Queen Latifah Co-Signs Mysonne Calling Out Akademiks’ Disrespect

Queen Latifah is in complete agreement with Mysonne‘s thoughts on Akademiks, after the Bronx MC/activist called out the latter for his seemingly unabashed disrespect of Black women.

On Thursday (November 2), Mysonne shared a few words on Ak in an Instagram post. The topic stemmed from a livestream the polarizing media personality did a day earlier, where he broke down in tears over his fear of being “cancelled” for beefing with the openly-gay Saucy Santana.

“It’s crazy to me how DJ Akademiks is crying scared to say anything to Saucy Santana because he’s a gay man and he’s scared of getting ‘canceled,’ but has said some of the most outlandish, vile, disrespectful and demeaning things to Black women with absolutely no fear whatsoever [thinking emoji],” Mysonne wrote. “Brings me back to Malcolm X’s quote, ‘The most disrespected, unprotected and neglected person in America is the Black woman!’”

Latifah then co-signed his sentiments with a repost to her Instagram Stories shortly afterward. You can view the post below.

In a Rumble stream on Wednesday (November 1), Akademiks struggled to hide his emotions while addressing his feud with Santana, who recently threatened to beat him up and then “fuck [him] in [his] ass.”

He started off by laughing off the prospect of fighting Santana, who he suggested would “grab your balls” during the scuffle.

He also said there’s no victory in beating up a “batty man,” citing his Jamaican upbringing where homosexuality is not only taboo, but illegal — although he went on to say that he’s had to “mentally train” himself to shake off those views.

“When I see a n-gga like Saucy Santana, it’s rubbing on the mere fabric of what I really grew up on,” he said. “It brings me back to a hateful part of my life that I really try to get past.”

The jokes later turned to tears, though, as Akademiks broke down crying while admitting that Saucy’s rape threat “triggers” him and that he’s scared of getting “canceled” for his response, which he expects will lead to him being labeled a homophobe.

“I’m not tryna get canceled to fuck up what we got going on. I’m never tryna get canceled saying the wrong thing — I know what we got going on, I love it,” he said before pausing and welling up. “I’m trying not to get canceled.

“But this shit does bother me. Put it like this: with everything we’ve talked about, I’ve never cared about — I don’t care what rapper got at me, bro. Ever. But really, there’s certain shit I really don’t fuck with in my life that I will never do.”

“But I’m in America, I gotta sit here and just act like I don’t fuck with certain shit. I don’t like it. Just please,” he continued, his voice breaking. “I hate certain shit to the soul of me. I’m only pretending because if I say what I want to say, I will never be here for y’all. But I don’t want to be that person.”

Yung Miami, who Saucy Santana was defending after Akademiks trashed the City Girls, had little sympathy for her rap media rival after the video of him crying went viral.

“I was in tears when he laughed and was trolling about my car getting shot up while I was 6 months pregnant,” she wrote in an Instagram comment, referencing a previous back-and-forth.

Ak’s criticism of the City Girls came during a Rumble stream last week, where he ridiculed the Florida duo for the low first-week sales of their new album RAW and claimed that their musical buzz has “fizzled out.”

Queen Latifah Sings National Anthem At New York Giants Vs. Dallas Cowboys Game

Queen Latifah Sings National Anthem At New York Giants Vs. Dallas Cowboys Game

Saucy Santana, a close friend of Yung Miami, hit back by accusing the media personality of “mov[ing] like a f-g” by continually picking on female rappers.

Things went up a notch when Akademiks called Santana a “cocksucker” and said he’ll “spit in [his] face” if they ever run into each other. That prompted the “Walk Em Like a Dog” rapper to threaten to “fuck” Ak from behind.

“After I beat you, I’ma fuck you in your ass because you’re a bitch-ass n-gga,” Santana warned. “That’s what we do to you. You always pressing a BBL, f-g. Bitch, you sitting on your thick-ass. I got a BBL and you got a BBW.

“That’s what you do. You a big Black woman. Sitting on that motherfucking couch… You talking with so much aggression and hostility for a n-gga we don’t see in public.”

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