RAINBOW’s RONNIE ROMERO Is ‘Very Disappointed’ In How ‘Certain Legendary Musicians’ Behave On Social Media

In a new interview with Steve Mascord‘s WhiteLineFever TV, Ronnie Romero spoke about how deals with the online criticism he has received from fans of the various bands he has played with, including RAINBOW, MSG and VANDENBERG. The 41-year-old singer, who is originally from Chile but is now settled in Romania after living in Madrid, Spain for a number of years, said (as transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET): “Obviously you have this kind of a fanbase of all those bands I was playing with, and obviously everybody has an opinion on everything, which is okay for me; I really learned how to deal with that. But at that time, at the beginning, you need to think that I was just a normal guy from South America coming to Europe to try to make a living — not even on the music; I was not interested to interested to make music at that time. I was having, let’s say, a musical life because I was born and I grew up in a family of musicians and I used to have my bands when I was in school and in the university and all that kind of stuff, but I was not interested to form a band and to have a musical career in Europe. I was just moving to have a chance, a better chance than normally a South American guy [has] in the continent.”

He continued: “So, yeah, it is really hard to deal, at some point, how people are so invasive on your private life. It’s very invasive, because the people, they think that they can say whatever they want to say about you without knowing you, which is pretty interesting. But sometimes musicians, they do that also. I’m pretty disappointed [in] a couple of my big heroes because of that.”

Romero, who engaged in a war of words on social media last year with ex-RAINBOW singer Joe Lynn Turner, added: “I feel very disappointed in how some certain legendary musicians, they behave on the social. It’s pretty interesting. Especially [coming] from people who [have] an extensive career, like 40, 50 years of career, and then suddenly they feel… I don’t know. I guess probably it’s jealousy, maybe. I don’t know why, anyways. But I was very disappointed [in] one of my favorite singers. He brings kind of a war into the table with me because of the RAINBOW reunion. And I found that very — I don’t know. I think it was not necessary in any way. But then suddenly, everything escalated in a more complicated stuff. And then at the end, this guy, he was talking on the social about my personal life, which I think is not correct. So I will say, yeah, sometimes the social media is really dangerous.”

In September 2022, Turner — who fronted RAINBOW from 1980 until 1984 and was a member of DEEP PURPLE from 1989 until 1992 — told the “Rock Of Nations With Dave Kinchen And Shane McEachern” podcast that the most recent RAINBOW lineup, which featured Romero on vocals, was “a cheap” and “weak imitation. It was a trainwreck for me,” he said. “I think [RAINBOW leader Ritchie Blackmore] damaged the legacy that way of RAINBOW. ‘Cause RAINBOW was a fabulous band from start to finish.”

Within days, Romero took to his Instagram to share a concert photo of the most recent RAINBOW lineup, and he wrote in part: “I don’t know and I don’t care what’s between The Main Man and some old ex members of the band, what happened or whatever. I’m just a normal guy who one day received the call from one of His idols to sing in the band He always dreamed of to sing… that’s it. I’m pretty convinced I did my job well, (same for Jens, Bob and David, wonderful musicians) as all the feedback, appreciation and love I’m still getting in every place I go. I know as well you cannot be liked by everybody, but I will not tolerate to somebody to call my work ‘cheap’… No Sir. Maybe for some guy is time to move on, as He did with other issues in His life, and to be careful to not to despise honest people who is here just working hard, as He does. At the end is all about Music, that’s the only thing that counts and matter”.

In response to Romero‘s post, Turner released a statement via his social media in which he said in part: “”My opinion of the last ‘incarnation’ of RAINBOW is well deserved and has never changed. With or Without my personal participation, I believe that this ‘reunion’ could have and should have been treated with more concern and respect to the Iconic standards that Mr. Blackmore himself had established.

“My recent interview statement never referenced any individual in particular, that was never my intention. And anyone who feels singled out is either paranoid and insecure about their own self-worth. As most of you have noticed recently, I have totally moved on and I am in the exact place and time that I want to be.

“So, I offer an important advice to those who are personally concerned with this issue – Try moving on yourself out of the shadows of those who perpetrated the originality and creativity necessary to achieve such status.

“Simply put, I believe the RAINBOW legacy deserved much better treatment and respect than it received and so did many loyal, supportive and dedicated fans who wished to see RAINBOW shine with it’s brightest colors.”

Three and a half years ago, Turner criticized RAINBOW‘s latest incarnation in an interview with the “80’s Glam Metalcast”, saying “the RAINBOW [Ritchie] put together is nostalgic, but it is not RAINBOW… And anybody who goes to see them, it’s all over YouTube. And that’s really all I’ve gotta say about it. If you ask me, he’s cheating the public.”

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