Raven’s Ultimate Failure Just Broke the Titans Like Never Before


  • Raven’s failure to save Beast Boy’s life in Titans: Beast World #4 may have a profound impact on the Titans, potentially fracturing the team.
  • Raven had the power to prevent Beast Boy’s death.
  • The suggestion that Raven possessed the capability to avert Gar’s tragic demise underscores the immense power she wields.

Warning: Potential Spoilers for Titans: Beast World #4!Raven stands as one of the Titans’ most formidable members, but even her unparalleled power and abilities don’t shield her from the inevitability of failure and loss. The repercussions of Raven’s most recent failure are bound to reverberate through the DC Universe, casting a profound impact that has the potential to fracture the Titans beyond any hope of repair.

In Titans: Beast World #4, by Tom Taylor and Lucas Meyer, DC’s crisis event continues as the Titans and other heroes grapple with the consequences of Beast Boy’s Garro spores, which have transformed heroes and villains into violent animal hybrids. However, the orchestrator behind this chaos is revealed to be Amanda Waller.

Titans Beast World #4 Raven on the way to save Beast Boy

This particular installment unfolds with Waller executing a part of her plan that leads to the tragic demise of Beast Boy. This issue also reveals that Raven was one of the only heroes who could have prevented his death, tragically showcasing her failure to save the love of her life and resulting in a monumental loss for the Titans.


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RIP Garfield Logan: Raven Fails to Save Beast Boy

Titans Beast World #4 Black Hole Chester kills Beast Boy from within

In a bid to neutralize the impending threat posed by Beast Boy’s Garro-form approaching Earth, Waller resorts to kidnapping Chester Runk, who is the human equivalent of a black hole, due to his ability to access the Void—a pocket dimension within his body. With the help of Lex Luthor, she teleports Chester into Garfield’s body, essentially planting a bomb inside Beast Boy’s head. Panicking and also dying due to the space vacuum, Chester accidentally activates his black hole ability, initiating a gruesome process that appears to result in the simultaneous demise of both Beast Boy and himself as he tears Garfield apart from the inside out.

While this is happening, Raven, who had been on her way to protect Garfield, is intercepted by Doctor Hate, who stalls her until it is too late for her to do anything to help Beast Boy. She then becomes a helpless witness to the demise of her partner as he dies before her eyes. The narrative makes it clear that Raven had the ability to prevent his death, stating she “may have been the only one who could have protected him.” In this moment, Raven doesn’t just experience the loss of a loved one, but the Titans also mourn the departure of one of their central members.

Raven’s Powers Could Still Alter Beast Boy’s Fate

Raven Loses Touch with Beast Boy DC

The suggestion that Raven possessed the capability to avert Gar’s tragic demise underscores the immense power she wields. Being among the very few individuals with the potential to prevent a black hole from behaving as such places Raven in a league of her own. This revelation not only emphasizes her strength but also raises the possibility of Raven executing a last-ditch effort to save Beast Boy. Despite the grim depiction of Garfield’s destroyed form, the fact that his body hasn’t been entirely consumed by the void introduces a glimmer of hope. Raven’s remarkable powers could result in her pulling off a Hail Mary and altering the course of Beast Boy’s fate.

Titans: Beast World #4 is available now from DC Comics.


Titans Beast World #4 comic cover featuring Amanda Waller

  • Writer: Tom Taylor
  • Artist: Lucas Meyer
  • Colorist: Romulo Fajardo Jr.
  • Letterer: Wes Abbott
  • Cover Artist: Ivan Reis, Danny Miki, and Brad Anderson

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