Pon no Michi Reveals Promotional Video

The official website for the Mahjong-focused anime “Pon no Michi” recently unveiled new details about the show’s ending theme song. A new promotional video was posted that gave viewers a sneak peek at the closing track and the musical artist behind it.

This 2-minute spot served multiple purposes – not only previewing the end credits tune but also restating key facts about the anime’s launch. It reminded fans that “Pon no Michi” will be premiering on January 6, 2023.

The video also put the spotlight on the main characters that have been cast for the show.

The full voice actor line-up for “Pon no Michi” was shared previously. However, this latest promo gave quick glimpses of the key roles we’ll see on screen.

Pon no Michi Reveals Promotional Video
Pon no Michi (Credits: OLM)

It was a reminder about who will be bringing this mahjong-centric story to life when it debuts next month. Between the new tune tease and the character focus, it generated more anticipation for the series’ release.

The upcoming anime “Pon no Michi” stands out as an entirely original story not based on any existing material.

‘Pon no Michi’ Gains Buzz as Mahjong Anime Without Source Material

The creative mind behind the concept is a studio called IIS-P, while the seasoned animation team at OLM (formerly Oriental Light and Magic) is bringing the story to visual life.

Pon no Michi Reveals Promotional Video
Pon no Michi (Credits: OLM)

Even without having recognizable source material to draw from, “Pon no Michi” has garnered significant buzz and intrigue. Fans seem genuinely excited to see what this new mahjong-themed tale will deliver.

Anticipation is on par with anime series that do have bestselling manga or novels as their foundation.

The level of interest speaks to the potential of “Pon no Michi” to resonate with viewers craving something fresh.

Pon no Michi Reveals Promotional Video
Pon no Michi (Credits: OLM)

The passion around an original anime storyline illustrates that not having an established fanbase from other mediums isn’t an obstacle these days.

Between IIS-P’s writing talents and OLM’s animation pedigree, this mahjong anime has the pieces in place to attract an enthusiastic following when it premieres.

Energetic Opening and Ending Themes, Alongside a Star-Studded Voice Cast

The latest promotional video for the “Pon no Michi” anime provided a first listen to the show’s ending theme song. The tune is titled “Good Luck Waker” and is performed by the artist Halca. This comes after the opening theme, “Ponpopopon,” was previously unveiled.

Pon no Michi Reveals Promotional Video
Pon no Michi (Credits: OLM)

That upbeat opening track will feature vocals by former idol singer turned professional mahjong player Kana Nakada, along with the cast of “Pon no Michi” as the Pon no Michi All-Stars.

Speaking of the voice talent bringing the characters to life, the stellar line-up stars Kaori Maeda as lead heroine Nashiko Jippensha.

Pon no Michi Reveals Promotional Video
Pon no Michi (Credits: OLM)

Also featured prominently are Iori Saeki as rival Pai Kawahigashi, Shion Wakayama as friend Izumi Tokutomi, and Yui Kondou as mentor Riche Hayashi.

Legendary voice actor Akio Otsuka will portray the Mahjong spirit guide Chonbo. Rounding out the main cast is Hibiku Yamamura as Haneru Emi. More characters may still be introduced when the show premieres this January.

Pon no Michi Reveals Promotional Video
Pon no Michi (Credits: OLM)

With both the opening and ending theme songs now previewed, along with the cast in place, the excitement continues building for this original anime based around the competitive game of Mahjong.

The creative minds at IIS-P have crafted a story and characters that seem poised to connect with viewers when “Pon no Michi” debuts.

Tale of Determination, Youthful Hijinks, and Customized Clubhouse Fun in Onomichi City

The story of “Pon no Michi” takes place in Onomichi City, part of Japan’s Hiroshima Prefecture. It follows high schooler Nashiko Jippensha, who finds herself suddenly kicked out of her family home.

Pon no Michi Reveals Promotional Video
Pon no Michi (Credits: OLM)

This leaves her without a place to regularly play mahjong with her group of friends.

As luck would have it, Nashiko discovers that a parlor previously owned by her father now sits vacant.

She decides to take matters into her own hands – fixing up the run-down building and transforming it into a vibrant hangout spot for her and her pals.

Pon no Michi Reveals Promotional Video
Pon no Michi (Credits: OLM)

This parlor becomes a haven for Nashiko and company to gather, have fun times together, and bond over rounds of their favorite game, mahjong.

Through determination and resourcefulness, the lead heroine creates a customized clubhouse tailored to her interests.

Pon no Michi Reveals Promotional Video
Pon no Michi (Credits: OLM)

The premise promises lighthearted, youthful hijinks as Nashiko settles into her refurbished parlor. Friends, laughs, and competitive mahjong games seem to be on the menu.

Fans eagerly anticipating the series can look forward to hanging out with Nashiko and her crew at this unique teen hotspot when “Pon no Michi” debuts.

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