Reaper Of The Drifting Moon Chapter 71: Release Date, Recap & Spoilers

Pyo Wol has finally achieved mastery of his instant killing method and now new enemies have appeared to challenge his might. Geomwoo of the Golden Heaven Society has allied with the Hao Clan to track down Pyo Wol.

Pyo Wol is also aware of these actions and so he’s prepared to tackle them too. Is the series heading towards a massive battle between Geomwoo and Pyo Wol? Find out in the future updates of Reaper Of The Drifting Moon! 

Reaper Of The Drifting Moon Chapter 70 opens up with Pyo Wol arriving at the barn to perform his last animal killing. The old owner of the barn also arrives at the place and he asks Pyo Wol why he is so late because he has never seen Pyo Wol being late. Pyo Wol says that he never had any reasons to be late in the past.

Reaper Of The Drifting Moon
Pyo Wol (Credits: Kakao)

Reaper Of The Drifting Moon Chapter 70: Recap

The Old Man doesn’t dig into the reasons for Pyo Wol’s late arrival and he instead asks him if he’ll be able to finish the day’s work even though there’s a lot left to do. Pyo Wol replies that he will finish the work but he will quit after this day. The Old Man feels rather sad after hearing this and so he asks Pyo Wol if something bad happened to him.

Pyo Wol replies that nothing happened which makes the Old Man a bit happier. The Old Man then tells Pyo Wol that he won’t ask further questions as he knows that Pyo Wol must have good reasons for his decision. The Old Man commends the skills Pyo Wol has shown so far as he has never seen a person who can send the cows off so painlessly and effortlessly.

The Old Man tells Pyo Wol that he’s probably born with killing instincts. He then bids farewell to Pyo Wol and tells him to come to him if he ever needs work. After Killing livestock for so long, Pyo Wol realized something and that is the fact that if he stabs the life and death acupoint of a living being then he can instantly end its life.

Reaper Of The Drifting Moon
Chendu Branch Leader (Credits: Kakao)

Pyo Wol decides to test out his theory one last time on the cow in front of him. Pyo Wol steps back and apologizes to the cow before making the sacrifice. He then strikes the cow’s neck at a specific spot which results in an instant death of the cow. With this last experiment, Pyo Wol has now confirmed his theory.

The focus shifts to the Chengdu Branch Leader of the Hao Clan. The Branch Leader spends her time alone without any work which makes her feel bored but her boredom disappears when the Iron Blood Martial Artist Jin Geomwoo comes knocking on her door. The Branch Leader allows Geomwoo to enter.

Geomwoo approaches the Branch Leader to find out if she is aware of the individual responsible for the previous year’s Chengdu incident. The Branch leader chooses not to notify Geomwoo about the incident even though she is aware that Pyo Wol was responsible because she cannot admit that Pyo Wol made fun of her and slipped away from her control.

The Branch Leader just tells Geomwoo that the person behind the incident has already left Chengdu and there are no traces of him that they can use to find him. She further adds that this person moves like a spirit which makes it difficult to track him down.

Reaper Of The Drifting Moon
Geomwoo (Credits: Kakao)

Geomwoo places a bag of coins on the table and asks the branch leader to track down the suspect in any way possible. The Branch Leader was going to look for Pyo Wol anyway so she can’t refuse someone who would pay her for the same job. She happily accepts the payment and promises to do everything she can. Geomwoo takes her word for it and departs.

Ranking among the top five martial artists worldwide, Jin Geowoo is the head of the Golden Heaven Society. Overall, you may describe Geomwoo as a “Jack of all trades”. He has intelligence, abilities, and a charming demeanor, but ever since he turned fifteen, he has been pursuing something that no one is aware of. 

The focus shifts to Pyo Wol asking one of his spies to investigate the situation in Chengdu because he is aware that they are planning something. Meanwhile, Geomwoo returns to the town and decides to rest for a while before continuing his investigation.

Reaper Of The Drifting Moon Chapter 71: Release Date and Time

Reaper Of The Drifting Moon Chapter 71 will be released on Thursday, January 18, 2023, at 12:00 AM JST. 

  • Japanese Standard Time: 12:00 AM on Thursday, January 18, 2024
  • Pacific Time: 07:00 AM on Wednesday, January 17, 2024
  • Australian Central Daylight Time: 01:30 AM on Thursday, January 18, 2024
  • Greenwich Mean Time: 03:00 PM on Wednesday, January 17, 2024
  • Philippines: 11:00 PM on Wednesday, January 17, 2024
  • Korean Standard Time: 12:00 AM on Thursday, January 18, 2024

Reaper Of The Drifting Moon Chapter 71: Where to Read

You can read Reaper Of The Drifting Moon Chapter 71 online in Korean raw format on Kakao Page and Kakao Webtoon while the English Translations for the same can be read on Tappytoon. 

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