Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: How to Spawn Masterpiece Sinistcha Outbreaks

Whether you’re looking for a shiny, or just trying to catch the Masterpiece form of the Pokemon, it can be a little tricky to manage a catch like Sinistcha. Because Sinistcha comes in two different forms, finding a shiny or even just the form you want can be a challenge. However, in the modern day of Pokemon, there are plenty of convenient features (and a few convenient bugs and exploits) that can help make tackling that ordeal easier.

In this brief overview, we’ll explain how to best go about catching yourself a Masterpiece Sinistcha, so that you can have the authentic version for your team.

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Tips for How to Spawn Masterpiece Sinistcha Outbreaks

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One of the most reliable ways to catch any Pokemon is to wait for an Outbreak to occur. These outbreaks cause Pokemon to appear in mass, sometimes improving the rate at which anomalies occur, such as special abilities, egg moves, and the Shiny phenomenon. If you’re simply looking for one Masterpiece Sinistcha though, this shouldn’t be too hard as long as you understand how to look for outbreaks.

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When hunting for a Sinistcha proper, a mass Outbreak will only produce one of its two forms. You will either get all of one or the other, and the way that you check is by looking at the underside of any of the given Pokemon. If you can see the brown seal mark on the bottom of the Sinistcha, then it’s authentic. If not, then every Pokemon that appears in this outbreak will have the same issue. If you don’t have luck with your first Outbreak of the Pokemon, there are always ways to try again and improve your odds.

Adjust Your System Time Settings

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If you like playing your games without a little outside influence, you may want to just wait for your next Outbreak naturally. If you don’t like waiting though, you can always adjust the system time settings to help things move along. By adjusting the Nintendo Switch’s system time settings, you can force Pokemon Scarlet or Violet to reroll the outbreaks for you. To do this, follow these simple steps:

  • Adjust settings: First, exit your game and access your Nintendo Switch’s settings to turn off the automatic adjustment for time. Normally this is set on by default, but to adjust your time, you’ll need to have this turned off.
  • Roll back: Without actually closing out the software, roll back the clock by one minute and then save your settings. Once you re-enter your game and check your map, you should have new mass outbreaks to choose from.

Have Picnics

Screenshot by Gamepur

Another way to encourage mass outbreaks of Sinistcha is to have as many sandwiches that lend themselves to your efforts as possible. Encounter Power sandwiches for either Ghost or Grass types can improve the chances for any Outbreaks to be for Poltchageist, giving you more opportunities to find yourself one with the mark. Sandwiches containing the following ingredients can work best for doing this:

  • Red Onion
  • Lettice
  • Cucumber
  • Pickle
  • Salty Herba Mystica
  • Sour Herba Mystica

Poltchageist Catch Tips

Screenshot by Gamepur

Once you’ve found your mass outbreak that actually has the version of Poltchageist that you want, you may want to practice some Pokemon-catching safety tips. Unfortunately, Poltchageist comes with a move on it that can kill it: Memento. Because False Swipe doesn’t work on a Ghost-type Pokemon, you may need to resort to other methods to keep your Pokemon alive so that you can catch it:

  • Going gold: When catching Pokemon like these, try having an ability like Gholdengo’s, Good as Gold, keep it alive.
  • Taunt away: Having a Pokemon who’s faster than Poltchageist can use Taunt is also a way you can prevent unfortunate fainting.
  • Get scrappy: Another way you can successfully ensure that your Pokemon doesn’t faint is by having any Pokemon with Scrappy use False Swipe against it. With Scrappy, normal and Fighting-type moves can hit no problem.

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