PM on Thursday, 21 December 2023
  • Philippine Standard Time (Philippines) 6:00 PM on Thursday, 21 December 2023
  • Australian Standard Time (Australia) 8:00 PM on Thursday, 21 December 2023

You can watch Rebel Moon Episodes on Netflix at 3:00 AM PT on the above date in the US. But if you somehow missed Rebel Moon while it was released, or you just like to watch Rebel Moon on your own time, then don’t worry because the episode will be there on the platform after the release.

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